The Day Somali Music Died

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Islamist insurgents have ordered Somali radio stations to stop playing music, a ban that went into effect last Tuesday. This order follows the Islamists’ ban on musical ringtones, movies, men without beards, football, women’s beauty salons, and bras. Those not adhering to the new ban risk a grave threat to their physical well-being, which includes getting assassinated or undergoing Sharia-based punishments. Such punishments include having your limbs amputated, your eyes gauged out, your tongue cut out, and your ears cut off.

majority of radio stations in southern and central Somalia stopped playing music and jingles on Tuesday. In Mogadishu, the capital, only the government-controlled Radio Mogadishu, which is protected by African Union peacekeepers, and the UN-funded Radio Bar-Kulan, whose studio is in Nairobi, resisted the order.

In order to understand this phenomenon, it is critical to keep in mind that for the totalitarian radical, experiencing any kind of joy means succumbing to the false consciousness that, in the utopian mindset, must be purged from the earth. Earthly joy distracts from the constant vigilance that is necessary to engage in revolutionary battle.

This is why Lenin refused to listen to music, since, as he explained, “it makes you want to say stupid, nice things and stroke the heads of people who could create such beauty while living in this vile hell.” For Lenin, violent revolution was the priority — a priority endangered by the emotions music could induce.

Sayyid Qutb, one of Islamism’s godfathers, could relate to this vision all too well — and he serves as a perfect example of Islam’s rejection of the joyous celebration of this world and this life. In his work Milestones, Qutb demonizes the pursuit of individual interests and sensual pleasures — but above all sexual pleasure — and of personal happiness and fulfillment. The word “desire” reverberates through Milestones as a diabolical entity.

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  • betty boop

    Sounds a lot like the National Organization for Women. Boy, that would make you wanta jump right out of bed in the morning- especially that horrible non-musical alarm. Do they plan to ban birds, too?

  • Gracie ZG

    "Do they plan to ban birds, too? "

    Quote of the day, thanks.

  • Ann

    Lullabys are next on their "Hit List"

  • courtnye

    Oh what fun to be an Islamic Muslim. Such peace and joy. No wonder they have to use violence, terror and force to aquire new victims!! Hey, know what I always wondered about? OK, if you are a suicide bomber and you kill yourself and go to their heaven and get 70 virgins ( apparently some mens DREAM) Great, right? But what would women suicide bombers get? I mean with all the rules for women, maybe someone could get the details on that for me,,,LOL

  • ViewPoint

    The previous Islamic Taliban regime in Afghanistan did ban songbirds. I'm sure that in Somalia's case, it was an oversight.