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Living Chamberlain’s Legacy: England Trades the Jews (Again) for Peace in our Time

Posted By Jeanette Pryor On July 6, 2010 @ 8:00 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Caroline Glick, Editor of the Jerusalem Post and Fellow at the Center for Security Policy, wrote this week of the startling outcome of a British trial involving Muslim vandalism of a munitions factory:

In Britain today, hating Israel has become a valid criminal defense. This week five criminal defendants charged with destroying property valued at some $285,000 at the EDO MBM arms factory in Brighton during a January 2009 break-in were found innocent of all charges. They were found innocent despite the fact that all five admitted to having committed the crime.

As the Guardianreported, the defendants boasted in online forums at the time of the incident that their crime was premeditated. It took place during the IDF’s campaign against Hamas in Gaza. Their declared aim was to, “smash up,” the factory. And they achieved their goal.

The jury found the five innocent because the jurors accepted as a valid defense the defendants’ claim that they vandalized the EDO MBM plant because they wanted to prevent Israel from carrying out war crimes in Gaza. EDO MBM does business with the IDF, therefore, the defendants claimed and the jury agreed, it deserved to be attacked.

This result is a perfect example of the lack of serious response to Islamic Terrorism that constitutes a deadly threat to Western Civilization.

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