The Mohammed Al-Dura Fraud Exposed

Welcome to the premiere of FrontPage Close-Up with Jamie Glazov, a new video series of provocative interviews with the leading thinkers and newsmakers of our time. Our first interview is with a hero of our modern era — Philippe Karsenty, the French media analyst who exposed the Mohammed Al-Dura Fraud, which involved France 2, a French television network, broadcasting staged footage of Israeli soldiers allegedly killing a 12-year old Palestinian, Mohammed al-Dura, during a gun battle in Gaza in 2000. We ran Part 1 of the interview in yesterday’s edition. See Part 2 below:

Join us for Part III of FrontPage Close-Up’s Karsenty interview in our next issue. To see Part I, click here. To see Part III, click here.

And stay tuned for upcoming guests:

World-renowned thriller writer, Andrew Klavan.
Courageous Muslim Reformer, Raheel Raza.
Radical-in-Chief author, Stanley Kurtz.
Leading scholar of Islam, Robert Spencer.

And many more. . . . . .

  • ObamaYoMoma

    It’s a very disturbing interview. The Euroloons apparently are so obsessed with anti-Semitic Jew hatred that they are immune to truth and reality, and he is right, the truth is not a leftwing or right wing issue, it’s the truth. I’ve also noticed this sort of Jew hatred often times on this site, where the anti-Semitic Jew haters are also immune to truth and reality. It’s a kind of mass collective mental illness.

    • Matt

      As frustrating as it is, its virtually pointess trying to rationalise with anti-semitic fools blind to the reality of Islam.
      Islam has brought terror & heartache to every region its stamped its diseaseed foot. The simple reality is; Islam has NEVER brought peace & I have 1400 years of Islamic history to back my argument.
      I am no longer surprised by the sheer volume of educated idiots western society has produced. How can supposedly rational, educated societies believe people who have been repeatedly shown to be liars ie; Arafat & Abbas? Astoundingly, Arafat was even awarded the Nobel Peace Prize! Such acts of appeasement & contradictions only serve to swell the rising tide of Anti-Semitism.
      Accusations of massacre and human rights violations by the Israeli Army are being tossed around like confetti & blatently biased UN groups such as UNRWA & UNHCR continue to champion the cause of Islam.
      Bottom line; no matter how strong the argument or numerous the martyrs, no matter how many western countries are angered by or UN resolutions are passed against Israel, the Israelis are not going to pack up and leave. The only way to get a Palestinian state, is to destroy Israel.
      The entire world is blind to reality.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    In the epic struggle of the Free World against totalitarian Islam what does the government of Italy have in common with the citizens of Murfreesboro, Tennessee? Click my name for the answer.

  • Zack Rawsthorne

    Devastating material. Chirac's Jew-hatred… the ever-present strain of antisemitism in France (which seems to reverberate positively to the Islamic world's antisemitism)… the anti-Israel world's rebuke of proof that hoax-boy was not killed (since a worldwide hate-campaign hinges on his being dead). This installment is even better than Part 1 which was also most revealing.

  • badaboo

    The fraud in the incident has been known almost from the very day it happened . The World did not care to hear or see anything else .The French TV station had been complicit with the fraud up to it's ears . It was established in a French Court . It is a testament to anti-semitism , how the truth is arrogantly discarded , and how the personal bias of people , overcomes facts and reality . I often wonder how many have died due directly to the hatred that this fraud incited . But I am not surprised , no , not at all , for anti-semitism has ruled the narrative since the State of Israel's FIRST DAY of existence . To this day with all the evidence in , PROVING this whole incident staged and phony , STILL , it is the evil Israeli IDF who murdered a child , who in all likely hood is alive today , killed later or on that day by the palestinians themselves .
    This is truly sickening , and the French …truly sickening.

  • badaboo

    And WHERE is the media coverage of this fraud EXPOSED ??????

  • USMCSniper

    Jimmy Carter is an anti Semite also. Carter has seen fit to call Israel’s desire to be recognized as the historical Jewish homeland it is as “an obstacle to peace.” This despite the fact Israel allows free practice of all religions, unlike most of the 27 Islamic nations including Saudi Arabia which makes any religious expression other than Islam a crime. He didn't call on Saudi Arabia’s and the other 26 countries to drop Islam as their official religion. Let’s not hold our breath, for neither Carter nor any of the other world leaders who call a Jewish State an obstacle to peace ever thought to treat Judaism and Islam equally

  • RiverFred

    The only hoax is Mohammed. By the way, the main reason Mohammad is considered a prophet is becasue he was illiterate and how could an illiterate be knowledgeable,
    well dah.. some of his close friends helped him with the composition and forgery of the Koran and bible/religious knowledge.

    • badaboo

      Mohamed wrote not a single thing , in fact all that is contained in the Q'uran was written by his companions , who themselves scratched around for redacted stories and sayings which could be remembered . The Q'uran cannot be arranged chronologically as it is arranged by the size of each Sura . It is a disconnected self contradictory book , written out skewed memory and confusion , with self-serving additions by the various writers themselves .

    • Pedric

      It's worse than that. There's no worthy historical evidence that the canonical Muhammad ever lived. He's never mentioned in any contemporary records and there's no evidence of his supposed activities in any Archaeological evidence from Arabia. There's no evidence of any extensive Jewish presence at the Kheibar oasis, for example, and no evidence of any siege there.

      Further, "Islam" and "Muslim" aren't mentioned anywhere during the entire first century after the supposed hijra. None of the people living then were apparently aware of the rise of a new religion, or that they had been subjected to a religious conquest. Not one of the first four caliphs of canonical Islam — Abu Bakr, Umar I, Uthman, and Ali — is ever mentioned in any surviving official documents, coinage, or contemporary writings. They have no historical presence.

      The first historical ruler, Muawiyya, has no Islamic credentials at all. He was likely some sort of Christian. New translations by Christoph Luxenberg show that the inscriptions on the Dome of the Rock are hortatory declarations of a heretical sect of Eastern Christianity, of which the contemporary caliph, Abd al-Malik, was probably a believer. The "muhammad" appearing in the Dome inscription is likely not a proper name but is an adjective with the generic meaning of "blessed one" or "chosen one" and actually refers to Jesus, who is the only "prophet" actually named in that inscription.

      The history of Muhammad is a complete invention; a pious fraud that emerged and grew up during the second century after the near east was lost by the Byzantines. Islam arose as a discrete religion beginning about a generation after Muhammad was invented as a prophet and his story was then projected historically backwards 100 years.

      The whole early Islam thing is a Historical crock.

  • Fred Dawes

    this world we live in is really starting to look like 1938 all over once more.

  • badaboo

    Merely a pillaging . plundering , murderous group of thugs , which grew by conquest and subjugation of other tribes and peoples under the pain of death . The "religion " came after the death of mohamed to PERPETUATE all of the fun , and "legitimize "it by placing it inder a god . Hence the dogma mined and thence perverted from the existing judeo-christian dogmas . The deeds and orgies of barbaric behavior reminiced and written down by numerous authors , and compiled in book form . Ergho due to their inborn nature , mohamadens will KILL anyone " criticising , questioning or "blaspeming " the book or it's alleged author.A perfectly expectable nexus for such a cult , laws meant to protect the contrived doctrine at any and all costs .

    Actually Fred , the underlying ethos here is worse than that of national socialism , ultimately calling for the extermination of all who will not join .

  • badaboo

    Ther world had betrter LEARN to look this thing in the eye , recognize it for what it truly is , a pathetic evil ethos, worse than the national Socialists , then and only then will we be prepared to deal with . As of now , no one in the political public domain has the where-wih-all to SAY IT PUBLICLY .

  • badaboo

    lol….and that goes for Admin . right here .