The Dr. Ruth of Counter-Terrorism

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Dr. Nancy Kobrin, a psychoanalyst with a Ph.D. in romance and semitic languages, specializing in Aljamía and Old Spanish in Arabic script. She is an expert on the Minnesota Somali diaspora and a graduate of the Human Terrain System program at Leavenworth Kansas. Her new book is The Banality of Suicide Terrorism: The Naked Truth About the Psychology of Islamic Suicide Bombing.

FP: Nancy Kobrin, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Congratulations on your book. Tell us about its significance and what makes it different from all other books on suicide terrorism to date.

Kobrin: Thank you so much Jamie. I must say how indebted I am to you and the entire staff at because you provided the opportunity and invaluable space to discuss and debate my theory for the suicide attack with other colleagues. If it hadn’t been here at Frontpage, I wonder if this book would have ever been written. My thanks and gratitude to you all.

This is a psychological study and its significance is that it is the first to address early childhood development and its crucial role that it plays in suicide terrorism with regard to the psychology of extremism and gender – specifically with the emphasis on the devalued female in Arab Muslim shame honor cultures which have developed suicide terrorism. This is not to blame the female or the mother but to understand the power and control of her and its devastating consequences.

To the best of my knowledge and to date, I know of no other book or theory, which has made the link between the horrific abuse of the female and its ramifications with regard to murder-suicide, her split-off body parts and the alleged honor killing. I hasten to add that we are only at the beginning of understanding the phenomenon and we are in the model T stage of integrating a more in-depth or shall we say psychodynamic approach to the knowledge that we have about terrorism.

Because I understand non-verbal communication and ninety-five percent of what we communicate is nonverbal, the focus of the book is primarily on the nonverbal predatory behavior of these terrorists by looking at the imagery.

It is understandable that we tend to stress the terrible nature of the incitement of the ideologies of Jihad and violence, which are indeed extremely important. However, by over focusing on its “verbiage”, this tends to obscure an already confusing and terrorizing picture. The ideologies act like a girdle, which harnesses the pre-existing rage of a fragile abused child grown into a “time-bomb” of a personality. I’ll give an example later in the interview when I address the issue of the female suicide bomber, how we can easily miss a “hidden communication” in this terrorism, precisely because it is so deeply terrorizing.

This is why people are always mystified by the “nice guy or gal jihadi next door.” The mask of “peace” is so well developed, giving perfect cover for a rageful personality. It hides the embroiled rage and it is so terrorizing that “We just don’t want to go there. . .” This is also why Islam can present itself as a religion of peace when it is a religion of two pieces – Jihad and Peace – two sides of a coin. If we are going to be effective in filleting the phenomenon of Islamic suicide terrorism, it is imperative that the imagery be taken into consideration and factored in with the ideologies. When read together, then other questions can be raised concerning the psychological function of religious and cultural practices.

How did I come to this realization? I recall the first psychiatric child patient that I ever had to interview. It was on a locked ward and I was tasked to establish a rapport with a five year old boy who was hospitalized for setting fires — immolation.  I was told to talk with him and engage him through a game of checkers. No sooner did we sit down that he had his foot on top of mine under the table. I said to myself – OMG, alpha male dominance. I realized that he was absolutely terrified of me.

Terror is not to be equated with fear. It is nameless dread, non-verbal which encapsulates a complete sense of utter vulnerability, tantamount to death.

FP: It took very long to get the book into print. How come?

Kobrin: You know, I didn’t quite understand it at first myself but it turned out to be a valuable experience and it taught me a lot about terror. It was a humbling experience.

In January of 2002 I took a month sabbatical in Jerusalem. Suicide bombings became an every day occurrence. Lots of suicide bombings were going on. It was there when I came across the image of Shakespeare’s Othello who commits murder-suicide that I grasped the violent simplicity of Islamic suicide terrorism. Let us recall that Othello was a North African, a Moor and military man who married Desdemona the daughter of an Italian senator. He murders her and then commits suicide. Islamic suicide terrorism grounds itself in this kind of death though it is a hybrid of murder-suicide, serial killing by the suicide bomber proxy and a jihadi honor killing. But this is territory that few want to explore.

The book was sketched out in 2002. Bottom line – it was at two different publishing houses before it wound up at Potomac. I believe the two other presses were too “freaked out” to publish it because of the function of terror, especially the terror of retaliation, being targeted. Again, people have a very poor understanding of terror. The terrors run so deep that we tend to be dissociated from them. Most of us live in denial, busy with our daily lives. It is too terrifying to recognize the impending death threat of power and control, so we disengage. It is also too terrifying to tap into this primitive unexplored territory (i.e., the unconscious motivations behind terrorism).

FP: What is your background? What influenced you to come up with your ideas about suicide terrorism?

Kobrin: I have always followed my passion and my studies evolved. I did a doctorate in comparative literature, romance and semitic languages. I am dyslexic so I came to be fascinated with verbal and nonverbal language very early.

While writing my dissertation, I wound up on a training analyst’s couch; this is when it all came to life. I discovered a new world in depth but fascinating in its valuing the simplicity of explanation. I found the analytic experience extremely helpful and interesting.  I became very interested in trauma.

I was following all the research coming out of Israel concerning the victims of terrorism and it dawned on me that I needed to understand the mind of the perpetrator. So I started studying this on my own after the truck bombs went off in Lebanon in the early 1980s. I then realized that it had to be looked at functionally – victim-perpetrator together as a kind of unhealthy bonding. The terrorists do not have a sense of intimacy — they bond by maintaining a connection to those they murder and over whom they take control.

The summer before 9/11 Dr. Joan Lachkar invited me to participate in a seminar on suicide terrorism in Los Angeles. She wrote a very important dissertation on the narratives/fantasies in the Bible and the Quran. I also had some questions, which I sent to the Interdisciplinary Center in Counter Terrorism in Tel Aviv and the Israeli who identified Osama Bin Laden wrote me back. This fellow informally mentored me and inspired me to study the history of terrorism. He does not necessarily agree with my theory but I remain deeply indebted to him. He has practical knowledge of the “Matzav” = the situation that is unparalleled and unequalled.

While I was schlepping back and forth to Israel, I realized that the jihad was going on in Minnesota. We have the largest population outside of Mogadishu of Somalis in the world. I familiarized myself well with the peoples, the cultures and af-Somali, the language. I am a very practical person. I went into the community as well as the county jail and did prison interviews. So I have hands on experience right in my own back yard. I want to stress that the major of Somalis are law abiding good people who want to put food on the table, clothe their children and send them to school. However, there is an element that seeks jihad.

FP: Talk some more about Arab culture and its views of mothers.

Kobrin: In Arab Muslim culture you are never ever permitted to separate from your mother, ever. This means that you are glued to her and she is more important than your wife. It means that you are not permitted to establish your own sense of self, i.e. separate from her. Your wife is ultimately devalued and the upshot is that you harbor unbelievable, disavowed rage toward your mother, in essence one has no real effective father – the father is too busy with his other wives and women.

This creates tremendous ambivalence, on the one hand to want to bond with mother (ummi) and on the other hand at the same time remaining terrified of her, resulting in a confusing sense of identity. Perhaps this is why Muslims struggle so and are always fighting to prove their identity.  Proving their existence becomes a more pervasive force than life itself. “I’d rather die by blowing myself up than looe my identity as a Muslim brother.”

Counter terrorist experts are often taught that Arabs need very strong fathers because the father is absent and that is what they respond to. However, this is merely the symptom of the problem – that the devalued female has been internalized by them and they can not relate to the female. They, the males, are terrorized by her and her body. The mother is larger than life, almost in a category un-to-herself. This is where the bitter paradox comes in as much as males can idealize the female, they can also feel enormously terrorized by the female body.

The end result of these tragic forces leave these males very confused. If we could put them on the couch we might suggest they are in desperate need of sex education. The males are not only confused, they suffer from severe deprivation ending up depriving themselves of very basic human needs. The irony is that they shame/blame everyone for depriving them but ultimately they are the real “deprivers.” So instead of love for the mother/female, the replacement becomes the destruction of her. In psychodynamic terms this is known as primitive envy. In essence the very love that is required to maintain healthy love bonds, is the very thing that makes them feel powerless and impotent so they must defend against this by becoming killers and murderers. We however pay the price. Sometimes I think of myself as the Dr. Ruth of counter-terrorism. I kid you not.

FP: Your position on Islam?

Kobrin: I take the same position as my colleague Ibn Warraq – I believe that there are millions upon millions of moderate Muslims but Islam itself is not moderate, especially those who identify with Sharia law.

Having said that – I endorse Tawfik Hamid’s position that the ummah, the world-wide Muslim community unwittingly and wittingly engages in passive terrorism. All too often they can too easily hide behind the mask of peace and let the jihadis do the dirty work.

This is not acceptable and they need to be called on it.

FP: Revenge and deprivation in and of themselves clearly does not explain female suicide bombers as in the recent bombings in Moscow. Tell us your views on why.

Kobrin: Actually it is quite simple and bizarrely clever – this kind of terrorism and rage is about the prenatal mother. The male terrorists make a concrete image of the prenatal mother — the female suicide bomber who is repeatedly described by the media as if she were pregnant, symbolized by hiding the bombs under her clothing. This is a good example of a not so hidden communication per se but one that is readily missed if a person does not know well his or her own terrors from our first years of life. In some instances the female suicide bomber has actually been pregnant and in other instances, faux pregnant bellies have been made for the female suicide bomber to hide the bombs. It is a “two-fer” for the male terrorists – they get to kill off their own females while at the same time murdering us.

The prenatal mother is the essence of dependency needs. It is the time in life when everything is taken care of for us. While it might not be perfect, nonetheless it is a time of encapsulation where the majority of one’s needs and vulnerabilities are taken care of. Yet after the female being devalued for centuries, the female suicide bomber can find honor and respect within the twisted psychology of the male dominated terrorist group.

Yes, it can be reported by the media and the foiled female suicide bombers can say that they were “seeking revenge” but the complexity of the early life history of these devalued and abused females make them ripe to be brain washed which harnesses their own unconscious rage about having been manipulated and abused to turn this outward by murdering others. It is uncontrollable unleashed rage, which exceeds murder itself because body parts are created in the process as in serial killing. Simply stated it is a way of maintaining a bond with the mother of pain – a part objection connection – her dismembered body parts which are now the body parts of the targeted innocent victims.

The female suicide bomber merely internalizes the male rage of the female as self-hatred. She becomes victim-victimizer as my colleague Dr. Anat Berko has named her. The female suicide bomber is the most expandable of the terrorist chain. The Islamic female suicide bomber image is in stark contrast to Christianity where the prenatal mother, Mary and her post-partem motherhood with Jesus, are sacred images, venerated and cherished.

FP: What can we do to fight to this pathology and enemy we face?

Kobrin: We must invest in the little Muslim girl. We must help all those who live under a death threat. For brevity here I refer your readers to the last chapter of my book where I make a series of suggestions.

In addition to this I have recently also started to work on a conceptual dictionary of this peculiar language of the terrorists, which I call Desperanto. I hope to map out images, use of objects by terrorists and their tough talk, using open sources from journalism, etc. to show other primitive  nonverbal and verbal communications in this vein, in order to help counter terrorist experts expand their understanding should they so desire. I believe that these communications can be extracted from what we know about terrorism and from it, a language can be built which in turn can be hooked up with the ideologies. I parallel this understanding of communication to an abused child in play therapy. If a child took a car and rammed it repeatedly into the back of a truck, we would wonder if he or she had been anally raped. While it is not exactly the same and we do not have terrorists in therapy nor am I advocating that, we should still try to map out the nonverbal communications in a more systematic manner. My hunch is too that the people who work in biometrics have a good sense of this body language but alas, I have not had the opportunity to work with them. This would help us make better interventions, earlier as well as better profiling. The reason why it is so difficult to profile is that the psychopathology is very early developmentally and it takes us outside our comfort zone.

FP: Nancy Kobrin, thank you for joining us. This is all fascinating, original and frightening stuff. Hope to talk to you again soon.

I encourage all our readers to order Dr. Kobrin’s new book: The Banality of Suicide Terrorism: The Naked Truth About the Psychology of Islamic Suicide Bombing.

  • Watson63

    Dr. Kobrin is no doubt professional and sincere in her intentions, but this is all rather too much feel-good psychobabble.

    Somalia is one of the most brutal, backward, misogynist cultures in the world; overlay that with Islam and you have the worst of the worst. In all her studies of the Somali immigrants in Minnesota did she ever ask exactly why her country's government saw fit to allow so many of them to immigrate, when they have such obvious difficulty adapting to and fitting into the mainstream culture, and did she ever consider the numbers of women and girls in this immigrant culture who are genitally mutilated? At least 90 percent of Somali girls undergo this torture; it logically follows that a huge number of Somali immigrant women have been damaged in this way too, and are likely to pass on this "tradition" to their daughters if they can get away with it. I'm more concerned about things like this than about theories about a Somali kid's attachment to his or her mother.

  • gamalpha

    I think psychologists make life a lot more complicated than it really is. Perhaps the only accurate statement Freud ever made is that "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar". It doesn't have to have any phallic implications, it's just a cigar. Muhammad and or early Muslim leaders realized that they could motivate troops to kill for them by telling them they would go to heaven if they died in battle. Heaven from a male perspective has lots of sex with beautiful girls. Since Muslim society allows multiple wives that means that some of the men have no wives at all Since Muslim society does not allow relationships outside of marriage many of these men can't even get a girlfriend and have a strong desire for the beautiful girls of heaven and this acts as a strong motivating force to kill for Allah. Their mothers want them to have beautiful girls in heaven. Combine that with propaganda of how evil the infidel is and voila, you have a suicide bomber.

  • therealend

    I think I'd have to read her book before I could comment on this intelligently. A brief interview is probably not in-depth enough to explain her thesis properly. So, everybody, let's try to bear that in mind before ripping into this.

  • Mr. X

    They do not fear women, they fear God. Western men fear women with good reason. The wicked witches of the West hate and denigrate males and have lost interest in the resultant emasculated male. The Muslim male is not emasculated, and therefore craved by Western women, and oddly enough the left wing of the homosexual community most of whom vote for left wing parties. The suicide bomber knows that they are perversly attractive to their women and to ours.

    • Gary Rumain

      Not quite, they view women as unclean. That's why, in Afghanistan, men are getting medical treatment for anally transmitted STDs and denying they are homosexual. There was a recent news report about this (within the last 2-3 months). Try searching for it.

  • Mike Elmore

    Wow, I never knew what an impact Bill Clinton would have on the study of psychology, cause I don't think we look at a cigar being just a cigar the same way anymore. I do think that Kobrin is on to something. Her statement "Because I understand non-verbal communication and ninety-five percent of what we communicate is nonverbal, the focus of the book is primarily on the nonverbal predatory behavior of these terrorists by looking at the imagery." is why most people don't seem to reconcile Islam and terrorism as being mutuallyl inclusive.

  • terrorism analayst

    I find this author's perspective naive and ridiculous. Terrorism is merely a tactic, not a way of life as she seem to think. If this Kobrin's assumptions are correct, then the scourge of terrorism should be rampant across the Islamic world rather than an occasional although horrific event in a few places with ethno-national conflicts or foreign military occupations. To smear a whole culture and people is also offensive with such overgeneralized statements about women in islam. I wonder what people would say if she replaced the term Muslim with Catholic or Irish or Hassidic Jew.. we would find her statements to be troubling at the very least and preposterous at best. It is no wonder no one wanted to publish the book for 8 years whereas there have been at least 17+ books on the subject published by any number of academic and trade presses. Heck Routledge in the UK will publish almost anything on the subject of terrorism! There is a reason things don't get published.. it is a vetting proces to separate the wheat from the chaff. I would save my money and buy David Cook's recent book instead.. a real authority on Islam and someone who knows what they are talking about!

  • logdon

    Apparently 9/11 leader Mohammed Atta died a virgin. Martin Amis explores this pent up frustration common amongst Muslim males, which then leads to the psychosis of the 72 virgin award for suicide bombers.

    For a fuller view on the Islamic Mother/Son relationship read The Arab Mind by Raphael Patai who describes amongst a plethora of traits, use of extended breast feeding and penile fondling by Arab mothers to settle unruly infants.

    Imagine what affect that has on the human sponge mentality which babies are born with?

    It does, though go some way into explaining the infantile posture of me, me we find amongst adherants of this ideologically driven faith.

    We've seen, at the slightest provocation how the tantrums rage like wildfire especially during the Cartoon riots. The rage unabaited then turns to homicidal attempts as in the case of Westergaard and the Norwegian illustrator.

    This extreme behaviour must have a root and I'm sure an oedipal upbringing where you are the centre of the universe, only to have the fantasy dashed as reality impinges on the daydreams has a large part to play.

    Ironically it could also be responsible for the horrific mysogny prevalent in the ME and Pakistan. If your women do not treat you as the little infallible god your own mother did, they are failing in a duty.

  • rbla

    The historical success of Islam could only be achieved through the degradation of women. Islam's expansion largely resulted from its institutions of polygamy, the harem, scripturally justifed rape and sexual slavery. These resulted in the production of large numbers of young sexually frustrated males who fueled the armies of jihad. This is why Islam is so resistant to improving the status of women; its very existence is due to the devaluation and oppression of the female.

    I don't care how many Somalis are hard working. They are the sea in which the jihadists swim. Somali immigration (and all Muslim immigration for that matter) should be halted and those here should be encouraged to return to their glorious homeland.

  • sam

    please pray for us daily forever!

  • flyingtiger

    women are being used as suicide bombers because they are less likely to be searched. They can also hide the bombs better under their clothes.. Also, if they lose their husband, they are given a choice: Be a suicide bomber or starve.
    Suicide bombing and moslem rage is more complicated than this and needs a longer explaination. I am not sure if this woman fully understands this. However, I will be getting this book. I may review it later.

  • Deadeye Dick

    If the author had attributed suicide bomber actions to sunspots of UFOs it might have made a bit more sense. The is amateur psychological navel-gazing of the worst sort; completely unverifiable and conveniently in service of prevailing Israeli ideologies committed to not addressing the political realities created by the Israeli apartheid system. The author is in denial of the many ways that the Israeli state has created suicide bombing as a tactical response to Israeli military action.

    • gamalpha

      Whatever separation exists between Arabs and Jews is created by Islamic intolerance of the non-believer (in this case the Jew) and the need of the Jew to protect himself. Suicide bombing creates separation, not the other way around.

  • tom kinney

    There's only one explanation for what's going on among Muslims, particularly in the Middle East ,perhaps since it is so close to Islam's origins: they haven't had a reformation such as has Christianity. Until they do, and it's probably that reformation we are seeing there right now (not an overnight processm, but perhaps somewhat accelerated as all things are today), we will not be able to reach them and perhaps we shouldn't even try.

    Such basics as separation of church and state, individual freedom, the adoption of democratic ways, the tendency toward totalitarian states, free market economies–all eventuated from the European reformation (perhaps the last great thing Europe accomplished, outside of the arts). More than that, there is nothing.

  • Yetwave

    For whatever Dr. Kobrin's analysis and theories may be worth, it's worth noting that Islam discourages sexual contact by either men or women until marraige.
    In proper Islamic society, what this leaves the male to do is to seek satisfaction through other means.
    Much of the analysis surrounding the underwear bomber, Farouk Abdul Mutallab, focuses on his personal writings detailing his un-Islamic albeit purely natural attraction toward women. it was with his repition of surah that he was able to subdue yet not completely repress his sexual desires. If his effort to martyr himself through the use of a bomb strapped near his genitals was not effective in taking his life, it may have relieved him the of the cause of his pent up frustration.
    Per The Economist Newspaper's 2010 Pocket World in Figures, the top six nations with the sex ratio of males per 100 females is highest, in order, in Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia. __Make of theories whatever one will, if there is an equation of sharia mandated sexual stifling among young males to the number of willing suicide bombers, there is much fertile ground for those who would recruit them into doing so.__ __

    • Mr. Grownup

      The problem with pschological explanations for political actions is that they must rely on silly statements like Yetwave's, that "it's worth noting that Islam discourages sexual contact by either men or women until marriage…" while ignoring the obvious statement that: CHRISTIANITY discourages sexual contact by either men or women until marriage." These psychological explanations always exoticise Islam and turn a blind eye to Christianity; conservatives love these explanations because they are nonverifiable and can always show the "others" to be crazy.

  • Harold K.

    It's necessary to define "terrorism" first. To define it as a "tactic" may be giving Muslims too much credit. It may simply be a manifest act of power through fear with its root in the basic, unchanging, Muslim-Arab cultural personality. "Suicide" is for the West a personal act; for Muslims used to living in large extended families and in close quarters without personal space, it may simply be an act of "expression."

    There are few individual Muslim personalities that have defied or tried to expose this assumed Arab cultural personality – when they do they must flee to the West and hide. Women are considered no more than what some inner-city residents consider their pet. Feed them, but keep them hidden. Slits for vision is all they get to shop.

    And the cause is mutual: women have an ingrained fear of men, which they are unable to resist; men have a fear of their women being accosted by other men. Merely seeing their daughter or wife with another man is enough to undermine their life, and justifies "honor killing," our latest oxymoron.

    • femtobeam

      Ohhh that is good. Really good! Thanks!

      • femtobeam

        Perhaps they are just in "denial" and "defiance" of slavery and death for our gas. It could also be that they have difficulty understanding concepts other than what they are told because they cannot read and if they could, it might be dangerous to their health to read the Bible in their current location, given the persuasive efforts undertaken by the Mullahs in that regard. If relocated, they might fit in well with some Mormon communities. If they can relearn their chants to be more socially acceptable than "death to everybody", they might make it as rappers.

  • 9-11 Infidel

    "….” This is also why Islam can present itself as a religion of peace when it is a religion of two pieces – Jihad and Peace – two sides of a coin…."

    No doc. I disagree. Islam is a philosophy of two pieces – Mecca and Medina. The two sides of the coin are a philosophy that hides under the rubric of a religion that presents itself to the West using the ruse of the Meccan verses of the Koran.

    Physchobabble is a good description of this article.

  • PAthena

    Dr. Kobrin is, I think, mistaken in thinking that it is the family organization of Mohammedans which lead to suicide bombing. Not all Mohammedans have the same kind of families, e.g. Arabs and Indonesians. More serious, the first suicide bomber I know of was the woman who killed herself and Rajiv Gandhi in India when he was campaigning for election – she was from the Tamil Tigers and not Mohammedan at all. I think that the source of suicide bombing is terrorism, which was cultivated by the old Soviet Union. (Yasir Arafat was the trainer for the Soviet Union for terrorists all over the world, in Lebanon.)

  • femtobeam

    In an age of mind control and information technology, the ability to know what is on a persons mind and where the thoughts come from is easy to acquire and does not need interpretation by subjective, non scientific, decision makers.

    Psychiatrists are not speaking about these realities of technology because it is threatening to their profession as a whole, built on unregulated experimentation and studies of people as "subjects". They do not talk about the use of these communications technologies to create impressions as physio and psycho mimetic of almost any disease.

    Psychiatry also has a strong bent towards Atheism, having been based in Freudian teachings. Many believe that Religious beliefs are delusional. Others have adopted Hindu culture. Brain studies still cannot describe the mechanism of original thought and inspiration, nor dreams with any satisfaction, nor can they explain why neurology patients can be frozen in place in different locations with a multipoint transmission.

  • femtobeam


    At best, Psychiatrists are a mechanism for control over the population by assigning a subjective diagnosis to persons at the direction of the Government or the Pharmaceutical Industry which supports their profession and takes away the rights of the individual. This is why every division of the Government has their own task force of Psychiatrists. The ones who subcontract to the NIH become millionaires and do not have to report anything about their interactions with their "patients", often "victims" from the "subjects", cognitive perspective and based on experience. Nowhere is this more true than in the Military, where experiments have been conducted for years on the soldiers. They all know the drill now. When they finish their tours of duty, they come home and are either homeless or misfits or drugged and on Veterans benefits as PTSD. The truth is they are implanted and embedded with brain electrodes and the DoD will not admit it.

  • femtobeam

    Psychiatrists have become drug pushers and encarcerators as a vehicle of control over the citizenry and intermediaries in schools and parenting. In short, they have become a political power with no basis in biology.

    Psychiatric definitions are based on observed behavior, which in turn is mostly based on societal factors of the observed and the "state of mind" of the observer. Behaviors are mostly communicated and orchestrated and so the behaviors are created and re-inforced, only to be later diagnosed as a "syndrome" for the purposes of;
    A.) "Treatment".
    B.) "Payment".

    What is not being disclosed is that behaviors are also being induced via communications networks.

    It's a vicious circle that leads to a dumbing down of society and a loss of individual personality, choice and freedom. On the other hand, for those who are the subject of this article it is probably preferable to death as the alternative.

    It all depends on who their mind controller is

    • Harold K.

      It's apparent that you may be suffering from APDS, Anti-Psychiatric Diagnosis Syndome. This is a recently discovered disease that prevents normal people from leaving their real, physical world, so they can enjoy staring at the ceiling in a psychiatrist's office. Typical symptoms are an aversion to watching television and shopping for enjoyment , with an unexplainable desire to read books or take sadistic pleasure in natural surroundings. The good news is that there are drug treatments for APDS, one of which is a related composite of the FOTS treatment (Fear of Terrorism Syndome.) The drugless alternative is a at least 5 hours per day in front of a television to calm and externally lobotomize the senses, which is less costly if unemployed. However, if it turns out on careful diagnosis that you have ASS (Anti-Syndrome Syndome,) more serious therapy might be warrented.

      • femtobeam

        Great comedy Harold, I had a good laugh at your posts. You should write a full article in this vein or produce a skit for Saturday Night Live!

        If it weren't so tragic what is happening to the Middle East and to us, it would be even funnier. Or not. Should one feel guilty for laughing at your post? Perhaps not, then one would have to admit that one finds humor in a humorless situation and become a candidate for more Mengele/Delgado style social engineering, using new non lethal weapons of combat.
        ZAP! Ouch!
        Oh well, it was worth it.

  • femtobeam

    Psychiatrists have become drug pushers and encarcerators as a vehicle of control over the citizenry and intermediaries in schools and parenting. In short, they have become a political power with no basis in biology.

    Psychiatric definitions are based on observed behavior, which in turn is mostly based on societal factors of the observed and the "state of mind" of the observer. Behaviors are mostly communicated and orchestrated and so the behaviors are created and re-inforced, only to be later diagnosed as a "syndrome" for the purposes of;
    A.) "Treatment".
    B.) "Payment".

    What is not being disclosed is that behaviors are also being induced via communications networks.

    It's a vicious circle that leads to a dumbing down of society and a loss of individual personality, choice and freedom. On the other hand, for those who are the subject of this article it is probably preferable to death as the alternative.

    It all depends on who their mind controller is

  • USMCSniper

    I suppose that she also advocates that we must raise boys the way we raise girls. Establish programs to change boys’ “gender schemas” by early on substituting activities and influences that feminists see as “healthy.” Make them play with dolls. Stay away from competitive activities. Reward boys for being (or at least acting) more “sensitive” and talking about their feelings. The usual feminist pysvho-babble laced with Freudian nonsense. The dumbell prize goes for her statement " If a child took a car and rammed it repeatedly into the back of a truck, we would wonder if he or she had been anally raped." Hmmmpphhh!!!

  • frondogcs

    Her work seems derivative of Adorno's concept of "The Authoritarian Personality". Like many of the Frankfurt school of Marxism, Adorno's critique of Liberal Market Democracies turned away from economics and politics to personality and culture. He asserted that there as an 'authoritarian' style of raising children that created individuals with a predilection to both blind obedience and violence. American theorists used this much the same way, to suggest that traditional American child rearing practices were also Authoritarian, and were were responsible for those features of American society they affected to despise, such as individual responsibility, free enterprise, and sexual self control. While it is tempting to accept Nancy Kobrin's account of the Mulsim personality, I belive it is no more methodologically sound than Adorno's. There is, in fact, no strong correlation between raising children in traditional homes, where the authority of parents is paramount, and subsequent criminal behavior. Her theory also fails the test of falsifiability, as there is not means of subjecting it to test and refutation. I do not believe her work advances our understanding of the Jihaddi enemy.

  • Fred Glass

    My mind is too simple to understand the subtleties of Dr. Korbin's speculations.

    About 20 years ago I spent a fair amount of time in the households of Yemeni Muslims in New York City doing plumbing repair & alteration work. I got to observe families -fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, children, grand parents- without them paying much attention to my presence. A few observations stick in my mind:

    1. Upon entering their household doors I smelt incense (I believe it to be largely frankinsense) with a very noticeable underlying note of stale urine.

    2. The living quarters were dingy & somewhat disheveled.

    3. The grown women wore layers of skirts, 2, 3, or 4 layers.

    4. The woman's facial complexion was of a pallid hue with dark circles under their eyes.

    5. I felt the women to be depressed. They moved about in a clumsy way.

    6. The young boys did as they pleased paying no attention to their mother's admonishments.

    7. The young girls were ordered about in a harsh way by the grown ups as well as by their brothers. They appeared passive & depressed.

    8. The men spoke harshly to the women. Otherwise they paid no attention to them.

    At the time -this was 10 years before 9/11- I knew nothing about Islam or Arabs. I remember thinking that I would hate to be an Arab male. I would shudder at the thought of touching their women. Their look, demeanor & smell were so repulsive. To me without the beauty & excitement of women life would hardly be worth living. No, wonder these people are so angry & suicidal.

    • Harold K.

      The amazing irony in those observations is that Muslims are among the fastest growing ethnic populations, with birth rates (i.e. Palestinians) as high as 8 children per women. While caucasian men, like those living in sunny California, get to enjoy strolling the beach and staring at our beautiful bikini-clad women, many of which are holding hands – with each other! And visit the tourist Mecca of San Francisco, where they should offer prizes to anyone who can spot a Caucasian of school age, with smaller prizes for spotting a male and female of any age holding hands. Today, less than half the children in America under the age of 25 are Caucasian.

      • Fred Glass

        Harold K: I guess the underlying truth to the irony you point out is that romantic/sexual passion is not necessarily required for high fecundity. I don't mean to imply the converse of this statement that we, therefore, in the West are a hugely passionate people notwithstanding the much touted sexual revolution. In fact I believe the opposite that male, female passions are diminishing.

  • Sam

    Hmmm Fred the plumber seems to make a lot more sense than Dr Nancy Kobrin.

    How about a Frontpage interview on Fred's counterterrorism ideas? I think it would produce a lot more valuable insights into the causes of terrorism and what we can do to eliminate it.