The Saudi Pedophile Chronicles

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The Saudis really need to get an infomercial out there — and the Nation magazine and other leftist sites that apologize for Islamic gender apartheid can feature it on their webpages. It would go something like this:

A Saudi sheikh dressed slickly in Saudi garb would be sitting confidently in a chair, looking into the camera with an excited smile. He would then begin asking, with earnestness and an encouraging tone:

Are you a pedophile? Do you like underage girls? Would you like to rape one of them — or several? And get away with it? Even have it legally sanctioned? Then Saudi Arabia is for you.

The screen then shifts to a shopping mall filled with niqab-covered women (only the slit of the eyes showing) walking up and down in front of stores. It remains unclear what message this is supposed to denote, but the camera stays focused on these shrouded women for about ten seconds. Then a warning appears that all infidels who are interested must first convert to Islam. This is followed by a phone number appearing over a black background, indicating a contact person who can be reached. A voice then explains that this person lurks within the Saudi religious police and that he will connect interested parties to Saudi fathers intent on selling their underage girls into marriage — a standard practice in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi fathers, you see, they know what’s up: it’s better to sell one’s daughter at a very young age to get raped under the sanctioning of Islamic law than to risk her getting older and bringing shame to the family — which can happen in a million ways in Saudi Arabia (i.e., she might go outside without permission or attempt to run out of a burning building unveiled). This all gets too needlessly complicated — as you then have to kill her. So why go through all the trouble when you can make some cash while she’s young and get rid of the problem?

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  • davarino

    What a religion, where do I sign up? Maybe all the pedophiles in America will move to Saudi Arabia.

  • dhikerman

    Further proof that an addition of Muslims/ Islam to a nation is a subtraction in civilization.
    American Christian Infidel
    Michael Canzano

  • Ken Huffaker

    Robert, what you say is very true but: if one stops and thinks about this 'so called' power they have over the world, it is only a power that a person allows to be inflicted on ones self! If a persons own greed and lust for money is kept in check by ones morals, then they have zero power over a person outside their own demented country.
    If we hold to Judeo/Christian ethics, they have absolutely no power over us.
    It's sure something to think about….

  • cjk

    Listen people, If the most upright man in history (mo') can do a hairless 9 year old, why can't your average Joe do a peach fuzzy 12 year old?
    Now before anyone criticizes my nasty crudeness, and my words are indeed nasty and crude IMO, just remember that the reality in the Ummah is infinitely uglier.
    The realities in this world are stunning and sometimes I find that mere words can't express that reality but I try so forgive me.
    I know it's not the first time that I've written so vulgarly.

  • Guest

    If you want a 12-year old girl to rape with immunity, go to Saudi Arabia.
    If you want a 13-year old girl to rape with immunity, go to California. Roman Polanski handled that quite nicely and has not an insignificant number of supporters such as Natalie Portman, David Lynch, Harvey Weinstein, and others who call for his immediate release from the charges.
    By all means, let's protest the Saudi's in this regard. But let's not forget our record as well.

    • cjk

      Was that a joke? was that supposed to be a joke? Are you kidding?

  • Redgar

    Whats new this has been going on for years. The religion of peace affords all kinds of vices for the wealthy and those in power. But, if your a woman or one of the masses, you better walk the line. I still remember some of the stuff that rich Kuwaiti and Iraqui men wanted our men to transport and do after the first Iraq war. This is an evil evil religion which the world tolerates because of oil.

  • Noor

    first of all, if u wanna make Saudi reputation bad try to make with true information, second weather you are satisfied or not Islam will dominate the world this what prophet Muhammed peace be upon him said. finally teach your women who get laid every night and then u have the right to make fun of others.