Radical Son Holds the Key to Naomi Klein’s Love of Hamas


The Amazon best-seller No Logo was penned, ironically, by anti-capitalist activist Naomi Klein. Asked during a Big Think interview why she became involved in politics, the Canadian journalist replied:

“There was a moment where I became involved in politics as a university student, and that was a very political school shooting. A man named Mark Lepine who had tried to get into this school but he hadn’t…decided it was because there was affirmative action for women, so he went into the engineering department and he separated the men from the women and said, ‘You’re all a bunch of f-ingfeminists,’ and killed 14 women…this was an amazing political awakening for a lot of women because the politics were just so clear, and we felt really vulnerable as women in universities at that point.”

It is disconcerting to find Ms. Klein, who traces her debut in politics to the slaughter of women, sitting on the Board of Advisors of Free Gaza, a pro-Hamas organization. Since the terrorist attempts to run the Israeli defense blockade, Klein has been vociferous in her condemnation of Israel – true to the self-hatred that prompted her previous declaration:

“Some Jews even think we get one get-away-with-genocide-free-card.”

Klein, an investigative journalist, cannot be ignorant of Hamas encouraged Honor Killings, imposition of Islamic burqa tent-wear, death-threats to women in the media who broadcast without hijab, and even the outlawing of women riding motorcycles ( greatly restricting independent transportation in the territory.)

Why would a self-proclaimed feminist align herself with Hamas’s mission to eradicate Israel, where women enjoy nearly total freedom, to replace it with a misogynist gulag defined by its physical and psychological dehumanization of women?

Klein’s apparent hypocrisy highlights a core element of Leftist behavior – the simultaneous embracing of persons and movements that appear, superficially, to be at utter variance with one another’s stated goals.

One might assert that Radical Son, the autobiographical account of Mr. Horowitz’s exodus from Marxism, chronicles his gradual comprehension of precisely this tendency.

Horowitz’s “moment of truth,” came when he witnessed that revolutionaries with whom he had spent his entire life fighting for oppressed individuals were totally devoid of concern for Betty Van Patter when she was killed by her employers, the Black Panthers.

This hypocrisy plunged Horowitz into questioning and eventually abandoning the principles of the Left. In a piercing observation, he gives the definitive reason for these double standards, selective rage, and apparent betrayal of causes:

“They (the Black Panthers) had been made the symbol of the Revolution. They could not be condemned without negative consequences for everything we stood for and had said.”

What does the Revolution stand for? The erosion and destruction of any social order based on natural law, objective truth, cohesive morality. This is the  true goal to which all secondary causes must be subordinated.

Naomi Klein embraced the cause of radical feminism because she saw it as a force that will transform the Western capitalist civilization she detests. And yet, when Radical Islam offered a more potent opportunity to undermine the societal structures and values she abhors, values found in Israel and America, then women in Gaza, like Betty Van Patter decades before, are quickly sacrificed.

Hamas-run Gaza is Klein’s “Black Panthers,” her symbolic embodiment of the Revolution.  Defending this symbol justifies the annihilation of Israel and the brutalization of the women she professed to have dedicated her own life for.

Mr. Horowitz labored his whole life to prove that the disloyalty exhibited by the Left was extraneous to Marxist Revolutionary principles, and was rather the fruit of personal corruption. Confronted with proof to the contrary, Horowitz’s desire to be intellectually honest led to his abandonment of his whole previous life, identity, and worldview.

Ms. Klein has spent time in Gaza, the West Bank and in the Arab territories. Perhaps she was treated to carefully controlled photo-ops of life in the “occupied territories,” not enough reality to bring her face to face with the real horror of what female life will be like in a Judenfrei “Palestinian” paradise.

If however, Naomi Klein knows the truth and still chooses to champion genocidal Hamas’s destruction of Israel, then she is simply part of that Revolutionary tradition of justifying evil, murder, slavery, and betrayal  in the creation of the promised, but never delivered Marxist collective utopia.