The Dire Importance of Samaria

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While a skeptic may try to challenge the Biblical narrative and Jewish claim to Samaria, he would be hard pressed to deny Samaria’s overwhelming strategic importance to Israel’s security, safety and welfare. My Shomron Central blog goes into these and other points in some depth.

FP: Your thoughts on Obama’s approach to Israel and the Palestinians?

Gottlieb: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, as Obama has clearly demonstrated. He has proven that he doesn’t understand the Mideast mindset, has no grasp on the intricacies of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and seems not to understand the root causes of that conflict. Through his unimaginative recycling of the failed Land-for-Peace model, use of poor strategy and reliance on bad advice, he now finds himself painted into a corner. I think he didn’t do his homework properly and the shellacking of November 2nd is the result.

FP: Your view of Netanyahu?

Gottlieb: Netanyahu is a disappointment for many of his supporters. He is extremely capable but he betrayed his constituency by advocating for a Two State Solution (i.e. creation of a Palestinian State). I think he believes in his heart that such an approach is wrong, but doesn’t have the backbone to say it. When the going gets tough, he folds. That’s not leadership. Sadly, he is shaping up to be yet another failed leader of Israel.

FP: If Netanyahu sought your advice on how to best secure Israeli security, what would you tell him?

Gottlieb: I would advise Bibi to quickly abandon the “Two State Solution” and renounce his endorsement of a Palestinian State before it’s too late. Israel must stand up on her hind legs and assert and defend her legitimate rights to all of Judea and Samaria and place it under Israeli sovereignty. The “Land for Peace” paradigm has consistently failed in the past and always will for the simple reason that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not about borders, but about the Jewish presence in the Holyland. Alternative solutions do exist and we must go with one of them. There is no other way.

FP: What is your perspective of the Left’s behavior, in Israel and in the West, in our terror war and vis-à-vis Israel?

Gottlieb: The Left is wholly unsuited to meet the unique challenges facing the world today. The war on terror both in Israel and globally is asymmetrical which requires a different set of ground rules. It also requires the ability to identify an enemy that is sometimes amorphous.  On the Left’s watch, Europe is morphing into Eurabia and it is on their watch that the global war on terror is slowly being lost. In Israel, the Terror War’s ground zero, the minority Left wields disproportionate power and poses a significant threat not only to Israel’s survival, but by extension, to the world’s safety as well.

FP: Tell our readers why they should visit the Shomron Central blog and what it will offer them.

Gottlieb: In today’s global war on terror, the Mideast is the bellwether region and within the Mideast, Israel is the bellwether state. Thus, what happens in Israel has repercussions for the region, and by extension, the world at large. That’s why the world is so Israel-obsessed and why the entire world’s attention is constantly focused on tiny Israel. And the number one issue which dominates more than anything else is the conflict with the Palestinians, the West Bank, settlements, etc. My Shomron Central blog is all about the Shomron (Samaria), the northern region of the West Bank (with Judea being the southern region). What happens on the ground right here can reverberate outwards to the far reaches of the globe.

Shomron Central will give your readers an inside look into the beautiful Samarian heartland and an appreciation for why Israel must never abandon it in any peace deal. The blog explains this in an engaging and concise manner, illuminating the multi-faceted importance of Samaria to the State of Israel and her citizens by exploring issues not usually examined, such as the immense strategic value of the Samarian mountain range, the vital fresh water reserves of the Mountain Aquifer, the phenomenon of the “illegal outposts” and “hilltop youth” and the reasons to reconsider the Two State Solution model as a basis for any future peace agreement.

The link to Shomron Central is:

FP: Michael Gottlieb, thank you for joining Frontpage Interview.

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  • PhillipGaley

    With Adam, "taxonomy", the science of naming, is the oldest occupation; and, if you don't know what something is, it is most easily said that, you don't know what you're talking about. In all science, naming is paramount.
    Though, without knowing the current status of things in print, we have to hope that, the Israeli thinkers and writers will do what they can to turn back the political correctness in this "West-bank" business, . . .

  • 080

    There is a statement on file from 100 American generals stating their opinion that without Samaria Israel would be indefensible.

  • Skandinav

    I think Bibi knows that the Arabs will never accept a two State solution, as that includes recognizing Israel. They will walk out at the last minute as always – so why should he take upon himself and Israel the role of the uncompromising tough guy, particularly with Obama in the white house with all his loose canons? No, you have a brilliant strategist in your Bibi, doing the painful work of diligently going through the futile motions of peace negotiations. Time is on Israels side – B is buying it for you.

  • Chezwick_Mac

    Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000 behind internationally-recognized borders. Hezbollah created the Shebaa Farms controversy in order to justify continuing its war on the Jewish state.

    Israel withdrew from Gaza in its entirety in 2005. The Palestinian response was to use their new-found freedom for the singular purpose of waging war on Israel, firing rockets and mortars indiscriminately into Israeli territory.

    The "cold peace" that came about as a result of the Sinai withdrawal has turned out to be the exception. Since then, the established paradigm has been clear: Israeli withdrawals create conditions not for the amelioration of conflict, but for escalation.

  • PAthena

    The Arabs now called "Palestinians" are so called because of Soviet propaganda. In 1964, in Cairo, the Soviet Union and Gamal Nasser of Egypt invented the "Palestine Liberation Organization," Since then Arabs have been called "Palestinians" with all the phony history and propaganda the Soviets and their allies could muster. It is Jews who are the "Palestinians," the name of Judea having been changed to "Palestina" by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in 135 A.D., after he had defeated the last of the Jewish rebellions against Rome under Bar Kochba. He changed the name to forever eradicate all memory of Judea and the Jews, and outlawed Judaism. Since then, "Palestine" was synonymous with "land of the Jews" or "the Holy Land," and "Palestinian" with Jew. That is why the Zionists wanted Palestine, and why Great Britain was awarded the "Palestine Mandate" after World War I, in order to be the "homeland of the Jews." The Soviet and Egyptian propaganda has its origin in the antisemitism of the governments in both countries, and the Arabs who call themselves "Palestinians" are likewise simply antisemitic, as are the Arab states and the Mohammedans. The war between the Arabs and Israel would end if the Arab states stopped waging war on it, which they do for solely religious reasons.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    What is happening in Israel today is the fulfillment of what
    most Christians see in the Bible and expect in the end of days.
    Secularism takes away the entire panorama of the Israeli
    saga and tries to confine it's problems in anti-Semetic terms.
    The battle is between good and evil, the scriptures are full
    of the information contained on the front pages of todays
    news. Atheists find the Bible impossible but their own
    eyes and unfolding events can not convince them, for the
    believer the end is assured and Israel prevails in ways
    not found in what will be a vanished secular understanding.
    Israel is in the right and the Egyptians and Jordanians need
    to recall their people from Israeli lands as they the non-Jews
    are the interlopers in trespass……………………….William

  • Nancy Baron

    It is interesting to read a strong argument for annexing the Shomron. I often wondered why that had not already happened, but was then given the demographics argument, that Israel would be at risk of losing its Jewish majority. Jerusalem and the Golan were clearly cases where the need to have Israeli control out weighed that concern. We have visited the Shomron, driven in the Shomron, and fallen in love with it. Perhaps, if it were annexed, Israel could at least have a positive effect on the text books used in the Arab schools. Great interview.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The reality is we are not really at war with terrorism because terrorism is just one tactic of many tactics our enemy, the militant theo-political totalitarian ideology of Islam, employs against us, and as long as we continue to pretend that we are at war with terrorism, the longer we will continue to lose the war.

    Likewise, Israel is just not at war with the so-called Palestinians, or even Arabs, for that matter. Instead, Israel is at war with Dar al Islam and the entire Islamic ummah. For instance, an Israeli Jew can’t even visit the Islamic country of Indonesia today, as all Muhammadans the world over consider Israel to be their enemy. Hence, as long as we keep pretending the Dar al Islam’s jihad against Israel is a conflict between Jews and so-called Palestinians only, the longer we will continue to lose the war.

    We can only begin to win this existential war only after we finally acknowledge the existence of the global jihad and finally take the logical steps necessary to protect and defend ourselves. Until that time, we will continue to lose the war.