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Mark LeVine Gives Helen Thomas A Facelift: She’s a Victim of the Israel Lobby!

Posted By Jeanette Pryor On June 15, 2010 @ 10:00 am In NewsReal Blog | 1 Comment

On May 10, 2010, David Horowitz asked Jumanah Imad Albahri, a member of the Muslim Student Association, a very simple question. Following his lecture given during Islamofascism Awareness Week at the University of California in San Diego, the Freedom Center’s director wanted to know if Jumanah shared Hezbollah’s dream of committing a second Holocaust.

In his article, “Yearning for a Holocaust“, NRB Editor, David Swindle outlined the incident and situated the significance of Jumanah’s public admission that she is in favor of the annihilation of the Jewish people:

“This is the reality of what we’re facing today. We are in a global struggle with Islamic Nazis who brazenly, openly advocate a second holocaust. We are at war with a totalitarian enemy that seeks world domination.”

The following week, Mr. Horowitz’s discussed Jumanah’s answer with Sean Hannity and UC Irvine professor, Mark LeVine. The latter is an open supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, claiming to have braved the bulldozers of “terrorists,” while teaching the Koran to brothers in the Middle-East. His most recent activities include defending the students arrested for repeatedly interrupting the Israeli Ambassador during a lecture given on the UC Irvine campus.

During what quickly degenerated into a juvenile rant on the part of Dr. LeVine, Hannity unsuccessfully attempted to focus the professor’s attention on Jumanah’s openly stated desire to see the Jews in Israel slaughtered. Given the professor’s animosity towards Israel and defense of the Islamists, no one will be surprised to learn that last week, LeVine rushed to Al Jazeera and published his defense of Helen Thomas, whose career in the White House Press Corps came to a merited abrupt end, following her own expressed wish to see Jews in Israel return to the warm embrace of their “homelands” in Poland and Germany.

Helen Thomas: A Cautionary Tale is LeVine’s warning of the long arm of the Israel Lobby, poised to strike at the slightest deviation from its well-entrenched agenda for Washington, the Mass Media, and, well, why not, the entire universe!!! Gleaned from LeVine’s ominous caveat, we find the following explanations of “What Helen Really Meant.”

“She seems to be confused…But what exactly did Thomas mean by “Palestine” and what era is she talking about?… Helen Thomas, it seems, had entered a time machine and was adopting the rhetoric of Palestinians circa the 1960s…Maybe, as so often happens in this age of constant in your face “citizen journalism,” someone with a camera caught her off guard, asked her a leading question…We will never know.”

Suggesting that a veteran journalist famous for asking potentially politically-suicidal questions of Presidents and their staff, said something other than what she meant, is quite an insult. LeVine, along with the entire Left, cannot afford to have the public believe that those who espouse the Arab cause against Israel actually mean it when they call for the destruction of the Jewish people and their state. It is too soon for them to be open and honest about their real goals.

There is still too much public sentiment in favor of Israel and mistrust of Islam here in America. Perhaps the cold-blooded murder of 3,000 people on national television and the reduction of national monuments and cultural centers to war-zones is still a bit of a public relations problem for those who wish to paint terrorists as victims. They will never be able to sell the “Islam Is the Religion of Peace” myth if known supporters of the “Palestinians” are so honest about the genocidal endgame they are all working for.

In order for the organized dissemination of anti-Semitism to succeed, the Leftists must disguise their hatred as something else. Helen Thomas must get a makeover and be presented as the victim of misunderstanding and the omni-present, all-powerful Israel Lobby.

Just as he camouflaged Jumanah’s statement to David Horwitz and defended the students who could not observe the most basic rules of civility towards a guest of the University, LeVine must buy more time to be able to reinvent American opinion of Islamic radicals.  Helen becomes the symbol of America’s willingness to sacrifice even free speech for the sake of Israel.  She is the example of what we will all suffer if we are not subservient to the Masters the Media and politicians fear, but do not have the courage to stand up to.

To do this, LeVine simply rewrites the “tragic” history of Helen Thomas and, instead of permitting her to be seen as the genocidal racist that she is, he warns us that we will join her in her tragic banishment, should we dare raise our voices against the masters of our de facto occupation, the forces of global, Jewish domination.

Mankind has already meandered down this conspiracy-paved path once before, and the road did indeed bring Jews to a homeland, of sorts, in Poland.

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