Helen Thomas Tells Jews to Go Back to Germany

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On January 27, 1998, Yehuda Bauer, Director of Research at Yad Vashem, concluded his Holocaust commemoration address at the Bundestag in Germany with the following:

“Thou shalt not be a perpetrator.”

“Thou shalt not be a victim.”

“And Thou shalt never, but never be a bystander.”

It is remarkable that Bauer saved the strongest admonition for bystanders.

On Friday May 27, at the White House Jewish Heritage Celebration, Helen Thomas, the “dean” of the White House Press Corps, answered a journalist’s request for an opinion on Israel:

“Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine. Remember, these people are occupied and it’s their land…not German and not Poland.”

“So, where should they go?”

“Go home. Poland, Germany.”

“So, you think the Jews should go back to Poland and Germany?”

“And America and everywhere else.”

Helen Thomas is a perpetrator.  Perpetrator, because the most important aspect of the War Against Israel is the war to erode American support for Israel, the war for public opinion.  As in Vietnam, the press in America will bring about the fall of Israel and the annihilation of her people long before and more surely than those seeking the physical destruction of the Gaza blockade.

In spite of this, Helen does not fully explain the “why” of the Holocaust.  Within hours of Thomas’ Reichstag-worthy revelation, the video evidence circled the globe.  It is safe to assume that the people who come in daily contact with Helen knew what she said.

These journalists and reporters, as every educated American, have seen pictures of the Holocaust; they have probably looked in horror at images of the selection at Auschwitz, the mass-shootings in Ukraine, the portraits of Eichmann and Mengele.  This contemplation probably led to self-reassuring oaths that, “Had I been there, I would have resisted.  I would have spoken out.  The Nazis were evil monsters. How could this have happened?”

Certainly, the White House Press Corps is full of those who have thus reacted to the Nazi Holocaust.  And yet, they will sit down to dinner with Helen Thomas.  They will continue to say, “Good Morning” to her and will treat her like an icon worthy of respect.  She will stoop in her throne in the Press Corps galley.  She will not be shunned in the halls of the White House, and senators and representatives will still curry her favor or, at the very worst, attribute her rant to notorious spunk.

This is why the Holocaust happened.  A dozen average men and women weighed their careers against the consequence of protest and permitted the penetration of respectable society by anti-Semitism. The looming destruction of Israel is not to be attributed to hate-filled sectarian ideologues like Thomas, but to the reporters and journalists who will avoid nasty personal consequences, and refuse to treat her with the utter contempt she merits.  If ever Eichmann and Mengele and Goebbels deserved to be shunned as enemies of civilization, then likewise, a woman pretending to exemplify investigative excellence while suppressing the truth of the Jews’ tri-millennial claim to a homeland in the Holy Land, ought to be ostracized by anyone with a conscience.

The path to the first Holocaust was that of politically justified anti-Semitism.  Hitler began his crusade against the Jews under the pretext that they had caused, through self-interest, the defeat of Germany in the First World War.  We, fleeing precipitously towards a Second “Final Solution,” witness a similar attempt to disguise racial hatred of the Jews as dissenting political opinion.  We hear words such as “occupation, apartheid, human rights violations,” only because they camouflage an embarrassing, crass hatred.  Penetration of respectable society by this “classy, political” anti-Semitism is the first step to genocide.

The choice to become a bystander faces each member of the White House Press Corps.  Together, they should demand Helen Thomas’ expulsion from their midst, if they wish to retain their integrity and honor.

Should authorities refuse, for the obvious reason that anti-Semitism has been given the green light (no pun intended) by the example of the administration, then it is the personal responsibility of each member to treat the “Queen” and her supporters as they claim they would have treated the last batch of selectors who favored deporting the Jews to their “homeland” in the ovens of Poland.

  • http://americafarm.wordpress.com Six Million Lies

    Just jump in the ocean and drown your Jewish selves. Sucks to be you!

    • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/jaythehistorian jaythehistorian

      You are a keyboard warrior. You would not make that comment to Jews in person because it would be the last utterance out of the sewer of between your nose and your chin.

    • akbar

      you are a hatefule racist- it really sucks to be you. Moron!

    • kafir4life

      Six Million Lies is Barrack Hussein Obama's screen name here on FPM. Be respectful.

      Oh…….I've fixed your charter for you.
      Israel will exist and will continue to exist.

      • William Smart

        Once you have to tell people that Israel has a future people are going to wonder whether you believe it yourself.

        • lovezion

          You are talking ambiguoously! Please define what your position is so we can answer and vote too. Thank you.

          • seels4truth

            william smart is an anti-semite. he has proven himself over many ignorant posts.

        • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/jaythehistorian jaythehistorian

          You should change your screen name to William the imbecile

    • wsk

      Racist a$$hole!

    • M Rob

      The Palestinians elected terrorists as their political representatives therefore they get whatever they deserve. Isreal has the right to defend herself and Helen Thomas is an ass.

  • david

    Look in the mirror before you accuse others of being perpetrators. As you quoted: "Thou shalt not be a perpetrator." What do you call it when you prevent critically sick people from crossing the checkpoint to get to a hospital? if this is not the act of a perpetrator I don't know what is. Why do you demand of people to be bystanders in this case? Sounds like double standard to me.

    I am not a Holocaust denier, so don't go there. I believe that the capacity to do good and evil is in each man. So may God help us to do good and to avoid evil. Just because evil was done to you in the past, does not mean that you lost the capacity to do evil yourself. That kind of thinking is that of a victim mentality. And as you said, "Though shalt not be a victim."

    • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

      "What do you call it when you prevent critically sick people from crossing the checkpoint to get to a hospital?"

      Do any "sick people" of the world have a right to enter another nation and seek medical help? Israel had left Gaza alone several years ago – except still providing them electricity and other utilities. It is grotesque for Israel to still keep an independent hostile foreign entity – her deadly enemy! – on Israel's pay role, yet Israel does it (for no reason).

      Not enough, Mr. Demagogue?

      • M Rob

        Amen Alexander! Why don't all those sick Arabs go next store to their Arab brothers the Egyptians – Oh I forgot because they won't let the terrorist in!

    • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/jaythehistorian jaythehistorian

      I will go there. Like other losers , you find it easier to blame your life of failures on the universal scapegoat : the Jews. You are full of shit. Israel has every right to live in Israel and the Fakestinians are trespassers. Go back to your trailer.

      • Sonne

        fakestinians? you mean the arabs and jews who already lived in the land now known as "Israel" before a bunch of Europeans started showing up and claiming the land as theirs because some collection of fiction writing from thousands of years ago says it is?

        • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

          Israel never existed? That's epic ignorance and/or denial.

        • To the ignorant

          Stupidity and ignorance in abundance!!!!!!!!!

          Every stone you turn in Israel, from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean sea, every archeological dig shows and prove jewish heritage and present of four thousand years at least.

          Just shot up the hole in you face and save some of your dignity, if you ever had any!

        • MixMike

          Learn your history before you start typing. Jews have continuously lived in Israel for thousands of years. Don't bother looking at the bible, just look at the archeological and historical facts. Subsequent, Jewish migration (primarily from Europe) was done through the LEGAL purchase of VACANT and TENANT-FREE land.

        • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/jaythehistorian jaythehistorian

          The Arabs never lived there until Little Britain allowed and encouraged them to trespass on the Jewish National Homeland. . It doesn't matter anyway what Jew haters like you say. My reply is 500 NUKES

    • Rob

      David, you can't choose to live in a siege against Israel and then complain when Israel refuses to give you medical treatment. I'm not accepting what you claim is even true. Even the wounded Lynch Boat rioters received hospital treatment in Israel.

      In the very beginning of this decades-long conflict, the Palestinians fled the area. They weren't stupid. They knew there was war brewing. Now all of a sudden, they're going to stay while rockets rain and IEDs destroy roads, and they expect medical treatment from their neighbor?

      Bull. They're the enemy.

    • whoever

      Dear David,
      do not be idealistic, in the realistic world that is a sigbn of neurosis.
      in a middle east of 21 century, where witness of female considered as half of a male, stonning, lying by high ranking goventmental authorities, supressive minorities and killing them ( not only christian, and jews, but shiites in suni neighbourhoods, and sunis in shiite neighbourhoods , and of course all other sects has been annhiliated and …) and the atrocities keeps going on and on and on …then you are concerned that do not let sicks to pass check points to receive treatments!!! while multiple times the suicical bombers have guised as patients…
      oh by the way i forgot , they call suicidal bombers , shahid ( myrtyr ) and encourgat every body to be shahid to have 72 virsigns in heaven, and these are not myths
      written in the Holly book, and is the goal of many youngs to follow..
      oh my god, they do not let sick to pass check points to get into the hospital…
      I know you call me a fascist, but to tell you the truth, i am physicians that compassionaately treat evey sects, and all human beings, but it happened that i escape from iran, and know many realities that is happening there

    • MixMike

      "What do you call it when you prevent critically sick people from crossing the checkpoint to get to a hospital?"

      Incorrect, Israel does not prevent critically sick people from crossing checkpoints. Israel maintains "a regular corridor for the transfer of medical patients out of Gaza, and about 200 medical staff members pass through the Erez Crossing terminal every month.“ Israel also permits foreign doctors (such as from Jordan) into Gaza. In 2009, over 10,000 patients went from Gaza to Israel to for medical care. There were over 300 emergency evacuations from Gaza for medical purposes.

      Ambulances are sometimes stopped and searched at Israeli checkpoints, due to the fact that they are used as by Palestinians to transport terrorists, weapons and bombs.

      Also, don't forget the amount of medical aid Israel provides. In 2009, 4,000+ tons of medical equipment and medicine were delivered to Gaza. In the first quarter of 2010, 150 trucks of medical supplies and equipment were sent to Gaza.

      Israel's medical organizations donate millions to treat Palestinians (Hadassah donated about $3 million in aid over the past several years). After the swine flu breakout, Israel delivered over 44,000 immunizations to Gaza.

      Interestingly, it is HAMAS that prevents Palestinians from seeking medical care in Israel. Hamas officials refuse to grant medical permits to Gaza patients and demand long lists of documentation to approve any release of patients.

      Bottom line, Israel tries to HELP Palestinians with medical needs whereas Hamas tries to EXPLOIT them.

  • Jim Johnson

    We complained about Helen Thomas and her left side only propaganda questions. All we got was a so what stare. Now we know so what.

    By the way maybe she has to still work because she doesn't have' long term care'

  • BS1977

    I don't think Helen Thomas knows what she thinks… She has been making irrational and hateful remarks for years…but now she needs to retire…..She evidently does not even know Palestine is the land of Israel. She probably doesn't know much of anything. What an appalling and ignorant person….hard to believe she thinks she is a "journalist"……Resign and retire!!

  • Mark Solomon

    How about the fact that Israel has OCCUPIED a land, imprisoned innocent people and is the only country where APARTHEID still exists. Yet when anyone speaks out on Israel you are called "anti-semetic". That is the problem with religious nations. Debate is out of the question and any opposition is deemed prejudice. Quite frankly I am fed up of israeli propoganda, and I myself am jewish. Treat Arabs with respect, give them freedom in gaza. You can't just march into a land and make it's people 2nd class citizens all because a completely different country commited terrible acts on your people. The Israelis have become exactly what we despise most,…he Nazi's. iI you cannot see the hypocrisy you are blind, ignorant or racist… Please tell me which one is it?

    • David

      You have a serious mental disorder and you need a treatment by Hamas or Hezbollah to understand Arab mentality.

    • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

      "Israel has OCCUPIED a land" – is ignorant lie. Israel's tenure on this land is the longest in the history (over 3000). Israel was occupied as a colonially oppressed nation. Zionism is a national liberation movement which delivered Jewish people from oppression – and this alone must make you, a "progressive", happy.

      "… imprisoned innocent people…" – an ignorant lie. Israel left Gaza alone several years ago.

      "… and I myself am jewish" – Jews acknowledge and respect Torah. You are a curse of our people, and a shame of your ancestry.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

      Hey mark! We're over here, that's a mirror you're talking to. If you can't see your hypocrisy turn on the light or wipe the mirror. If Israel was like the nazis, there wouldn't be any arabs (at least you got that part right) left west of the Jordan River by now.

    • Cuban Refugee

      You are a liar — you are not Jewish; if you were, you would know how to spell Semitic. If you really are a descendant of David, you are a self-hating Jew. In either case, you are ignorant of history, and a lost soul to be pitied.

    • bill morgenstein


      Have you ever bothered to read the Arab Press, what is taugh by the leaders and in the school of the Arab & Muslim nations? What so you say to the almost 900,000 Jews that were forced to leave (and leave all of their possessions) from Muslim lands? Go to arabnews.com and read their daily hateful rantings against Israel and Jews.

      If you really are Jewish what do you think will happen to you, your friends (including Christians, moderate Muslims & dissenters) if the radical Muslems took over?

      • Jim C.

        I don't mean to antagonize, here, but it seems to me what Mark is saying is met mostly with ad hominem because of the "default position" of FPM readers.

        In your response, you ask about the 900,000 displaced Jews. So my question is, what is your position on the displaced Native Americans? Is the outrage consistent?

        • bill morgenstein

          If you are asking if dsplacing Native Americans was wrong? Yes of course but you seem to be taking that out of context. Israel is an independent state which because of geoplitics, false propaganda and irrational Anti-Semitism is held to a higher standard than any country on earth. This is not to say that Israel is perfect or hasn't been at times unjust however until the world becomes rational they must fight for their very existance.. A little knowledge and fairness is in order which unfortunately may be too much too ask of the human species.

          • Jim C.

            Bill, response much appreciated. I agree 100% about the double standard. I do think Israel shoots itself in the foot a lot, though–diplomatically speaking. It seems like they can't win, either way.

            For me, when looking at the "anti-Israel" side, it seems hard to disentangle the real anti-semitism from the people who just don't think its founding was just. (A lot like views on race in our own country). I've come around to the pro-Israel side simply because I feel its founding was very much like the founding of any other country–bloody, complicated, dyfunctional AND righteous. Sometimes it seems that Israel has the misfortune of being a "western" country founded in modern times.

          • Rifleman

            Good observations, however, Israel does exist. The arabs will have to reform their culture to match Israel on the battlefield, and those unlikely changes would most likely lead to their acceptance of Israel instead.

    • Grace Austin

      Communism had its Gulags,
      Nazism had its Concentration Camps
      and now,
      Zionism has its Gaza Ghetto

      • gpcase

        The Soviet Gulags saw the murder of tens of millions of people, most of whom were political prisoners or were rounded up to meet Stalin's quotas. Ultimately, the purpose was world domination. The Nazi camps killed maybe 10 million people, 6 million of whom were Jews. Their murders were to cleanse the land to help bring forth a master race to rule the world.

        The so-called Gaza Ghetto is under blockade (not an occupation or even camps controlled by Israelis) because its being used as a staging area for war against Israel. Zionism was and remains an act of self-preservation, not as a vehicle to annihilate entire classes or races of people.

        If you wish to find a parallel to Zionism, it might be found in the North American Indian and Inuit movement to secure sovereign rights to ancestoral lands, the principal difference being that they are not under seige by their neighbors anymore. A parallel to Jihadism might be found in one of the examples you first used. The comparison to Nazism is obvious.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

        The gazan ghetto was created by the gazans, the 'refugee' camp slums were created and maintained by the arabs. Catchy slogans are no excuse to shut down your brain.

      • whoever

        Gaza?? you mean the suicidal bombes that their goal is to destory Israel
        this is an insult to all the freedom fighters that died in Gulags, adn all the intelectuals that perished in concentration camps
        the parallelism between Gulags, Concentration camps and Gaza is only in mind of a moslem/leftist/neurotic

      • MixMike

        How is Gaza a ghetto when Israel provides the equivalent of one-ton per resident in humanitarian aid? If only the Warsaw Jews were this fortunate!

    • Stephen_Brady

      And let me guess …

      You pronounce the word "Apartheid" as "Apart-Hate". Am I right?

      As for me, I am neither blind, ignorant, or a racist. I have a different opinion than yours. Do you understand this?

    • dave

      Then you must be a self hating Jew all over the middle east non muslims and women are treated assecound class citizens . In Israel the arabs are Dr lawyers and in all aspects of israel goverment. Israel left gaza for peace and all they got was war. I don't care about non Jews hating Jews but I can't stand self hating Jews, the arabs yotry to befriend will cut your throat to but your way to stupid to know that, how 6 million inncent Jews could be killed and you live is a mystry to me

    • seels4truth

      Who are you kidding? You choose a name that "sounds" Jewish and then spew forth garbage. Imprisoned? Innocent people? Apartheid? Everything you wrote reeks of willful ignorance. And you use the "if you don't agree it must be anti-semitic" (although you can't spell) preemptive defense of your stupid comments. The Arabs have ALWAYS sought to kill Jews and 1948 was not the start. There is no apartheid in Israel. There is NO Occupation! Gazan Arabs WANTED Hamas and therefore elected to support terror rather than peace. Mark Solomon fake Jew why don't you stay out of an argument you are ill equipped to win.

    • M Rob


      There is nothing worse than a self loathing Jew – that is how Obama got elected – by the likes of you!

    • To the ignorant

      You are not jewish but some kind of idiotic progressive and ignorant on top.

      I am so ashamed of you kind among us.

      What rock did you crawl from under to call Israeli Nazis you demented crazy sick man!!!!!!!

    • Mike Cary

      How about the fact that there are Arabs in the Knesset and can vote and run for office in Israel. How many Jews are in ANY Arab country living without fear? How many synagogues in any muslim country? islam is a cancer on the world.

    • lorluvbug

      Oh my,
      speaking of blindness…… WAKE UP!
      Treat Arabs with respect?
      The Hamas has been bombing and rocketing Isreal for the past straight eight years, and what have they done? pulled out of Gaza, but was that enough? Of couse not, Hamas will not be satisfied until the"wipe Israel off the map" do your home work, look up Hamas on youtube see the words of pure hatred from the horses mouth.
      Then let's see if you have the same opinion.

    • MixMike

      "How about the fact that Israel has OCCUPIED a land, imprisoned innocent people and is the only country where APARTHEID still exists."

      How is Israel practicing apartheid when Arabs are full and equal citizens under Israeli law, are the beneficiaries of certain affirmative action programs and economic investment, and enjoy more civil rights than in any Arab/Islamic country in the world?

      "That is the problem with religious nations. "

      No kidding, just look at Saudi Arabia, Iran or any other of the 50+ Islamic states. Good thing Israel is a SECULAR democracy.

      "Treat Arabs with respect, give them freedom in gaza."

      Israel completely withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and they were thanked with a constant reign of rocket fire into their homes and children playgrounds.

      "You can't just march into a land and make it's people 2nd class citizens all because a completely different country commited terrible acts on your people."

      You're right, that is why Jews legally purchased the land to build their state and give Israeli Arabs equal rights under the law.

      "The Israelis have become exactly what we despise most,…he Nazi's."

      That's odd, because it is HAMAS that promotes worldwide genocide of the Jews (and infidels, sorry any non-believer). And it is Islamic countries like Sudan that actively engage in genocide policies just like the Nazis. Face it, the Arab/Islamic nations are the only heirs of Nazism.

  • http://www.compellingconversations.com Eric Roth

    The Thomas affair – and the reluctance of so many mainstream journalists to condemn and explain why her comments are so profoundly ignorant and wrong – deserves reflection. This awkward explosion of open bigotry also illuminates two scary fashionable trends among American progressives.
    1. Taking the slogan – based on the "need" to relocate Jewish settlers from Palestine – of No Jews in Palestine quite literally.
    2. Believing that all of Israel is actually Palestine and supporting a Hamas agenda instead of a two-state solution.
    3. Knowing little about Israel, but "knowing" that Israel and Jews are to blame for the messed up Mideast.

    Unfortunately, this wrong, inaccurate, and dangerous beliefs are becoming mainstreamed each day. Let me give a simple example from West Los Angeles where a Jewish progressive candidate Marcy Winograd favors abolishing Israel, but will "accept" a two-state solution if that is what realism requires. Meanwhile, Winograd continually demonizes Israel and questions the loyalty and patriotism of Jewish liberal Congressal members who don't endorse her. It's spooky.. and this in Venice Beach, Torrance, and Los Angeles.

    May I suggest that the Thomas affair needs to become a "teachable" moment for American culture in the era of Obama?

    Beyond condemning Thomas, we need to explain that millions of Jews were born and raised in Israel, that our historic ties go back at least 3500 years, and a two-state solution is the only solution if you want peace. Unfortunately, too many progressives are embracing the "no Jews" in Palestine – and embracing a very broad definition of Palestine.

    • http://ziomania.com/ helen

      Quote [Beyond condemning Thomas, we need to explain that millions of Jews were born and raised in Israel, that our historic ties go back at least 3500 years] unquote
      You were born and raised in 'Israel' by putting your boots and that of the West on the neck of the Palestinians. They never invited you in… you forced youself in.

      Look in the mirror! Are you an Ethiopian Jew? What is your connection to Palestine except for religion?

      Look in the mirror! Are you a European Jew? What is your connection to Palestine except for religion?

      Look in the mirror! Are you a Yemen Jew? What is your connection to Palestine except for religion?

      What is the relation between the European Jew, the Ugandan Jew, the Yemeni Jew and Chinese Jew? Of course there is no relation? I do anyone to tell me that a Ugandan Jew is genetically related to an Ashkenazi Jew.

      Palestine was stolen. The entire Arab and Muslin people are aware of it. Now matter how you spin it, at the end of the day, the ago Jew goes to his ago neighborhood, and the Ethiopian Jew goes to his Ethiopian neighborhood. Where am I wrong?

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

        Hey helen, Jews bought the land, and were invited by the Ottomans to do so. The arabs themselves rejected the formation of a palestinian state, and the 'West' stood by and did nothing while the combined arab armies tried to annihilate Israel and her people four times in forty years. The question is, where were you right?

        • Jim C.

          If the Arabs really wanted a solution, instead of using the Jews as a catch-all scapegoat, they could get the Saudis or someone to buy out Israel at double the property values?

          The Israeli Jews could move here and settle in our less populated Western states, and provide us with some hard working, God fearing, highly educated immigrants.

          • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

            The Israelis aren't going to give up their ancestral homeland, the saudis might as well buy out the 'palis,' but they won't do that either. The only solutions acceptable to the arabs involve the destruction of Israel, and that's the problem. Israel has given up the Sinai, 98% of the West Bank, and Gaza, the arabs are unwilling to give up anything in dar al islam. The problem obviously isn't the Israelis, it's the arabs.

          • trickyblain

            I don't even think that the collective "royalties" want the destruction of Israel — that's fodder for the everyday Jihadist. Without those Jews causing all of that trouble in their world, who are they going to blame for the pathetic state of their societies?

          • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

            You've got a good point, but the mad mullahs do, and the arab royals that would stop them lack the power to do so. The royals could turn their local malcontents on the borders of dar al harb or subsidize their move to "settle" in the heart of dar al haarb, as some of them do already.

          • lovezion



  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    A fact that the colleagues-journalists are bystanders re. Helen Thomas' views is only a part of the grotesque, and not the most surprising one at that. After all, who expects courage or honesty from the modern days colleagues-"journalists"?..

    Nor would the Thomas' views be of a much concern were she an unaffiliated commentator.

    The real problem is that she is officially accredited to the White House. If a person with such views well match a job description at White House, it speaks volumes about her boss…

  • Ross

    She is a scary-looking old bat! I can just see her in Goebbels' Propaganda Office!

  • http://ziomania.com/ helen

    1. What has the holocaust got to do with the Arabs? If Germany did something wrong, let Germany partition its land for you.

    2. How did Ugandan Jews, Ethiopian Jews, Moroccan Jews, Chinese Jews; Nigerian Jews get to stampede towards Arab Palestine if your excuse is the holocaust?

    No! You stole Palestine because you could. It is not a right of return but a right of might. How does an Ashkenazi Jew or Uganda or Ethiopian Jew even believe that they have any other connection to Palestine besides religion? Look in the mirror. Look again. If you are an anglo Ashkenazi Jew, your resemblance is very European, if you are Ugandan, you do resemble African, if you a Chinese Jew, you do resemble Chinese. You get it? Your Zionism is nonsense and it would make sense only if you luck common sense and also vision.

    • donnamarie

      Why doesn't Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, etc. take in the wonderful peace loving Palestinians?

    • Wayne Hunnicutt

      Palestine, where? There has never been a state called palestine. The word was co-opted be arafat after the 1967 war. The word palestinian is a slang descripition of jews used by the romans after they conquered the phillistines. Jews have been there since at least 1300 BC, the first arab showed up in 638 AD, not as friends but as conquerers. These arabs on the west bank and gaza have no claim to the land and should be sent to jordan or syria.

    • Rifleman

      1) The mufti of Jerusalem sided with Germany, in case you really didn’t know. Did you ask what north korea had to do with the “Axis of Evil” as well?

      2) Commies have been dispossessing (steal everything they own) Jews as long as they’ve been around, and when Israel was reestablished most of dar al islam did the same and ran out most or all of the Jews they didn’t kill.

      The Jews couldn’t have bought or stole ‘pali’ land because Palestine never existed, it was Ottoman land, and the Jews bought most of it from them and later the Brits. In ’48 the arabs rejected the establishment of Palestine and Israel and proceeded directly to trial by combat to “destroy Israel and drive the Jews into the sea,” with the combined arab armies, “because they could.” The world said little and did nothing then or during the three subsequent attempts over the next three decades by the arabs to destroy Israel.

      You’ve got a lot of history to learn.

      • trickyblain

        —The world said little and did nothing then or during the three subsequent attempts over the next three decades by the arabs to destroy Israel. —

        Well, we did provide Israel some pretty helpful tools to decisively repel those attacks, as did some European countries…

        • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

          Yes, but not before '67. In the '67 war the IDF was still using WWII and Korean War American and British tanks against T-62s. They won by superior training and Western battle doctrine (which they advanced significantly themselves, and from which the US military has often adopted). By '73, with the help of Western armaments the Israelis had closed the technology gap, and by the time the arabs replace their losses after that Israel had nukes. Then the arabs (and after the shah fell, the Persians) switched mostly to 'stateless' proxy armies to continue their war against Israel.

          I was always under CentCom, whose AO was SW Asia to N. Africa, and was lucky enough to have access to a huge war college library of well sourced (a treasure trove in itself) and appendixed (yea, I know…) papers that would bore most people to death. Though they spanned every theater and went back as far as the Tripoli war, many of them were on the Israelis and arabs (and the US in Lebanon), and what we could learn from their experience. I wish I had taken notes or still had access to them, it’s hard to remember some of the details as the decades pass.

    • M Rob


      The muslims were in bed with the Nazis – get your head out of your ass and read your history.

    • guest


    • To the ignorant

      We sure collect today the most hatful, ignorant and anti Semitic crowd I have ever encountered on this site.

      Congratulation to you all!

      It sure feel like the 1930ies all over again!!!!!!

    • MixMike

      Helen, you make the mistake of assuming that Israel was created as a result of the Holocaust, whereas in reality Israel was created IN SPITE of the Holocaust. Zionism has its roots in the 19th century, well before the Holocaust occurred. That said, early Zionists certainly saw the writing on the wall…

    • Sunny


      You write non-sense. How do you think an Arab muslim, a south indian muslim, mohajirs, central asian muslim get together to form Pakistan.

      Oh yeah, jews of the middle east should live Islamic rule, in your noble opinion; Why the heck cant you go and settle down in pakistan or saudi arabia? There are about 50 muslim nations.

  • Kim Bruce

    Six million LIes is typical of the Historically ignorant and blindly Islamo-Nazi rhetoric being cast around campuses across the U.S. these days.
    What happens when older history texts are replaced by new "politically corrected" incorrect history texts?
    It's the equivalent of a "Biblioclast".
    Hitler is alive and well in the U.S.A and around the world, I am afraid.
    We are witnessing a modern day revival, a Fourth Reich.
    Helen Thomas should be scorned severely for her comments and she whould be totally ignored by everyone. Of course she won't because she is one of Obama's favorite "old-gals".

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

      What do you expect with people like bill ayers (who, along with bernadine was involved in organizing the Turkish flotillas) influencing text books? I used to have fun with lefty students when I was in school. But then, I started reading before I started school and found good books to read.

  • Kim Bruce

    Pardon the typos but I make a lot of them when I get ired.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

      I can relate, and my mind usually corrects typos as I read anyway. We're all human.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/aspacia aspacia

    AntiJewish lies are, sadly, alive and well. The land was purchased after centuries of Christian and Muslim persecution, ghettoization, expulsion, and massacres of Jews. They needed a homeland were they would be safe from the likes of the helen's and the holocaust deniers. BTW, Zionism started in the 1870's long before WWII.

  • Cuban Refugee

    Helen Thomas should have hung up her broom many years ago. Her presence in the front row of White House journalists is frightening to little children who happen to be watching TV with their parents, and her hateful words about Jews an insult to anyone except Obama and his band of anti-Semitic radicals. She should be given a much-postponed retirement kick out the door, and swiftly sent back to Lebanon, or to hell where she will fit in with others of her ilk.

    • NObama is GOOD bama

      BINGO !

  • Prof Ethan

    To Helen: there are Jews from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq and Iran in israel because they were FORCED out by the Arab/Muslim governments, and all their property was confiscated without compensation. Maybe all that property should be given to the Palestinians as compensation for their own losses in a war the Palestinians themselves started in Nov. 1947–but try to pry that Jewish property from local Muslim hands now! Nobody but nobody ever talks about this aspect of the situation–including at the UN.

    Originally there were almost 800,000 Jewish refugees from the Middle East; now they constitute about HALF the Israeli Jewish population. Your namesake thinks that all Israeli Jews are from Europe, when half are Middle Eastern in origin; she is obviously as ignorant as you.

    • To the ignorant

      Jews have been scattered all over the world for thousands of years.
      They have been exiled again and again and their property has been confiscated and their life taken for thousand of years.
      Nobody ever screamed about Jewish refugees or Jewish land, Israel, being occupied by the Romans, Muslims, Crusaders, Turks, Brits and more.
      Jews, their life, their possession, their land and their heritage is free for all and always will be.
      The dam Muslims build their Dome of the Rock Masque on top of the holiest place for the jewish people, The Temple Mount.
      Isn't it just funny!!!!!!! The place is called THE TEMPLE MOUNT!!!!!!!!
      Excuse me, whose temple are they taking about??????

      • MixMike

        Interestingly enough, Israel in an attempt to appease the Arabs, bar Jewish groups from praying on the Temple Mount and only allow Jews to ascend for certain hours on some days. This is the Temple Mount people, Jews holiest site!

        Israel bends over backwards to play nice with Arab/Islamic world and they only get hate and aggression in return.

  • Prof Ethan

    The difference, Helen, between ignorant you and your ignorant namesake is that your ignorant namesake is… "the Dean of the Washington press corps"!

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

      Lol, great posts.

      • Prof Ethan

        thanks R–the historical ignorance of some of people such as Helen (both Helens, unless they are one and the same) is appalling…


        Prof E

  • http://ziomania.com/ Helen

    I rest my case! There is not a single Jew on this planet that can convincingly refute my arguments. You shifted gear and now your argument is based on the fact that you bought land from absentee owners. You bought land because time was of the essence. You needed to gobble up Palestine before the Palestinian Arabs would manage to shake off their British colonizers and establish their defense systems. Your Zionism by any other name is colonization. You can claim ‘ancestral connection’ to Palestine until you foam in the mouth, but you would need to concede to the crucial question as to how you are related to the Ugandan Nigerian Jew? Your claim to Palestine is bogus! Herzl mentions again and again in his diaries that his enterprise depended on the guarantee of the west. He got it! The colonizing Ashkenazi Jews would have left their colony of Palestine a long time ago without the guarantee.

    The point is this: Arabs Jews had everything in common with their Arab brethren except for religion and nothing in common with the European Jews except for religion.

    • Stephen_Brady

      I'm not even Jewish and I can refute your views. It's called, "Reality on the ground." Israel is the reality on the ground, you can't change it, and that really galls you, doesn't it?

      To Everyone Else: You've got to click on helen's name, in order to get an idea of the hateful mindset she comes from. It would actually be funny if it wasn't so sad …

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

      Lol, don't bother helen with facts(especially you Prof Ethan), it's time for her declare victory and go home.

    • To the ignorant

      Helen, Why don't you just shut your stupid mouth!!!!!!

      It is obvious you have NO IDEA what you are taking about!!!!!!!!

      The jews had to buy back what has been theirs for thousand of years!!!!!!!!

      But then your little brain has limited capacity for absorbing information and history so it starts in the 1940ies.

      What a sad case you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MixMike

      "There is not a single Jew on this planet that can convincingly refute my arguments."

      You have to be fair, it's hard to refute an argument that doesn't make sense to begin with.

      "You shifted gear and now your argument is based on the fact that you bought land from absentee owners. "

      Bought VACANT and TENANT-FREE land from absentee owners.

      The point is this: Israel did not "steal" land from the Arabs. Jews were willing to have a state where only the Jewish majorities lived but the Arabs rejected it. Israel has tried to make peace with the Arabs for the past 60+ years only to be met with more Arab aggression and xenophobia.

  • Mark

    MSNBC's Morning Joe just chalking up Helen's comments to old age and people should give her a pass. Pretty shocking attitude, but considering the source I guess not. Mika's father follows in Jimmy Carter's anti-semitetic self rightous way, even saying that if Isreal had to fly over Iraqi airspace to attack Iran's nuclear program, the US should shoot them down. The progressives should be ashamed of the treatment our gov't gives Isreal, but they continously shun our only ally in the region. If we had a flotilla of Al Quda coming to our shore whose purpose was our destruction, what would we do?

  • Prof Ethan

    Helen, lots of that land was bought from Arab small-holders, not from absentee landowners. Your ignorance is showing. Again.

    Nor can you deal with the fact that half the current Israeli Jewish population has ALWAYS lived in the Middle East, never in Europe, and that they are refugees from Muslim/Arab persecution. In fact what occurred in 1947 and after the partition of the Palestine Mandate is what occurred when and after India in 1947 was partitioned too: an exchange of populations, except in the India case it was 14 million people who were displaced and 1 million of them were killed. There's been an exchange of population. Tragic–on both sides–but that was the story. Only vicious and hysterical Arab and Muslim anti-semitism keeps this issue going.

    And ignorant people such as yourself and Helen Thomas.

    • Scotland

      Thank-you for articulating the truth! I agree with you and I support Israel.

  • USMCSniper

    "If she (Helen Thomas) had asked all blacks to go back to Africa, what would the White House Correspondents Association's position be as to whether she deserved White House press room credentials – much less a privileged honorary seat?” wrote Lani Davis, referring to Thomas' seat in the middle of the front row at the White House briefing room. She has to go right now.

    • lovezion


  • Andres de Alamaya

    Maybe the Helen who comments here is actually Helen Thomas. Until Thomas' idiotic comment, I didn't realize the old pile of wrinkles was still alive. But folks shouldn't be too hard on her. Senility and/or Alzheimer's plays terrible tricks on the mind. It really becomes a bore to read arguments about Israel's right or lack of right to exist. What right have Americans to be in the lands of the proud aboriginals who might have wiped each other out in their endless tribal wars if the big bad Europeans hadn't found the Americas? I think I read somewhere that a law is being written to forbid the showing on TV or to have reproduction on the web or in newspapers people as incredibly ugly as Thomas. It's visual pollution.

  • Lorenzo

    Helen Thomas was only acting as a mouth piece for Obama. Time to aim at impeaching this Chicago style politician.

  • BS1977

    I just read Helen Thomas was cancelled as a graduation speaker….her idiotic remarks and her hate speech have destroyed her credibility She is an embarrassment and likely will be eased out. She must be urged to resign and retire.

  • D. R. Stone

    Helen Thomas sounds like she is working for Hitler himself. It is a shame that this ancient woman who is supposed to be educated. Educated she is is sounds like she belongs to the K.K.K. How can she not have seen the evil in her own words, now talk about hate speach, if there were Academy Awards For hate Speach that she is a winner. She is so ignorant on why the Jews were kicked out of Isreal, where is she getting her info. It sounds like she has gone to too many white supremacist meetings. And after all that I wonder what she really thinks about Blacks. She needs to do her homework. If she read the Holy Bible she would see how far back that the Jews had such strong roots in Isreal. Just like Black Americans have roots to Africa.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/hopetotellyou hopetotellyou

    Helen Thomas is UGLY in any way possible.
    Inside and outside.

  • Cuban Refugee

    HELEN THOMAS RETIRING EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY … just announced by Hearst. Ding, dong, the witch is dead, which old witch, the wicked witch, ding, dong, the wicked witch is dead …

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

    I just heard the news: Helen Thomas is retiring.

    Doesn't it just break your heart? Actually, it shows how much trouble the DEMs are in with American Jews …

    • M Rob

      I would hope the Jew open their eyes and never vote for a DEM again – any Jew who votes for Dems deserves whatever they get.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

        It doesn't really make much sense for Jews to vote for the DEMs, does it?

  • http://www.palestineremembered.com Emman Chehade

    Helen, dearest Helen, I know that you are a Lebanese Christian whose ancestors fled the same Muzzie terror that threatens Israel but as the good dhimmi you are you parrot the Islamist line. Bravo. As a "Jordanian" or "Palestinian" (We all know the only qualiification for being a "Palestinian" is being an angry, jealous Muslim Arab from any Muslim Arab cesspool…in other words being "Palestinian" is a state of mind…) It is just fantastic that you have forgotten all the horrors inflicted on your ancestors in our great jihad against the "Zionist entity". I wish I could write more but I have to get ready for more dance practice for my new activist group "Pole Dancing for Palestine"…Rock the Casbah…

    • http://www.thepeacecycle.com Laura Abraham

      Hi Emman! How are you sister? I just got home from my daily Botox injection and I do have to let you in a little secret…that video which has everyone in a huff isn't dear Helen Thomas, it's me! I really try to keep these untouched photos under lock and key but sometimes they do get out there. Unless the camera lens is smeared with a jar of Vasoline and covered with yards of gauze that's how I look. Actually, Helen is actually quite a bit prettier than I am!

      • http://www.palestineremembered.com Emman Chehade

        Laura, sweetheart, how can you say that? You're as much a looker as Helen is! Don't be so hard on yourself. In fact if you weren't in Great Britian I would love to have you strut your stuff with us at "Pole Dancing for Palestine". If we could find a string bikini big enough to cover Jumaneh Imad Albarhi we could definitley find one for you. You'd look great in green, red, white, and black sequins. You'd drive the crowds mad, mad, mad…

        • http://www.thepeacecycle.com Laura Abraham

          Thanks so much Emman. I will definitely consider it. Maybe the "Palestinian" Authority could give me a couple of million dollars for a boob job and liposuction. I'll give Suha a call about it later. Love ya…

  • Julio

    Is it accurate to say "ovens of Poland" rather than "ovens in Poland?" Was not Poland a German-occupied nation then?

  • Sashland

    Critics of her critics should note:

    she did not say the Jews should leave palestine and go back to Israel.

    This means that she see all of Israel as part of "palestine" and that is why she is being called-out for genocidal comments.

  • Allan Birnbaum

    Its time Herst Publictions to put Helen Thomas into retirekment. She is losing it

    Allan Birnbum


    They had to run to Palestine that was the plan behind WWI and WWII. It was Wall St that planned and paid for that. There lies the blame.

  • Jim Johnson

    Why don't we chip in and give her a face lift or maybe a prefrontal lobotomy .

    Then she could be like the rest of the press corp ,too vacant to know Helen was never all there. Dean of the Press Corp? ABSOLUTELY NUTS

  • Ibrahim

    Where is the freedom of speech in the United States of America if Helen Thomas could not express her opinion on how to solve the crisis of human beings in Palestine? Deporting the Jews in Paletine back to Germaqny and Poland is a good solution is her opinion. Since 1945, the Jews have been the trouble makers in the middle east after they occupied the Arab land named Palestine.

    • MixMike

      "Where is the freedom of speech in the United States of America if Helen Thomas could not express her opinion on how to solve the crisis of human beings in Palestine?"

      Where is freedom of speech if we are not allowed to speak up and say how appalling Helen's ignorant comments were? I guess you just want the 1st Amendment to be one way street, huh?

      "Since 1945, the Jews have been the trouble makers in the middle east after they occupied the Arab land named Palestine."

      Yup, the middle east would be just Hunky Dory without Israel. Iran and Iraq would be best friends, Saudi Arabia wouldn't be exporting Wahabi ideology, The Armenians would be living happily next to the Turks, the Kurds wouldn't have to fear Iraq… need I continue?

  • jferryman

    It was easy to throw 89 year old Helen Thomas under the bus and appear to uphold the integrity of the WH Press Corpse.

    How many other crypto-anti-semites are left? If we don't stand with Israel, we are over, and should be

  • UnSurprised

    Why did Thomas think she could say these vile things (on video, to a rabbi!) and get away with it? Perhaps because she knows many agree with her?

  • http://ziomania.com/ Helen

    I honor you, I cherish you and I admire your courage!
    Now the truth-shredders are shredding the messenger since it is not easy to refute Helen Thomas’ excellent point. What Helen Thomas said can be summarized by just one word: DE-COLONIZE! The French colonizer and the English and other Anglo colonizers of the Arabs had been made to GO HOME but not the Anglo Jews! The reasons: The guarantee that was granted to them. Without the support of the West, this current Anglo colonizer of Palestine would have no other choice but TO GO HOME!

    • MixMike

      "What Helen Thomas said can be summarized by just one word: DE-COLONIZE! "

      I agree! We should decolonize the area, this way the Palestinians can "go home" to Jordan. As for the Jews, how do people decolonize their native land?

  • http://www.ziomania.com Helen

    [quote] "If she (Helen Thomas) had asked all blacks to go back to Africa, what would the White House Correspondents Association's position be…[unquote]

    No, no, no, my dear! You are confusing apples and oranges. The blacks were captured as slaves and taken to 'America' against their will. When it comes to Euro Jewry now occupying Arab Palestine, that is no different than the French, the English and other kinds of Anglo-European colonizers of Palestine. Palestine must be DECOLONIZED for peace.

    Pictures do not lies. Tell me if they do after checking out link below:

    • MixMike

      The only colonizers of "Palestine" are the Egyptians, Jordanians, Syrians and other Arabs that moved to the region to take advantage of the cultivation and high standard of living the Jews had created.

  • Ques

    You just have to read the minds through the writings…. which set is hateful!

  • MacCuish

    Helen Thomas is ugly! She is hateful and I can't stand her. Professor Ethan: I agree with you.

  • ktchnsnk

    just BEAUTIFUL !

    Now isn't there ANYBODY out there who could share a a couple of brewsksi with JIMMY CARTER and see what HE really thinks ?!!

  • itsme

    israel and jews have been around for 3400 years. before jesus before islam .
    if youwant to get down to it , islam is occuping medina and mecca and should leave and give it back to the jews..palestinians have been around since 1964 so they get jordon after all thats where they where invented.

    zionest headquarts has given me the go ahead to open a star bucks in mecca

  • itsme

    Since 1945, the Jews have been the trouble makers in the middle east after they occupied the Arab land named Palestine.

    no since the creation of islam is the problem , what you never read the koran ?
    cant you read how they slaughtered the innocents ? how they raped and killed through the world and still do today .
    save yourself convert to christianity..save your soul and your family .
    jesus died for you too.

    all you have to do is read ..i accept jesus. ..poof your one of us now : )) saved .