Is Our “Plan B” to Drown in the Ocean of Blood?

David Horowitz’s chapter Second Thoughts, in part 7 of Radical Son, chronicles his open embracing of conservatism after having lost his faith in Marxism.  Following the publication of his support for President Reagan’s stand against a Communist take-over of Nicaragua, he spoke as the “token conservative” at a rally on the campus of the University of California at Berkley.

“Twenty-five years ago I spoke here as one of the founders of the New Left …tonight I come before you as a man I used to tell myself I would never be; a supporter of President Reagan, a committed opponent of the Communist rule in Nicaragua.”

“I make no apologies for my present position.  It was what I thought was the humanity of the Marxist idea that made me what I was then; it is the inhumanity of what I have seen to be the Marxist reality that has made me what I am now. If my former comrades who support the Sandinista cause were to pause for a moment and then plunge their busy political minds in the human legacy of their activist pasts, they would instantly drown in an ocean of blood.”

I read this chapter tonight after returning from a rally for Kansas conservative candidate for Senate, Todd Tiahrt.  The guest speaker was the elegant first-lady of conservatism, Phyllis Schlafly.  Schlafly is a legend in the fight against the Left’s destruction of the family.  Her sister and brother-in-law spent their lives fighting the “human legacy” of Marxism.  Following the 1956 Hungarian Uprising, they founded the Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation in honor of, and following his escape from prison, in collaboration with one of the greatest heroes of the counter-revolution, the Roman Catholic prelate tortured and imprisoned by the Communists for not assisting in their gradual take-over of Hungary.

Listening to Phyllis and Todd speak of Obama’s successes in radically transforming America, hearing their plans for arresting the progress of our Larval Stalin and his minion Czars, and reflecting on Radica Son,  I could not help but ask, “What are we going to do if we can’t stop them?”  Over 65% of Americans didn’t want Obamarations, but we will probably be obliged to live under this redistributive healthcare system.  Even more Americans favored the Arizona Immigration law, and yesterday, a Leftist judge overturned the law because of her anti-American ideology.

If we are not able to elect strong enough conservatives,  what will undo the damage of the Democratic Politburo?  How far will we descend into actual Communist totalitarianism?

In his book, The Gulag Archipelago, Alexandre Solzhenhitsyn wrote of the Scarred Rabbits his countrymen became.  He described the midnight arrests during which family and neighbors sat in selfish, relieved silence while dissidents were taken away, never to be heard of again.  Before the Russians became scarred rabbits, they witnessed the same creeping measures by which the revolution is devouring our freedoms.

What are we going to do if we cannot rid ourselves of the Marxists and the trolls who will vote for anyone who will feed them?  Will future generations study the Iron Curtain around the United States and think of us as we once thought of the nations in the Soviet Bloc:

“Didn’t they see this coming?  Didn’t these people help bring down the Berlin Wall?  How could they slowly just surrender to the very enemy from which they fought to deliver the rest of mankind?”

This week, Oliver Stone spouted the Protocols of Zion and the nation yawned. Several News Real Bloggers posted their thoughts on the ominous significance of our national apathy.  The incident should have caused outrage – that a public figure can regurgitate Hitler and still have an employee willing to work for him, a production company willing to show his movies, or a grocer willing to sell him his lunch.

This is evidence that we are ripe for revolution.  You don’t need an army of revolutionaries to take over the United States, you need a handful of Marxists in power and 300 million bystanders willing to feed Joseph Goebbels.

So I return to what Horowitz dubbed the:

“human legacy of the activist, an ocean of blood,”

and ask, prematurely, what will be the alternative for those who resist the Revolution, other than inexorably accepting submersion in that ocean of Marxist-drawn blood?  When we realize we were wrong to think “it” can’t happen here, that it won’t get worse, will we simply pack our allotted six kilos and wait for the round-ups of academics, intellectuals, journalists, and disturbers of peace?

Americans are not the stuff of which scarred rabbits are made.  We, who helped free the world from the first wave of Communism, will not likely allow ourselves to fall victim to its global Islamic protégé,  and all indications are that our nation’s foray into collective utopianism will be of short duration.  We can cautiously hope that, after November, the Left will have nothing to show for its social experiment than having provoked a renewed commitment to the principles of Western civilization.

Still…it is never a bad idea to have a Plan B, preferably one that does not involve further proving the reality of Marxist inhumanity.

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