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Dr. Phyllis Chesler on the Lynching of Israel: “I Am One Jew Crying Out”

Posted By Jeanette Pryor On July 8, 2010 @ 11:00 am In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Feminist Hawk Phyllis Chesler pushed The New York Times up against the objective-journalism wall today in her piece, Is the New York Times on the White House Payroll? listing the manipulative attempts by the Keyboards at the Times to shame Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, out of defending his country, Chesler calls herself, “only one Jew crying out.”

Her plea reminds me of St. John the Baptist referring to himself as, “The voice of one crying in the desert. Vox Clamantis in Deserto.” The obvious difference is that the Baptist heralded the advent of the Light, not, as does Dr. Chesler’s warning, the reemergence of a terrible darkness.

“There is an avalanche of hatred bearing down on Israel. I fear it might be too late to stem this “blood-dimmed” tide and its fearful consequences. Now, the very existence of the only Jewish state is being used to justify attacks against Jews and Jewish holy sites all around the world, including within Israel itself. And, the entire world is, irrationally, heart-sickeningly, joining in the legal, cultural, military, propaganda, and economic lynching of Israel.”

If one presumes to characterize her anguish at the Times’s display of Anti-Semitism, it is perhaps stunned amazement at the blatant, brazen nature of this hatred of the Jewish People. The Times signals total absence of fear of reprisal, of consequence. Equally stupefying is the lack of resistance to the War on the Jews, an apathy, that is only rivaled by the apparent determination of the Left to be rid of Israel, once and for all.

In his memoir, The Secret War Against Hitler, Fabian von Schlabrendorff, a German philosopher who participated in the Von Stauffenberg attempt to assassinate Hitler, provides a lengthy analysis of the Nazi rise to power. Von Schlabrenberff speaks of the openness with which Hitler exposed his plans:

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