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Feminist Diversity Cop Wants More “Colored Women” in Vanity Fair

Posted By Jenn Q. Public On February 4, 2010 @ 6:51 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Vanity Fair’s annual Hollywood issue hit newsstands this week, and the full color glossy has  taken a decidedly monochromatic approach to highlighting Tinseltown’s up-and-comers. Naturally, the preponderance of slender, white women gracing the Vanity Fair cover is a big deal in the feminist blogosphere.

Fair enough. The Vanity Fair cover does resemble the MSNBC lineup.

But it’s hard to take criticism of the melanin-challenged magazine seriously when it comes from someone decrying the lack of “colored women” in the issue.  I kid you not, here’s what appeared in a post promoted to the front page of Feministing, one of the top “progressive” feminist blogs (emphasis mine):

We need to talk. I’m usually pretty excited for your new Hollywood issue ever [sic] year because the photo spread is as beautiful as the women. This year, however, I am less than pleased. First let me complain about the obvious, the lack of diversity. There is not a single colored women [sic] gracing your pages this year!

Here’s a screen capture in case the original post disappears down the memory hole:

The grammar is offensive enough, but colored women? Welcome to 2010.  Thanks, Feministing, for leading by example on the racial sensitivity front.  But it would appear that in this case, the diversity police acted stupidly.

From what I gather, the first step for Feministing editor Jessica Valenti should be to call Al Sharpton and ask his forgiveness.  After that, perhaps the Feministing gang can join Harry Reid for some sensitivity training down at the NBC cafeteria. I hear they’re serving something special in honor of Black History Month.

Remember, always force the Left to live up to its own book of rules. Saul Alinsky would be proud.


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