When Sweden Surrendered

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Kent Ekeroth, the international secretary for the political party, Sweden Democrats (SD) and a candidate for the Swedish parliament in the elections in September 2010.

FP: Kent Ekeroth, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

I would like to talk to you today about the Islamization of Sweden.

Let’s begin by you telling us a bit about the political climate in your country. To what extent have political correctness and multiculturalism infiltrated the society and what destruction are they wreaking?

Ekeroth: Thanks Jamie.

We’ll a friend of mine once described Sweden as a “politically correct dictatorship,” which is a rather good description on how far things have gone in Sweden. I can give you a few examples of exactly how far we are talking about. Our prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, said the following soon after he was elected in 2006:

The core Swedish is only barbarism. The rest of the development has come from outside.

Mona Sahlin, now the party leader of the Social Democrats, which is the largest party in Sweden with about 35% of the votes, said in 2002:

“I think that what makes so many Swedes envious of immigrant groups is, you have a culture, an identity, a history, something that binds you. And what do we have? Mid-summers’ eve and such ridiculous things.”

The party leader of the Center Party, who is in the current government coalition, said the following:

“It is really not the Swedes that built Sweden. It was people that came from abroad.”

These three quotes are a pretty clear indicator that things have gone very wrong in Sweden. The Swedish media is censoring the fact that the perpetrators of violent crimes are foreigners. One example of this is when a major Swedish newspaper, Expressen, printed a picture of a criminal that they pixeled to avoid identification. Moreover, they whitened the pixels so that the readers would not see that he was a non-white.

Our courts have even started taking the cultures of perpetrators into account when sentencing. Recently a father got a lower sentence for beating his child with the motivation from the court that “the use of corporal punishment of children is accepted and allowed” in the home country of the father.

This list can be made very long.

FP: Tell us about your party. What efforts are being made to block you from getting into parliament?

Ekeroth: There are a lot of efforts to stop us.

First, the media tried silencing us before the 2006 elections. That didn’t work. Then they tried stigmatizing us by calling us racist and the like. That hasn’t really worked. Then they tried to convince people that we were incompetent or unreliable – and that still hasn’t worked. Now they are back to the strategy of trying to silence us. For instance, despite that we are in the polls above the threshold for getting into parliament, we are not invited to the TV-debates before the election. As a comparison, the Green Party, before their entry into the Swedish parliament, were allowed into the debates. But they treat us differently.

Furthermore, they try attacking the funding for our party, much like what happened to Vlaams Belang in Belgium, even though their situation is even worse. They have tried stopping the local organizations from funding the national party with funds by questioning if we are allowed to use local money for such purposes, even though the other parties have been doing so for a long time. They are now trying to stop our party bonds from being used. These rely purely on the aid of common people who support our cause.

Schools invite the other political parties to present their opinions but often stop us from coming, despite recent decision from the highest judicial office in Sweden that we cannot be left out. Again, the list of how the Swedish establishment is treating us very differently can be made very long.

FP: What political violence has there been in Sweden? Why is it often ignored by the establishment and media?

Ekeroth: We have been attacked with tear gas, baseball bats, knives, stones. Homes of representatives of our party members have been attacked; an axe in a door, smashed windows, threats sprayed on doors, their cars have been burned, bullying in the streets from gangs, usually left wing thugs, we have had glass bottles thrown at us and so on.

Once in a small city in the south of Sweden, a gang of left wing extremists attacked a meeting of ours, where our party secretary’s arm got hurt badly. The police, despite our calls for their presence, showed no interest in it. A commanding officer after the attack said that the investigation would not lead anywhere, “due to political pressure.”

FP: Can there be free and fair elections in Sweden?

Ekeroth: We have good reason to think that they might be free but not so fair. We use so-called “ballot papers” where each party has its own paper. And in the voting station these ballot papers are there for people to take, depending on who they want to vote for. The problem is that the people in the different voting stations around the country in many cases have “forgotten” to display my party’s election notes, or they are out them, or have them in a different room, or they put them in the back of the other ballot papers, thus trying to prevent people from actually being able to vote for us. This has been, and continues to be, a serious problem for us.

It is only our party that faces this kind of treatment due to the other political parties, who all think the same about immigration and multiculturalism.

Furthermore, just the fact that the different ballot papers are on display means that people who don’t bring their own ballot papers will reveal who they are voting for, which of course should be a secret. And due to medial pressure and stigmatization of our party, there might be people who want to vote for us who will not do so, since they don’t want their vote exposed if they vote for us.

FP: So to what extent has Sweden been Islamized?

Ekeroth: We have gotten the usual problems with crime rates skyrocketing, especially violent crimes, but in addition Swedish society has adapted to Muslims’ demands. Pork meat has been withdrawn from some schools in Sweden, the Muslim holiday Ramadan has been introduced in a school north of Stockholm, separate bath times for men and women are in effect in the southern city of Malmö due to Muslim demands.

Also in Malmö, the Social-Democratic mayor, issued a boycott against a tennis game between Sweden and Israel, to cater to his Muslim constituency – a clear indicator of an Islamized territory.

On or “national day” (equivalent of you Independence Day), instead of praising what made our society great, the politically correct forces made sure that Arab and Kurdish folk music was played. In another place, the “national day” arranged by the local municipality was held in mosque.

The police took a Swedish politician into questioning for displaying a historically correct painting of Muhammad with his 6-year old bride Aisha, thus limiting freedom of expression.

A few years ago, the leader for the largest Muslim organization in Sweden called for the introduction of Sharia-laws in Sweden. This was rejected by the Swedish society but just the fact that they go public with such a demand goes to show their increased confidence.

But of course, the worst part so far is the violence we see from the Muslim group; they are grossly over represented when it comes to violent crimes such as rape, assault and the like. People from the Middle East and Africa are, for instance, five times more likely to commit rape or assault than the rest of the population.

We have riots in Islamized territories such as Rinkeby close to Stockholm, where just a few days ago we could witness riots in the streets. Police were attacked by stones. Firefighters where stopped from stopping the arsons that the immigrant gangs had started etc.

In Rosengård in the southern city of Malmö, about 30-40% of the population are foreigners and a large part of this percentage are Muslim immigrants. We have similar areas in the second largest city of Gothenburg and all over the country.

This list can be made long if you like, but hopefully you get the gist of the situation here in Sweden.

FP: Yes, I think we get it. It’s not the most positive picture to see. Thank you Kent Ekeroth for joining us today and good luck in your fight against the surrender of your nation to Sharia.

  • posse101

    another day another story of the slow obliteration of Europe. boy are we/they in trouble. where's Reagan, Churchill and FDR when you need them? instead we have Hussein Obama at the helm. G-d help us.

  • bix

    There are so many errors in this piece that I don't even know where to begin. This interview is going to be remembered as one of the classics: The blind leading the blind. Has Glazov even been to Sweden? If I went to the US and interviewed Timothy McVeigh about the state of the nation, would you print that story as uncritically as you did with this one?

    • http://www.boxdocciaidromassaggio.net/docciaidromassaggio.html Angela Zavarov

      Yes i totally agreed with you a lot of people they speak only 'cause they want to speak even without really and deep the facts…

      • Rasmus

        Again: here, writing from Malmö Sweden: everything in the article is correct apart presumably from Aisha in the poster, who should be 9 and not 6 as stated (but to determine this for sure we would have to ask the people who made this poster).

        State what you assume is incorrect and I will provide you with the links!

        • Patrik

          I see no apparent factual errors, although most of the article panders to a conclusion probably already present in the mind of the main audience. No knowledge is added by way of argument. Presenting the facts in such a narrow context is disingenuous and by design conveys a incomplete picture. That the interviewer does not challenge any of the stated opinions but instead asks questions closely aligned with the anti-Islamism narrative says something about the integrity of the article. I have no knowledge of this publication but inferring from this article it has a clear agenda.

          Having said that, I do recognize the problems with Islamisation in Sweden (I am Swedish btw). Some values (quite a few) associated with Islamic society have no place in a modern democracy. Preventing the appearance of such values in our society should be a priority. This makes it clear that we have to understand what those values are and why they appear.

          The problem I have with SD, (not considering the potential harboring of racists, which is another debate) is that their arguments are narrow minded and inconsiderate. The following statement is a good example:

          "People from the Middle East and Africa are, for instance, five times more likely to commit rape or assault than the rest of the population."

          For arguments sake we assume that this is true but consider the wider statement that immigrants are 2.5 times more likely to be registered criminals than non-immigrants. We consider this wider fact since more data is available regarding this issue. No real studies have been made in Sweden looking at rape and immigration. One study from Norway is often cited but my argument also applies to this study.
          The "2.5 times more likely" data (and presumably also the statistic in the quote above) is taken from the report; Brå rapport 2005:17, Brottslighet bland personer födda i Sverige och i utlandet, Brottsförebyggande rådet, Stockholm 2005.
          In the same report it is stated that; people with only high-school education compared to people with at least 3 years further education are 5.7 times more likely to be registered criminals.

          This means that a much better predictor of criminal behavior is the level of education (this combined with other factors more prominent in the immigrant population might well explain the over representation in this group). To pretend that this statistic about immigrants says something about properties inherent to immigrants in general is thus misinformed or dishonest.

          A much more informative discussion would be about why the deciding factors for crime (such as education, income, hostile home environment) are more prominent (which I presume) in the immigrant population. Some might say that this in turn is inherent in immigrants from certain countries. I have seen no facts supporting this view. The error I think many make is formulating a hypothesis fitting the evidence and then confirming the hypothesis by pointing at the same kind of evidence.

          Now I realize that i have rambled enough. I hope the discussion can be held in a calm manner so that it can be productive. I see some other comments that are rather frightening. Cheers all.

          • Stuart Parsons

            Much of what Patrik says is very true. However, while we ponder and speculate Islam continues with its policy of world domination by whatever means is appropriate to the prevailing circumstance. The Qur'an (Allah) calls for jihad, e.g 9.5 and 9:29 and the supporting 3:85 and 61:9. Muslims are alao advised not to take non-Muslims for their friends, e.g 3:28. In addition Islam's so-called Prophet and Messenger (the example for all to follow) called for ongoing jihad until the religion is entirely for Allah alone.
            While we gather evidence to support theories, Islam is actively engaged in trying to bring about its domination of the world. One day, when we have gathered all the evidence to prove beyond any doubt what the aim of Islam is, we will wake up to find Islam has succeeded and we are the dhimmitude.
            Stuart Parsons

          • Patrik

            This is a weird argument to me. What is your suggestion, if any? To ban everyone we suspect of being muslim from interacting with the west?
            My suggestion is that we try to integrate the people coming to Sweden by showing them understanding and respect. In this way I believe that there can exist a group of moderate muslims subscribing to the main values of Swedish society. I have found no hard statistics regarding the opinions of muslims in Sweden since it is against Swedish law to keep records of religious views, but I believe that Swedish muslims are comparatively moderate. In the long term this is a strategy for combating Islamization in the world as a whole. We need a successful moderate group of muslims to lead the way for a generally more moderate Islam.

          • Cynical

            Perhaps, Patrik, your government should publish complete statistical breakdowns of criminal acts and criminals by type of crime, severity of crime, length of criminal record, race of criminals, race of victims, and educational and income levels of criminals. That would allow everyone to see what the true predictors of criminal behavior are.

            I suspect that if you called for such statistics to be collected and published, you would be branded "racist" just like the SD.

          • Patrik

            As I said, they have conducted studies of crime relating to these factors. These studies have shown that there are factors that are significantly more important. I believe this is the reason why no further investigation has been done. Effort is best spent investigating the underlying causes.

            The study I referred to is in fact pretty elaborate, it does concern severity of the crime committed and other factors. The study concludes that other factors than ethnicity are of greater importance.

            To call for further studies in light of this report might seem racist. It would show an unfounded desire on my part to investigate something without reasons proportional to its value. I might say that the reason for the investigation would be to get more information, information is always good. But It would be pretty transparent since if my concern was investigating crime as effectively as possible I would propose investigating one of the factors that have been shown to be more important.

            I don't think I would be called racist if I said that; "I think we should spend more money investigating the causes of crime, relating to the importance shown in previous studies.". But I think I would rightfully be called racist if I said; "I think we should spend more money studying how ethnicity influences crime since It will show that people of other ethnicity than my own have an inherently higher crime rate not depending on socioeconomic factors. Even though there are no studies in support of this view.". Which is what I believe SD are saying, some of them explicitly and some of them in a more round about way.

          • Martin

            "Even though there are no studies…"? One can tell that you have a swedish background. For some reason, it is considered perfectly OK to lie outright. The last study which accounted for specific ethnicity in connection with rape, conducted in the 80s, on rape showed an unbelievable overrepresentation of non-european immigrants. When it comes to such things as assault, the same is the case (but with even more recent studies).

            Why should someone ever be called a "racist" for discussing facts? If he is wrong, he is wrong, if he is right, he is right. Ad hominem is never OK. Of course, being from sweden as well, I know that this may be a foreign concept to my fellow country men, but still…

          • Patrik

            I'm sorry. What I should have said was; "Even though there are no studies of which I'm aware". Arguing that my statement was a lie based on that I am Swedish seems like ad hominem to me. :)

            If you let me take part of theses studies I promise to change my reasoning accordingly. For now I won't argue with the statement "an unbelievable overrepresentation" since this is a little too vague.

            Maybe I have been unclear, if so I apologize. What I mean is that based on the study I presented (which seems to be the study most frequently quoted) there is no reason to assume an inherent property in immigrants that make them prone to committing crime. This is the case since the overrepresentation is explained by the fact that socioeconomic status is a heavier deciding factor in crime statistics. (That immigrants in general have less income etc, I take to be established) The assumption that there is some inherent property in immigrants that make them prone to crime is therefore based on something else.

            I have talked to many proponents for SD and my impression is that they believe that there is something in "the nature of immigrants" from a certain part of the world (i.e. africa and muslim countries) that make them more prone to violent behavior. To quote a blog entry of the international secretary of SD (and the interview subject in this article):
            "If these culture enrichers [muslim immigrants in Rinkeby] choose to be "seen" by attacking the swedish society, by burning, breaking and assaulting [people], the problem hardly is that they are not "seen" but instead that their violent nature results in them behaving in this way because they haven't been "seen" (boho)."
            Source: http://kentekeroth.se/2010/06/09/valdsamheterna-i… (Translated by me, impartiality being my goal, which can be confirmed by Google translate)

            I have written too much again I think. Please respond and we can continue the discussion.

    • delbwato

      OK, so you're in the know, bix, let us know where the "blind" have led us.
      Do you deny the higher rate of Muslim criminality in Sweden?
      Would you feel safe anywhere at anytime in Malmo? Why or why not?
      Do you have a list of similarities between Tim McVeigh and Kent Ekeroth?

      I suspect you're more yapping than reasoning while informed.

    • Rasmus

      Apart from what I mentioned below (Aisha should be 9 in the poster) there is no error in this article,
      Please write exactly what you consider to be wrong and I'll supply you with links,

      Greetings from Malmö, Sweden

    • A. zarkov

      You have provided only insults and false analogies. Tell us exactly what the errors of fact are in the interview. I suspect you can't, and that's why we get insults and not facts.

    • Anders

      Well, I actually live in Sweden and I can confirm that every single thing described in the interview has indeed happened here whether you agree with this political view or not.

    • Christian

      How is that even remotely relevant?
      Kent Ekeroth is a representative of the fastest growing party in swedish politics and bound for a seat in the parliament.
      It has nothing to do with Timothy McVeigh.

    • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/davidrgarcia davidrgarcia

      You fail to point out even a single one of the "errors" you claim are in this piece. The reason why you do not know where to begin is quite likely that you do not have any arguments to begin with.

      And comparing a quite reasonable, moderately conservative politician to a mass murderer is ridiculous.

  • Rasmus

    I believe the poster for which the politician was arrested and now charged shows Mohammed with Aisha as a 9 year old when the 'marriage' was probably consummated.

  • USMCSniper

    Sweden has been importing hundreds of Africoon Muslims from Somali and Nigeria for decades. Don't they know what their doing to their country? Why don't they put their women and children first? Don't they worry about their crime, gang rapes, and african diseases infecting their country? Seems not?

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/aspacia aspacia

      Sniper, please lose the bigoted "Africoon" because you are alienating black bloggers.

      • USMCSniper

        Ahhhh.,… youse beex right, cause dey beez brothas un weez stans against dah honky crackas tahgetta eben when dey gang rapes da white womens. Yassah.

        • http://intensedebate.com/people/aspacia aspacia

          You damn fool! You are providing the left with ammunition to paint FPM and the Marines as racist..

          Do you know why the Black community is angry and are so much lighter than their African progenitors? Their women were gang or singularly raped by whites, who suffered no repercussions from the Jim Crow South

          You should be ashamed, but,similar to the Islamiscists, you believe in your self-righteous superiority and have no shame. Hubris will be your demise.,

          • USMCSniper

            Take your white guilt you learned in progressive public schools for the government trillions of dollars subsidized "privileged black racist community" in America and put it right where the sun doesn't shine. First of all, racism is about the dispensing and/or witholding of privileges and/or punishments based on a person's race. I guess that makes all you liberals blatant racists by definition. As for the Black Community, their anger is self imposed self hatred by race baiters like Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharton, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, and Louis Farrakan. Just as the ciolence of Jihadists is self imposed by their hatred and envy of Western Culture.

          • http://intensedebate.com/people/aspacia aspacia

            Sniper, you are not hearing white guilt, just anger at you stupidly playing into the liberal trap.

            I am well aware of the race baiters and their agenda, and you are dumb enough to provide ammunition that will paint all FP bloggers and the marines as racist. This ammunition will further their victim game card.

          • lovesjeeves

            While some of your "reasoning" is correct, I agree with "aspacia" that you lower the level of discourse and diminish anything of value you have to express intellectually, when you resort to the age old practice of bigotry yourself. Though in your mind, your points may have substance, when your heart is poisoned your enemies have already won and you demonstrate you are no better than they. "Aspacia" is correct that you are playing into a trap which apparently you are helping to build before falling into it….if in fact you actually believe what you write and are not a mere "plant "of the Left….The most enlightened thinking is derived by reason and a love and respect for the value of life which transcends all politics. I suspect you would actually have something interesting to express were you to eliminate the anger and hatred you've sadly cultivated along with your "thinking." I have no doubt, most FPM readers currently disassociate and condemn your thoughtless rants.

          • Ray

            You are right. Already the link between criticizing Islam and racism is made. Look up the article: "A. Sivanandan: Fighting anti-Muslim Racism" on loonwatche

    • ajnn

      USMC Sniper has made many similar comments which are an embarrassment to people genuinely concerned about these issues.

      Please do not judge us all (or even many of us) by such bigotry. To You USMC Sniper: the problem is Islam, not skin colot.

      • USMCSniper

        Ahhh… take a walk down in Southeast Washington DC or South Chicago about 2:00 in the morning and I ask yuou the next morning if it is about skin color — if you are still alive.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/JasonPappas JasonPappas

        SUMCSniper makes a great case for moderating comments. He's no doubt a troll trying to make this cite look kooky or vicious. I'm with you in condemning his comments.

        • USMCSniper

          As my dear father used to say, "I wouldn't give a damn for a man who stepped in it and would say it right out loud." This is what this is about.

          In Norway and Sweden, journalist Fjordman warns of a rape epidemic. Police Inspector Gunnar Larsen stated that the steady increase of rape-cases and the link to race are clear, unmistakable trends. Two out of every three persecutions for rape in Oslo are African Muslim immigrants and 80 percent of the victims are Norwegian women. In Sweden, according to translator for Jihad Watch, Ali Dashti, “Gang rapes, usually involving African Muslim immigrant males from and white native Swedish girls, have become the majority of rapes and commonplace.”

          And a dumb Greek like you is worried about me talking badly about these animals?

          • http://intensedebate.com/people/aspacia aspacia

            Previously, you targeted Black Americans who differ from Black Muslim immigrants. Be careful.

          • USMCSniper

            Ohh…. really? DOJ reported stats only! In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man. What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man.

          • http://intensedebate.com/people/aspacia aspacia

            Please provide the the DOJ link. I have been perusing DOJ and other .gov sites to no avail.

          • USMCSniper

            The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States
            By: Lawrence Auster
            FrontPageMagazine.com | Thursday, May 03, 2007

          • RVF

            This is your link. Table 42. Enjoy. Well, you will need to multiply percentages yourself. Hopefully you can manage it. http://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/content/pub/pdf/cvus0502

          • aspacia

            Thanks RVF. 8.6% white offenders and 30.1% black offenders.

            I am not looking to win; only to find valid facts.

            With regards,


          • http://intensedebate.com/people/aspacia aspacia

            Where do you find your information? David Duke.

            Here is a valid site: [PDF] Community Structure and Patterns in Criminal Homicide: Exploring …
            … total of 34.8% of Black victims and 34.7% of White and other race … 2 presents the
            logit model with an interaction term for Black and … robbery, burglary, rape, etc … http://www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/nij/grants/187353.pdf

          • USMCSniper

            David Duke is an uneducated hater nutcase and I read nothing he writes. I just point out facts to you and you seem to have a capacity for evasion that is almost infinitely elastic. Those stats have references that are abscure just on overall victims by race and the publication is written by Brian Wiersema at the University of Maryland where he has an far left agenda.

          • aspacia

            The DOJ statistics are not obscure. The article you provided is a reaction to the falsely accused Duke boys, which the ba$tard Sharpton and Jackson trumpeted and never apologized for promoting.

            Here is a valid .gov document for you to peruse: http://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/content/pub/pdf/hcrvp.pd

            Here is the site your source provided: http://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/

            I searched Victims and Offended 2005 and found zip.

            I Googled the document ZIP.

            And to add insult to injury, you source did not reference his article; something any first year undergrad would do.

            Your source is INVALID.

        • USMCSniper

          You prefer a forum like the Huffington Post where they discard posts that criticize their leftist world view

  • Seek

    It is time for the Swedes to rediscover the strength and courage of their Viking forebearers. Onward, Odin, Thor and Freya! Onward in the defense of your beloved homeland! Stand tall, and we in America shall stand with you.

    • USMCSniper

      Yes,,, and if you fall on the battlefield and die with sword in hand the Valkeries will escort you on white steeds to Valhallawhere you will sit at the great council fire with Odin and Thor!

  • Franklin

    "I think that what makes so many Swedes envious of immigrant groups is, you have a culture, an identity, a history, something that binds you." And that's the mentality of the leader of the Social Democrats, the largest party in Sweden.

    In other words, safe streets, clean lifestyles, peaceful existence, can be downright boring. Let's invite in other cultures, like some who gave the world slavery, women under black tarps, hatred of Judeo-Christian values, children as young warriors, and new breed of barbarians who take over streets and schools. Sweden will soon be on the same vacationer's visit list as the beaches of Alabama.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/aspacia aspacia

    Actually, Swedes do have a long history, longer than the USA. It is quite interesting.

    Hitler studied European education and its bent to pacifism hence, he knew he would not have much of a fight, especially in France, et. al. Islam is making a similar study of our left, and will and are using them against our freedoms because they fear war more than they love freedom

    • Viking

      This has been our land for a thousand years and we will never surrender it, our politicians may have become moneyhungry but come this fall the Sweden Democrats will finally enter the parliament – change is coming!

      Malmö, Sweden

  • Michael

    Further proof that "An addition of Muslims to a Nation is a subtraction in civilization."
    American Christian Infidel
    Michael Canzano

  • Stuart Parsons

    Islam is a far greater threat to world peace than fascism and communism ever were. The situation is made ten times worse by Western governments blinded by multiculturalism and political correctness. The so-called Religion of Peace is in reality the Religion of War, Lies, Taqiyya. Kitman and Intolerance.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/JasonPappas JasonPappas

      I couldn't agree more. Islam is the greatest threat … I'd say "potentially" because it doesn't yet have the technology that Nazis and Commies had. That seems to lull many people into letting the enemy in through the multi-cultural back door. Too many people remember the last few wars where large conventional armies were the problem. This is a more insidious threat.

    • Stuart Parsons

      Islam is achieving its aims by immigration, stealth jihad and birth rates.

  • David

    Sweden is culturally enriched today more than yesterday and tomorrow more than today. You see more burkas, hejabs, honor killings, hateful imams, bigger demonstrations (together with the Left) for Hamas and hezbollah, no-go areas and you enjoy enrichment. Sweden owes Arabs, Kurds and Somalis a lot for their inventions in the fields of space technology, medicine, IT, art and a lot more that I cannot remember.

    • akreynin

      Could you name me any inventions?

  • David


    Arabs, Kurds and Somalis have the biggest shares in crimes and honor killings in Denmark and Sweden. Sometimes I (with friends) use burka together with space technology as a matter of ridicule for backwardness of Islam and Islamic world. They have invented nothing but trouble and I use humor against these humorless people.

    • Cynical

      Sarcasm doesn't work on the Internet. It is nearly impossible to tell the difference between a sarcastic remark and a crazy true believer. This is doubly true of claims about Islamic contributions, which are now as rampant as Soviet propaganda about Russian contributions to the world during the Cold War.

      I made a sarcastic comment today. I bet I will find a reply taking it seriously.

  • Magnus

    I`m a swede on the conservative side of the political spectrum & doubt very much that Islam in its present form can coexist with western european democracy. But I have to say that the SD party is not the sort of political organisation (Their origins are without a doubt neo-nazi) i would like to see making political gains in my country.

    • My little pwny


      As fa as I know SD cleaned out those elements years ago.

    • http://www.frittforum.info/ Nyx

      Magnus, you are obviously brain washed by the dangerous totalitarian propaganda that goes on in your country, the most politically correct and supressed country in Europe.

      There's absolutely no basis for that totalitarian argument, that SD has anything to do with naziism. On the contrary. If anyone in sweeden is hard hit by fascism its the memebers of the SD party.

      Looking at the development in Sweden from a Norwegian perspective, the brain washing that goes on in your country by your government owned and government paid leftist media, really is frightening!

      Superficial Sweeden looks extraordinary well behaved, polite and cultivated. But that's the people. The political elite on the other hand, is part of a what is to be considered a called swedish model that could be considered a national corporate state dominated by organized interests groups.

      The violent leftist hate groups had the same functions for the governing swedish class, helping them with intimidating and terrorizing peacefull oposition, in part almost like the sturmabteilunge of Mr. Adolf Hitler.

      If anyone is the victiom of fascist violence in Sweden it's the members of SD. But the political class and its goverment media don't see it, or don't want to see it, or don't want the swedish people to see it. But the truth is so obvious! The members of SD is not using violence, they don not promote the use of violence, the don't promote killing anyone or even beating anyone. But the millitant and violent leftist hate groups on the other hand promotes exactly that. But the general swede is to brain washed to see it.

      And to see it goes against the agenda of the frivolous and irresponsible political elite of portraying SD as fascists to prevent SD from taking voters from the social democrats.

      And in that respect your media justifies and even supports the fascist violence that is really going on in your coutry – against members of SD! And in that respect your political elite does not defend your democracy! On the contrary they use the violence of the millitant leftist hate groups for all it's worth.

      What Sweden needs is a general popular revolution against the intellectually dishonest leftis media that has plague your country since the totalitarian radicalism of the sixties in stifeling public opinion.

      You are governed by a leftist elite that is not representativ of the generally all too polite and civilized swedish population.

      I'm not a supporter ot the SD. I'm a libertarian. But it's just dishonest to portray SD as fascist, and to condemn those exposed to fascist violence to be the fascists. It's orwellian! And I thin the propaganda and brainwashing in Sweeden is spooky and totalitarian.

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/cavatus Cavatus

    I have tried to describe the current situation here in Sweden in my blog. Here is my recent post:

  • satan

    if you are not european, you do not belong in europe. time for some ethnic cleansing.

  • SweViking

    Im born and raised in Sweden. I can tell you from first hand experience that what this politician says is 100% true!
    The left sided politicians are nothing else but traitors and wishes to surrender our nation to Islam.

    The main problem is that the government and media brainwashes the population into believing there is nothing wrong about Islam, that they are peaceful, respectful and full of harmony…what a joke!
    Many swedes fall for this crap and theres lots and lots of ethnic swedish citizens supporting Islam and aggresively attacks the counter jihad.

    …as you might have guessed, these brainwashed traitors are Lefties (as I call them), which means they are alligned with the left sided political parties, such as Socialdemoktraterna and Vänsterpartiet. Oh, and yes…most of them are communists and dream of a class ridden and socialist society.

    I know what the muslims are doing to Sweden, and do fear them, becouse they are trying to do the same to the rest of Europe, even America has started to show signs of early islamization since Barrack Obama won the election.

    Take up a stand before its too late, or you will join Swedens fate, and trust me…its not a pretty one

  • Viking

    It will have to be over our dead bodies, the swede is slow to anger, our vikingblood runs deep and cold. When our wrath awakens they will see who they messed with.

    Malmö, Sweden

  • NObama is GOOD bama

    I believe sooner or later one Euro-dhimmi country will break through, sit down and stop this insane game of izlamic musical chairs. When that happens, the rest will follow like dominos. Look at how the Belgian burka ban pushed France, Spain and even Italy (enforced in Novara) to take the plunge. The Swiss minaret ban and Geert's proposed ban on the koran are helping to force these issues to the forefront for all European nations.
    I am not convinced that Sweden is or will be on the forefront, with all due respect to you and Holger Danske, but I hope you're right.

  • NObama is GOOD bama

    what about La Lega Nord?