The Obama Tragedy in the Terror War – by Jamie Glazov


Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Ralph Peters, a retired U.S. Army officer, a controversial strategist and world traveler, and the author of 25 books, including the recent bestselling thriller, The War After Armageddon, and the forthcoming Endless War (March, 2010), which examines the history–and future–of conflict between Islam and the West.  An opinion columnist for the New York Post and popular media commentator, he became Fox News Network’s first Strategic Analyst in 2009.


FP: Ralph Peters, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Peters: Great to reconnect with you, Jamie.

FP: What are your thoughts regarding the recent botched terrorist attack on Christmas Day on Flight 253?

Peters: Well, I have to separate my thoughts and my feelings.  First, the feelings: Outrage.  Not so much at the bomber, who was just fulfilling his duty to commit jihad against Christians on their most important holiday (with any dead Jews as a bonus), but at the stunning lack of interest or concern on the part of our partying president and his paladins.  Hey, why interrupt your holiday just because an Islamist terrorist (well, they don’t exist, right?) tried to kill 300 innocents and almost pulled it off?  And, of course, we were all instantly reassured when Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano (whose real interest seems to be harassing law-abiding citizens at airports, while preparing to push through citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants) told us that the system worked.  I mean, God help us, you and I don’t live in the same universe as our “leaders.”

On the thoughts side: President Obama, sooner or later, has to take responsibility for something.  His call for yet another review in the wake of the failed attack had the primary purpose of deflecting blame from the administration.  Well, the military maxim applies: A leader is responsible for everything his subordinates do, or fail to do.  All his adult life, Obama wanted to be president.  Now it’s time for him to actually be a president.  That means taking responsibility.

FP: How much confidence, exactly, do you have in this administration providing safety to Americans against our enemies?

Peters: Unfortunately, I have no faith–none–in the administration’s seriousness, when it comes to protecting Americans.  A president who insists, in the face of overwhelming evidence, that every next terrorist is just an “isolated extremist” with no connection to Islam isn’t interested in solving the problem.

FP: How about our intelligence system in this case?

Peters: It failed.  But, to be fair, many things that seem obvious in retrospect weren’t necessarily obvious in advance.  Our intelligence system has two pertinent problems (among many others): It’s dealing with a literally unmanageable volume of data, and (according to my friends still inside the system), the post 9-11 “reforms,” such as creating a Director of National Intelligence and the National Counter Terrorism Center, simply created additional layers of bureaucracy.  We’re fighting a lean, mean, fast, ruthless enemy.  Our response?  Bring more of yesterday’s senior officials out of retirement and hire more lawyers.  Maybe we should just sue al Qaeda and see how splendidly our civilian-justice approach to terror works.

FP: Your view of Janet Napolitano? Why is she still heading Homeland Security?

Peters: I’d rather not view Janet Napolitano at all.  This woman is so far out of her depth that it can’t be measured with Newtonian metrics.  She was a politically correct appointment, period.  On the positive side, word is that she’ll be gone in the next few months–Obama’s too vain to fire her right now, while the administration’s under fire over the Christmas terror attempt, but he realizes what a political liability she’s become.

There’s another, unfortunate, side to this.  When representing our country, especially on security matters, appearance and physical presence matter.  It would be great if that were not so, but facts are facts.  Even if Napolitano were a security genius, she doesn’t project a forceful, capable image to our deadly enemies (or to our allies).  Again, every one of Obama’s cabinet-level appointments has been about domestic politics, not about their effectiveness on the world stage.

Well, at least he can’t blame Bush for Napolitano.

FP: Your perspective on how the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are going? What strategies that are in effect are wrong? What strategies would be more effective?

Peters: Strategy?  We still don’t have a strategy for Afghanistan-Pakistan.  We just have a collection of disjointed techniques we’re desperately trying to apply, hoping something, anything, will work.  A troop surge is a tool, not a strategy.  And you can’t nation-build where there’s no nation to build.  I’m disheartened.  American soldiers and Marines are dying and being maimed for fairy-tale counterinsurgency strategies that insist that digging wells for illiterate Afghans will deter al Qaeda’s Arab fanatics from killing Americans.  The only wise and effective thing we’re doing is applying UAVs (drones) and our special operations forces to the indispensable task of killing terrorists.

I’ve never been threatened by a dead terrorist.  And when a terrorist believes he’s on a mission from his god to kill you, killing him is the only plausible response.

As I’ve written recently, what little analysis of the Afghan problem we do obsesses on our continuing failures.  But the real question, which we refuse to ask, is “Why are the Taliban successful?”  And, of course, we go on pretending that Islam has nothing to do with anything.  Political correctness is killing our troops, defeating us, and facilitating terror around the world.

FP: Potential threats in 2010?  Where have we taken our eye off the ball?

Peters: Good Lord, where do you start?  The usual suspects will still be with us: Iran, al Qaeda, Chinese subversion of our economy (brought to you by WalMart, among others, thanks), piracy, Hugo Chavez’s apparent determination to precipitate a border war with Colombia, the Kirchner regime’s attempt to hobble democracy in Argentina, Islamist aggression in Nigeria (which is intensifying again), and, above all, Mexico–where the narco-insurgency constitutes the real number-one threat to the welfare of our citizen.  It bewilders me that we’re obsessed with “saving” Afghanistan, a worthless piece of dirt in the middle of nowhere, when the crucial struggle is right on (and crossing) our southern border.  Mexico is the most important country in the world to us–for better and worse–and we treat it as problem number 47.

Where have we taken our eye off the ball?  Please, tell me where the Obama administration has an eye on any foreign-policy or security balls.  This ultra-left administration isn’t concerned with security (except to the extent that it impacts on politics), but with a hard-left, destructive and divisive vision of “social justice.”  Which means, of course, punish productive citizens to reward the Lumpenproletariat.  We’re a greater threat to ourselves, in the long run, than al-Qaeda is to us.

FP: Ralph Peters thank you for joining us. It was an honor to speak with you.

I would like to announce to our readers that Mr. Peters will be speaking at the Freedom Center’s Wednesday Morning Club:

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  • BS77

    If we are at war, as has been declared, why on earth would the underwear bomber be given a lawyer and a civilian court trial? He should have been shipped directly to Gitmo for military interrogation, as an armed combatant, a foreign enemy of the US.
    We are shooting rockets at AL Queda terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan….no Miranda, no ACLU lawyers….so what gives with the civilian trials for KSM and this idiot from Nigeria? IF this is war, let's settle it….

  • eerie Steve

    Please settle it by being civil. Love your enemy, and really do pray for those who persecute you.


    There are enough Doc Hollidays today. What we need is a Wyatt Earp, but listening to the right people.

    Ah, republicans. What children at heart are they! Look like Caeser. Talk like a child. Think like a wolf. Live like a rebellious king.

    Everywhere I go, there is always something to remind me…

    of Cheney! Hail Cheney! We who are about to die salute you!

    Raise your left hand and rise your picture of not just homer, but EVIL homer:

  • eerie Steve
  • bubba4

    Ralph Peters is being a hyper-hysterical ninny. His first feeling was outrage at Obama…not so much the bomber? Give me a break.

    Obama came out very clearly today and said we are “at war” but with Al-Qaeda and their terrorist allies…not with “terrorism” (a tactic) and not with Islam (a religion). He also said some very refreshing things about not freaking out and picking which rights we are willing to give up to feel better. That we (The United States) decide our direction and values…not relgious fanatics who kill innocent people.

    FPM (like most other “conservative” outlets) is now pushing this idea that the REAL problem is we won't “admit” that Islam is evil…or something.

    Peters says “And, of course, we go on pretending that Islam has nothing to do with anything. Political correctness is killing our troops, defeating us, and facilitating terror around the world.”

    OK…the modern dead-enders of the Middle East are all Muslims. All the suicide terrorists are Muslims. Now what do you want to do? Why be so coy? I can imagine what Peters (a salty old solider himself) would think is appropriate, but I wouldn't want to put words in his mouth. What is tiring is the innuendo about “ignoring” Islam or “pretending it doesn't exist”….no one is doing this. He is just trying to be inflammatory.

    Macho “what we need is a bigger gun” soldiers like Peters would play right into the terrorist hands if given a chance to realize his dreams.

  • Robert Bernier

    Check your knoledge as to the popularity of the U.S.A. : Americans WAKE-UP

    Envy and hate to the US is part of a deep and sincere ideology.

    Be correctly informed :

  • Robert Bernier

    Every American should know the truth

    No one should miss this video:

    Look to the end ( 10 min.)

  • Robert Bernier

    Every American should see this video !

    The ambition of Islam to conquer the world.
    For centuries Islam of the militants have been on the march to conquer the world. We did not notice because we chose not to notice. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in
    1920 by Hassan al-Banna in Egypt and was in deep confrontation with the Egyptian government. The current goals for Islam to achieve global domination for a Muslim Caliphate: a world under strict Islamic “Sharia” law, pulling Muslims back to the 7th Century. Consult :

  • chad8hjan9
  • tompaine2010

    What we are seeing here is a perfect storm of sorts. As the world watches us trip over ourselves in PC — case in point airport security; when is the last time anyone other than a muslim male of middle-eastern descent between 25 and 40 hijacked, blew up, or intentionally flew an airliner into a structure? — they use our own fascade of 'equality' against us. The little old lady from Des Moines gets strip searched, while the man who barely speaks english waltzes by the checkpoint with a bomb in his shoe, underwear, or soon to come — internally. how do we combat that? Dunno, guess we need to ask Big Sis. But the first move in the game is to leave the little old lady alone and focus on, dare I say “profile,” the demographic group that is targeting us. They have no problem with targeting by demographics!

  • USMCSniper

    Pray? Okay, write me a prayer for total victory to smite mine enemies. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

    We will conquer Islam with the aid of God and a few Marines! God has a hard-on for Marines because we kill every raghead we see! He plays His games, we play ours! To show our appreciation for so much power, we keep heaven packed with fresh raghead souls! God was here before the Marine Corps! So you can give your heart to Jesus, but your ass belongs to the Corps! Do you understand me eerie Steve?

    I want to see exotic Afghanistan… the piss hole of the Middle East. I want to meet interesting and stimulating people of an ancient culture… and kill them all. I want to be the first guy on my block to get a confirmed kill!

  • USMCSniper

    bubba4 we need a policy adapted by me from the movie “Swordfish”

    Anyone who impinges on America's freedom such as terrorist states and their proxies have chosen the rules of the game. We must bring their war to them in spades. They bomb a church, we bomb 10 mosques. They hijack a plane, we take out one of their airports. They execute American tourists, we tactically nuke an entire muslim city, they take out an American city with a WMD, we anihilate Mecca and all the holy places of Islam, and bun down every mosque in the world. Our job should be to make the cost of jihadist terrorism and their supporters for it to be so horrific that is becomes unthinkable to attack Americans because of the even more horrific consequences to them that will surely follow.

  • thinker1

    Just heard on a radio a statement of a guy from our Homeland Security, that he was “surprised” there was one guy only (!) to do us harm…Can we hire people with IQ higher than 50???!?!?!?? PC is killing us and they are blind.
    BTW – for at least 6 years we are told we have 12 mln illegals and that 5,000 a day go through our borders….it is 12 PLUS 11………….it's 33 million…
    If we look little further back and analize decades of illegal tresspassings and overstayed visas, the number swallows quickly…..and 50 million would not be a surprise, if not an understatement.
    Same with unemployment – we keep on losing about 500,000 jobs a month, but “unemployment numbers remind steady”…….???
    Again – Can we hire people with IQ higher than 50???!?!?!?? And honest ones?

  • LindaRivera

    Council on American-Islamic Relations: “Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” – Omar Ahmad (CAIR co-founder).

    Addressing a youth session at the 1999 Islamic Association for Palestine's annual convention in Chicago, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) founder Omar Ahmad praised suicide bombers who “kill themselves for Islam,”

    Jihadists are winning because of pro-Islam Western leaders. U.S. Airport Security is Deliberately and Shockingly Destroyed for Islam:
    Controversial Muslim group
    gets VIP airport security tour
    Feds show CAIR latest screening steps,
    sensitive counterterrorism procedures
    August 18, 2006

    The Department of Homeland Security
    took a Muslim group with known past ties to terror organizations on a VIP tour of security operations at the nation's busiest airport at the same time British authorities were working to break up a plot to blow up U.S. airlines.

    On June 21, a senior DHS official from Washington personally guided Muslim officials from the Council on American-Islamic Relations on a behind-the-scenes tour of Customs screening operations at O'Hare International Airport in response to CAIR complaints that Muslim travelers were being unfairly delayed as they entered the U.S. from abroad.

    CAIR is a spin-off of the Islamic Association for Palestine, identified by two former FBI counterterrorism chiefs as a “front group” for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

    Several CAIR leaders have been convicted on terror-related charges.

    During the airport tour, CAIR was taken on a walk through the point-of-entry, Customs stations, secondary screening and interview rooms. In addition, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents were asked to describe for CAIR representatives various features of the high-risk passenger lookout system.

    ’“One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”
    —Former Algerian President Houari Boumedienne’s prophetic warning to Europe in a speech at the U.N. In 1974.

    In Sweden, many Muslim youth wear a t-shirt proclaiming: “2030-then we take over”

  • LindaRivera

    Turkey's Prime Minister, Erdogan, publicly read an Islamic poem: “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and Muslims our soldiers…”

    JIHAD Against Americans is UNOPPOSED by Washington

    Muslim terrorist training camps that teach murder of non-Muslims and violent Islamic conquest of America are allowed. They are not considered the enemy. Homeland security informed America who are regarded as the enemy: peaceful, patriotic Americans – pro lifers, tea party attendees, returning war veterans who risked their lives for America. God help America.
    'Chilling' new video: How to slit throats
    Jihad maneuvers taught at New York compound
    December 15, 2009

    By Bob Unruh

    A new video released by the Christian Action Network shows Muslim women at a compound in New York state practicing throat-slitting techniques and assault weapons attacks.

    The video was distributed by the makers of the movie “Homegrown Jihad: The Terrorist Camps Around the U.S.,” which documents how a jihadist group has developed dozens of training camps across the nation.

    WND reported at the time how Jamaat ul-Fuqra has built 35 compounds – mostly in the northeastern corridor of the U.S.

    …The U.S. State Department's 1998 “Patterns of Global Terrorism” report notes the organization “seeks to purify Islam through violence.”

    The report continued, “Members have purchased isolated rural compounds in North America to live communally, practice their faith and insulate themselves from Western culture. Fuqra members have attacked a variety of targets that they view as enemies of Islam.”

    CAN, led by Martin Mawyer, has researched Muslims of America for years and has provided its video to the FBI, State Department and Homeland Security. To date, there has been no response from the government, the group said.

    …”Gilani has stated he is preparing his members to the Soldiers of Allah, and he's set up the most advanced guerrilla warfare training camps,” he said.

    The organization's “Homegrown Jihad” video includes a chilling scene of Jamaat ul-Fuqra's leader Sheikh Mubarak Gilani telling followers to “act like you're his friend. Then kill him.”

    According to the Religion of Peace website, there have been more than 250 jihad attacks by Muslims around the globe – including two inside the U.S. – in just the last two months.The death toll from the attacks has surpassed 1,400, the report says.

    New MOA Terror Training Video Exposed

  • tlwinslow

    If Osama bin Laden was smart enough to set up a database (“al-Qaida”) of radicalized Muslims to use against the U.S., why wasn't the U.S. smart enough to do Muslim Ideological Profiling (MIP) and set up its own database of radicalized Muslims to flag for heightened security checks? Instead, we got the Ft. Hood Massacre and Xmas Condom Bomber, along with heightened security checks for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Sorry, only a radicalized Muslim wants to strap a bomb to his crotch and set it off to obtain Allah's promise of paradise for killing infidels, and even he is smart enough to know the plane's full of them without needing a database.

    Now that Iran is on the verge of getting nukes while lying about it, and the U.S. govt. doesn't even seem to know about the age-old Shiite tactic of Taqiyya, which is lying to infidels to gain a tactical advantage, even MIP won't help us if they do. Ironically, if we hadn't invaded Iraq, Saddam Insane might have helped us in a war against Iran. Now that he's gone, Iraq is likely to fall to the Shiites with Iran's help to boot. Peters seems to be waking up, but he was for the Iraq invasion from the start and even claimed there would be no civil war, so maybe he better stick to writing novels until he learns more about Islam.

    If anybody needs help studying Islam, it's there, all the key facts laid out free by the Historyscoper, just click and get started:

  • alanwinters

    well, what do you expect? these reasonable elites are so far out of their depth, like Napolitano, that they don't see the enemy, Islam. Muslims want to destroy our culture and religions and our Muslim president is crippling our response.

  • WFB2

    Well said Col. Peters. It's obvious the Obambi left regards the 'man made disaster' in Afghanistan and elsewhere as unwanted distractions from its goal of emasculating America and replacing capitalism with 'third way' socialism (i.e.; fascism). The air-head election of Obama is the biggest blunder this country has ever made. He's an ignorant radical; he's inexperienced and his affirmative action gift 'education' fell on deaf, arrogant, narcissistic ears. He was hired by a thieving whack-job currency trader to front for him in stripping the U.S. of its Constitutional sovereignty. We are headed toward becoming UN District #13 with a third world standard of living. All in the name of “social justice” and everlasting 'Whirled Peas”.

  • WFB2

    I'm on board with that Sniper. I think these new rules of engagement should be loudly announced to everyons as a first step. We could even start retroactively in retaliation for the Underwear bomber action. Maybe carpet bomb the villages of northern Pakistan and Waziristan?

  • xyz

    As Obama prepares us to become a socialist part of the NWO don't you think it is useful to him to have these ragheads nipping at our feet?

    I agree with you on war, that anyone who tries to take us down should be dealt a hand that would make it unthinkable for anyone else to do it. The last thing anyone would want to do is mess with us. It seems the Saudis are running policy and picking our presidents for us. The clowns that Bubbles and people like him try so desperately to defend are the ones all but putting an invitation on as silver platter to attack us.

    Denying a problem does not make it go away. Calling Islam peaceful does not make it peaceful. If one wants to look at ancient maps to see what used to be independent lands or Christian lands or whatever other religion one will see that slowly the world is being taken over. It has taken over a thousand years, but like they say, they are patient people. What the Muslims are doing now, most of them will not live to see. Little by little, century after century Islam gobbles up more of the globe insuring that man's ability to reason and think will not expand beyond the borders where it now exists. All of that promise will give in to “submission.” Surrender your thinking abilities. If Muhammed says that allah told him one and one equals 7, then by allah, it does.

    These Bubble heads are okay with that. The vast majority of the Muslims are voting the left ticket. Why would they do that? They don't do anything that doesn't advance Islam. What Islam doesn't control and destroy, the government does, in those countries. If you ask the Muslims in those countries what they think, an Egyptian man I spoke to, a Muslim, said to me, don't let them do it to you. Stop them or you will wind up like us.

    Bubba may envision a world that is bright and shining as Obama would try to have us believe but the end result will make WWII look like a Sunday walk in the park. These Leftists by and large don't read history. They don't understand history and for the most part they certainly don't celebrate any god. To them, Obama is god. They would gladly turn over all their rights and freedoms to the god surrogate: big government. That loving replacement for mommy and daddy that tucks you in at night and makes sure your rent is paid and you have food on the table. Bubble heads and ragheads united!

  • KevinStowell

    Got that right, Jar, I like to call it the 1//1000 rule.

  • BS77

    Today the Nigerian useful idiot plead NOT GUILTY in a Federal Courthouse…what nonsense….this piece of garbage belongs in military custody, in Guantanamo with the rest of the dirt bags, getting a military interrogation. What's the point of calling this a “war” if enemy combatants who attempt to kill people by blowing up jets, are put in civil court settings? Makes no sense at all.

  • eerie steve

    “I want to be the first guy on my block to get a confirmed kill!”

    Halo 3 works. Just think DARPA has pulled in to show your killtaculars to Dick Marcinko, who is busy laying battle plans with Stevie Wonder on COD 2.

    As for Rampart division, f@ck Rampart South. How about turning the Detroit Failing Schools into R.A.M.P.A.R.T.S. South 2: Stiches get cookies, martyrs get the HH Holmes treatment, and we will also through in the friggin WANT of the pain from Marcinko just for penance sake.

    Want to kill? First come Catholic and make the last pope a saint through glorious acheivements, and then KILL!



    Any:ways, wouldn't it be cool if the WHo did the following songs at the Superbowl:

    1. Young Man Blues
    2. We're not going to take it
    3. Silas Stingy.

  • LindaRivera

    Instead of our leaders showing grief and asking forgiveness for our military murdered at Fort Hood (it was known for quite some time that the Muslim killer was a significant terrorist threat), the government let us know that their BIGGEST concern was that there might be a back lash against Muslims. Are non-Muslims considered expendable?

    It is quite evident that the Administration are more concerned about securing the safety of Muslim terrorists than they are in protecting innocents. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost ALL terrorists are Muslims. As one person commented: Discriminate or DIE. It appears Obama and our government prefer that we die.

  • coyote3

    This is all a bad dream right? Indeed, it has at least been a bad dream since at least 1979. As you know, I am no fan of Hussein. However, if this country didn't respond to actually being invaded by Iran, and then half assed, as far as I am concerned to subsequent attacks. What makes you think the American people are up for this kind of thing. I know they are not, as far as I am concerned. Americans just want to get as much from the government and their fellow productive citizens as possible. They deserve this, and I wish I could say I am sorry.

  • xyz

    With the Saudis dictating so much and holding onto the “oil strings” what can we expect?

    I can't help but wonder how much better off we'd be with Palin. She's got it right that getting our own supply is a matter of national security. Maybe then they won't be buying our politicians and presidents off.

  • bluedogsrule1

    How about also supplementing our own oil supply with renewable energy?

  • bobbydecosta

    They only voted for him because he's black. Nothing more. They thought it would be “cool” to have a black president.

  • BS77

    Eerie Steve is certifiably nuts…totally bonkers…but a bit funny if you read his posts for a laugh…..

  • Robert Bernier

    Check your knoledge as to the popularity of the U.S.A. : Americans WAKE-UP

    Envy and hate to the US is part of a deep and sincere ideology.

    Be correctly informed :

  • murungayaseen


  • Robert Bernier

    Haven forbid – The Americans could be next!

    Without comments…

    You should see this video !

  • Robert Bernier

    Haven forbid – The Americans could be next!

    You should see this video !

  • davarino

    Right on Sniper, these knuckle heads arent going to quit till we really put the hurt on them. But as you know, America has never really reacted till the enemy has done something that clearly allows our leaders to jump in with both feet. I think it will take something like a nuke or bio of a city before the majority of Americans wake up and as a whole say “enough is enough”. Then we have the backing of the nation as a whole and then look out, all hell is going to break loose and then its going to be operation “Swordfish”.

    When they start seeing their beloved “holy places” vaporized then they might start to realize that God is not the one that initiated jihad, rather a bunch of power hungry imams.

    You gotta love that John Travolta, although I am sure he doesnt agree with the tactics proposed by his character.

  • davarino

    Bro, turn your caps lock off. It looks like your shouting. : )

    Number one, I am not sure what it is you are trying to say, but it sounds like you are threatening Peter's family.

    Number two, you want America to come crawliing to Islam in peace to begg forgiveness? Ya that happened during the Clinton administration and we see what that got us. You talk about innocent muslims being hurt, what about our innocent people that were killed on 9/11 or the people that would have been killed in the airplane during Christmas.

    Also, dude learn how to piece together a coherant english sentence before you post on this web site, cause otherwise it just looks like your throwing together random words

  • josephusvanbalgooy

    Mr. Peters has a dry acerbic sense of humor. Love it. It's great to hear spot on commentary and biting criticism without vulgarity. Let's give Mr. Peters a big hand.
    Of course, he's absolutely right about our present attempts at appeasing (and civilizing?) Afghanis being absurd, besides endangering our own soldiers who are given tasks that they are not trained for. Get them out of there and leave the Afghanis to dig their own grave or wells–be done with it. We need our soldiers here to guard our southern border. Pakistan is quite another issue, because it has nuclear capability we cannot afford to fall in Al Qaeda's hands. But I'm concerned, very concerned. Obama and his entourage aren't exactly serious abt Muslim terrorisme, are they?

  • monzur001

    I know that Ralph Peters was a intelligent army officer. He knew how to create protection against terrorist. His discussion was good. I believe that Obama is a great leader but it was his mistake against terrorist. If that day may be create bombing then maximum people of Amrrican were fall in sorrow because that day was running Christ mas. So God helped them.I believe God is everywhere. Thank you very much Jamie Glazov for his nice interview .

  • bubba4

    USMCSniper, I can see why such a “strategy” would be appealing to you. I wonder though if you've really considered how it would play out. I know the current sentiment on FPM and this whole world is that Islam is evil, they all want to destroy us and apparently killing them all will end up being our only option.

    So I guess if you can see all Muslims as really the same thing…then there are no innocent Muslims…but how would you feel if the United States nuked a city next week? Really think about that.

  • bubba4

    That's a great idea…but we should have no government incentives, taxes, or even involvement. Let the free market create it. Because if there was one thing the oil companies, coal companies and other energy producers have taught us over the last decade, is that they are looking out for our best interest. Big companies can always be trusted to undermine their own markets and make themselves irrelevant if it's what humanity needs. I know that right now in the international corridors of power, the great CEOs and Kings of Industry are praying that a clean, renewable source of energy is discovered soon and in the meantime they want to spend whatever it takes to cut down on pollution.

  • davarino

    Where is the outcry of outrage from the majority of “peaceful” muslims? The “peaceful” muslims need to step up and help us defeat the “radical” muslims or its all going to get mixed up.

    We already nuked a city, and it was the only alternative to continued loss of life, which by the way scared the shit out of them and made them surrender. Today they are our allies, because they realized their leader was not God and they were being sacrificed for someone else's agenda. Errily similar to todays situation.

  • bubba4

    “Where is the outcry of outrage from the majority of “peaceful” muslims? The “peaceful” muslims need to step up and help us defeat the “radical” muslims or its all going to get mixed up.”

    I doubt you travel (digitally or otherwise) in circles where you would hear “peaceful muslims” or muslim organizations decrying terrorism or registering their “outrage”. Why don't you do a Google search for yourself instead of asking me like it never happens.

    “We already nuked a city, and it was the only alternative to continued loss of life, which by the way scared the shit out of them and made them surrender.”

    Yes, during WWII. We were at war with Japan…a country and after the horrific battles trying to take small islands, it was becoming obvious that an invasion of the Japanese mainland would cost us an unacceptable amount of America life. The Japanese were wrapped up in Emperor worship and even after the bombings of two cities, some of the generals wanted to keep fighting anyway.

    “Today they are our allies, because they realized their leader was not God and they were being sacrificed for someone else's agenda. Errily similar to todays situation.”

    I don't see the parallels you do. Japan still had leadership that could surrender….and they had an army, navy and airforce that was fighting us. We were at war with them. The terrorists aren't that numerous. If you want to increase their ranks by 1000 fold then nuke a “Muslim” city because a terrorist there killed an American hostage. The terrorists are trying to get the whole of the Muslim world to go to war with the West (and the US imparticular) and your attitudes would only help them achieve their goals.

    Which city would you have nuked if the Christmas underwear bomber had succeeded?

  • bubba4

    Everyday on every article you post links to this stupid blog.

    You think Obama is a manchurian candidate and you like to make fun of his ears.
    This site is already full up on crazy and doesn't need more morons trying to improve traffic to their own bizarro world websites.

    The video of Obama misspeaking during an interview (when he is trying to say McCain has not called him a Muslim) will not be taken down because it isn't some incredible secret revelation. Good luck wasting your time with hate and fear and conspiracy theories. If you want I can put a link to your site on

  • davarino

    Ok, how bout we wait till they nuke one of our cities first? Then we'll arrest the perpatrator and try him/her in NY, but only after we have read them their rights and allow them a lawyer.

    I see your point Bubba, but I am not so sure the majority of muslims are not in support of what the terrorists are doing. I see them as passive/monetary supporters. I see them marching in the streets and threatening jihad on the world for a silly cartoon, but there is hardly a peep when a terrorist kills inocent people by the hundreds.

  • bubba4

    Ok, how bout we wait till they nuke one of our cities first?

    Who's “they”? The terrorists or Muslims in general? Obviously, a terrorist without direct state connections or known origin detonating an atomic weapon (dirty bomb or otherwise) is the worst possible thing that could happen. We would not know who to retaliate against or even what really happened. If we have to declare war on Iran because of their nuclear programs and bomb (conventionally) that country…that's one thing, but just attacking a “Muslim” city because we fear that some Muslim will attack us with an atomic weapon, I don't see how that is justified. It's unfortunate, but after Bush and the WMD, we look like morons who haven't the first clue who has what…or worse, we look like a people willing to say/do anything to wage war. We start looking like the caricatures the radical Muslims say we are.

    BTW…if you fear Muslims getting a bomb, aren't you losing sleep over North Korea? Shouldn't we be nuking North Korea right about now?

    “I see your point Bubba, but I am not so sure the majority of muslims are not in support of what the terrorists are doing.”

    That's fair enough. I didn't say all the Muslims were peace-loving, reasonable people and there isn't an element of cancerous, cultic nuttiness in the Middle East. I don't know if a majority supports terrorism though (maybe in some select countries)…but I am certainly not saying that it isn't supported at all….it is.

    A large chunk of the Muslim world is ignorant and uneducated. They live in the desert and they aren't allowed to masterbate…that would piss anyone off. They are taught from birth that America is the great satan. When they actually encounter America (in whatever form) let's try not to be completely amoral and evil, watching reality television while our government nukes innocent people to “protect” us from our fears.

  • thinker1

    BS77 – BECAUSE – Bama can't admit we are at war with muslim jihadists!!!
    Primo, he would have to do “something” – and has no idea what, secundo, he said on many occasions he's a muslim…
    Situation is worse than bad and gets very, very eery (even: steevee);)

  • thinker1

    Yes, Robert – socialists hate facts!
    One more pearl from their sacred cow (pun intended):

    “Hillary Clinton was initially pleased when her New Hampshire campaign chairman, Billy Shaheen, mentioned Obama's previous use of drugs (page 161):

    “Hillary's reaction to Shaheen's remarks was, 'Good for him!' Followed by 'Let's push it out.' Her aides violently disagreed, seeing what Shaheen had said as a PR disaster. Grudgingly, Clinton acquiesced to disowning Shaheen's comments. But she wasn't going to cut him loose. Why should Billy have to fall on his sword for invoking something that had been fair game in every recent election?”

  • thinker1

    Great job, Robert.
    With my own eyes and ears I've seen/heard Bama told Charlie Gibson: “My muslim faith”. And “the grrrreat one” did not retract it.
    Then, that video has become available, confirming it.

    Again, those educated beyond their intelligence cannot comprehend/accept it.


  • AntiBubba

    Speaking of Bat-Shit-Crazy. You must have a real in on that site. You the prez?

    Obama is very much like a Manchurian candidate. A Saudi paid for his education. Nancy Pelosi made a statement regarding Obama's promises during the campaigning something like, “Yeah, well, he said a lot of things during the campaign…” What exactly does that mean? Does it mean that Obama “misspoke?” Maybe he didn't have permission to say that? Or like some people I've encountered, their mouth gets ahead of their brain? Maybe Obama gets to live the life, but not call the shots? From what I've been seeing there is a lot telling me that Obama is more of a figurehead president and that the party elites are running him. He seems to run into trouble when he actually starts believing that he's the president. Why all the lag time between an event and Obama's “official” reaction to it. I think they are just sitting around deciding what he should say, and then it usually comes out as political doublespeak which says and means nothing.

    Bubba, you are the biggest fool on this web site, by far. You seem to think that the debate is really about whether or not individual Muslims are terrorists or not. And what if we kill some that are not. Well, I guess we need even “smarter” bombs that would know that. The problem is Islam. That some misinterpret the Koran and as a result are moderates is great but it only says that they don't read Arabic, or maybe their parents were “secular Muslims. It's a little bit like a German who didn't read “Mein Kampf” saying that Hitler didn't really want to do what he is accused of doing. It doesn't matter that most German's were not Nazi's. The German's that didn't agree and who were vocal about it didn't last long. The Nazis took them out right away. BUT, most Germans just went along with it because Hitler was elevated to the “Head of their Nazi Religion.” People looked up to him almost like a god. He was going to lead them into their glorious future. They were forced to put their reservations out of their conscious mind much the same way Muslims re forced to put their common sense aside for the sake of “Submission.”

    While people like you are dinkering around with reality and tweeking it to fit your world view the jihadists are not slowed down by such stuff. They know they are at war and they love people like you and they are laughing their heads off. They studied our fiasco in Viet Nam and know that it was the left who helped us become losers and they are depending on the same types of people to help them win this war against us. I know this for a fact. I can't figure out how the lefties can run around with a big smile on their lips and a big “L” on their foreheads. But, nonetheless, they do.

    I consider people like you to be traitors. You can argue all you want about Islam, the koran, the rightness or wrongness of any action we take but you have to pull your head out of your butt occasionally and look around at the big picture. The big picture is that they started this 1700 years ago. No one alive today is “at fault” for what they are doing probably not even themselves. I think we can blame Muhammed for all of this. They are brainwashed into thinking that they are not allowed to think. Only RELIGIOUS “experts” can tell them what to do. They don't even consider themselves as individuals. They see themselves as just a cog in the big Islamic machine. We did not do this to them. We did not brainwash them.

    If you really think about it. The entire problem in the middle east is Islam. Maybe we should demand that they let other religions compete for adherents. At least they would have to think about the differences between the philosophy of death, hate and sex and the philosophy of love, life and forgiveness. Those concepts are not even available to them.

    Really, I would love to hear you finally say something intelligent instead of just spouting off the “party line.” You're like a robot who can repeat everything you hear but there is no brain in there sorting out all that information.

    One thing you are good for; you make it so clear what thinking intelligent people are fighting against. You are like the Muslims in a lot of ways. They don't think because they are only following orders from above and you don't think because you are only following orders from above.

    AND BTW: When Pelosi says she wants all this “debate” about health care behind closed doors what she really means is that she wants to plot behind closed doors. Healthy debate happens out in the open. Plots take place “behind closed doors.” The entire democratic party is the party of doublespeak, period. They call limiting conservative radio “The Fairness Doctrine.” What is fair about forcing people to listen to something they don't want to hear? What's fair about forcing business owners to comply with this government edict? What they think is that they can remake America if only they can control what we hear they will control what we think. Is this how you really want to live? I'm already starting to think abut what you'll say to that.

    Never mind. You won't listen anyway. You are such a jerk.

  • AntiBubba

    I vote for Mecca and Medina. : )

  • davarino

    North Korea is not that stupid. They are not fighting a religious war like the muslims, who dont care if they die.

    Logic escapes you, doesnt it bubba?

    You may respond to me without quoting every friggin thing I said. I know what I said. I just have to look above, unless you just like wasting the space, jeez.

  • bubba4

    “Obama is very much like a Manchurian candidate….I think they are just sitting around deciding what he should say, and then it usually comes out as political doublespeak which says and means nothing.”

    While you are free to your opinions and conclusions, that's just looney. You believe it already, so now you're interpreting simple events to fit. And, if you are going to have someone controlling Obama, just go for broke and make it the Masons or aliens or something.

    “You seem to think that the debate is really about whether or not individual Muslims are terrorists or not.”

    And you go on to compare Muslims to Nazis because they “submit” to their religion. Germany was a country. It made a huge army and tried to take over the world by force. We knew where to bomb. Did I mention it was a country…
    “Islam” means “submission to God's will” which is a theme shared by most monotheistic religions…like Christianity and the other Abrahamic religions.

    “While people like you are dinkering around with reality and tweeking it to fit your world view the jihadists are not slowed down by such stuff.”

    I'm “dinkering” with reality? LOL.

    “They studied our fiasco in Viet Nam and know that it was the left who helped us become losers and they are depending on the same types of people to help them win this war against us.”

    of course “the left”…that dependable old punching bag. We dropped almost a ton of ordinance PER PERSON onto Vietnam and killed millions of Vietnamese all to “contain” Communism. After 15 years and almost 60,000 American soldiers dead, you honestly think that anti-war protesters prevented us from “winning”? You've been reading too much FPM.

    “I consider people like you to be traitors. You can argue all you want about Islam, the koran, the rightness or wrongness of any action…”

    Why, because I made fun of you? Grow up. Oh no a new name “anti-bubba”. Are you a preteen? Just post under the name you usually use to troll around posting your links. No one cares.

    “The big picture is that they started this 1700 years ago…..”


    “Really, I would love to hear you finally say something intelligent instead of just spouting off the “party line.””

    Yeah…everyone but you is a mindless zombie under the control of one power or another. Sure, you're head is full of wild conspiracy theories…and yeah, maybe your facts are a little shaky but you clearly think for yourself. Here I am getting my daily e-mail instructions from Pelosi's office and hoping I won't run up against a real patriot who can see into the heart of things…and alas you had the courage to call me out. Pelosi has had me watching you and keeping tabs on FPM because your ideas so threaten the Global Conspiracy of Your Worst Fears…that Pelosi, Obama and Lord Xenu are deciding whether or not you are too dangerous to be left alive.

    Pelosi HAS to conduct the health care debate in secret. Sure the whole country has been discussing and debating it for six months, but that is all a ruse. They fought against accusations of “Death Panels”…not because it was a ridiculous smear designed to scare old people, but because the Death Panels are just the tip of the iceberg. Obama is preparing a “Logan's Run” type Utopia where those over 50 are ritually zonked into their component molecules using special reactors they are already working on (to take care of the resistance first).

    “They call limiting conservative radio “The Fairness Doctrine.” What is fair about forcing people to listen to something they don't want to hear?”

    There has been no legislative call to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine or any other like rule since 2005. When it was originally abolished under Reagan, talk radio and television weren't 24/7 opinion/editorial talking heads. The rule only applied to those with licenses for public airwaves and just required :

    “The Fairness Doctrine had two basic elements: It required broadcasters to devote some of their airtime to discussing controversial matters of public interest, and to air contrasting views regarding those matters. Stations were given wide latitude as to how to provide contrasting views: It could be done through news segments, public affairs shows, or editorials. The doctrine did not require equal time for opposing views but required that contrasting viewpoints be presented”

    And it also said that if someone attacked you personally, then the station or channel that broadcast the attack (even just opinion) was obliged to notify you with a transcript and give you an opportunity to respond.

    So even if something like this comes back into play, Rush Limbaugh doesn't have to change a thing. However, he has gotten use to attacking people so often and so wildly, he's probably just afraid of the paperwork. Same with the likes of Hannity and Beck. The other, more destructive action of the Reagan Administration was the repeal of laws regarding media ownership. It used to beillegal for a single entity to own all the media outlets (television, newspaper, radio) in a given market or own the same media over too large an area. These laws were designed to prevent corporate or otherwise narrow interests from controlling the public debate.

    “Is this how you really want to live? I'm already starting to think abut what you'll say to that. Never mind. You won't listen anyway. You are such a jerk.”

    You seem really frustrated and a little paranoid and you'll always be this way if you listen to what Rush and these other guys say like it's gospel. You even talk the way they argue…like a child. Those assholes are robbing you simpletons of your peace of mind.

  • bubba4

    I kind of threw in the North Korea thing for some levity….but by all means make it the thrust of my post.

    I usually quote to address different ideas individually. Just look at the care and consideration I give your thoughts and the posts of even the most kooky adolescent troll…sorry it bugs you.

  • AntiBubba

    You really are the stupidest person writing on FPM. Yo answered in your predictably mundane and stupid way. Thank you for not letting me down. You are hopeless.

    A few misplaced facts, half a brain and you have Bubba.

  • AntiBubba

    YOU are the most kooky adolescent troll.

  • davarino

    You may have thrown in North Korea for levity, yet you still get my point. One is like the USSR, afraid of mutually assured destruction, the other isnt.

    I do get your point, that we have to be careful we dont get suckered into a war that a small group starts by blowing up a mall. But my point is that we need to see some help from these middle eastern nations. They dont just get a walk, and sit on the side lines watching as their little buddys beat the crap out of us while they funnel money to them.

  • Blake Fryar

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