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Sarah Palin Refudiates the “Cackle of Rads” Who Hijacked Feminism

Posted By Jenn Q. Public On August 18, 2010 @ 9:00 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Sarah Palin and a Mama Ewok

In honor of the 90th anniversary of women’s suffrage, Sarah Palin coined a brilliant new phrase to describe the faux feminists who cling bitterly to their victimhood: “a cackle of rads.”  In a tweet that will have her detractors squawking for days, she wrote:

Who hijacked term:”feminist”?A cackle of rads who want 2 crucify other women w/whom they disagree on a singular issue; it’s ironic (& passé)

Sarah Palin knows just how to direct the leftist lemmings right off her chosen cliff.  Instead of focusing on defeating the seven candidates she endorsed today, the easily distracted Left took to Twitter, mocking Palin’s vocabulary and attempting to undermine her claim on the term “feminist.”  Score!

Palin followed up with a snarky Facebook response to the Mama Ewok video put out by EMILY’s List:

First, ladies, it’s hard to take a critic seriously when they lecture you wearing a bear suit. So, it’s difficult for me to drum up much outrage at this latest ad. But, really, lying about a sister while wearing an Ewok outfit is no way to honor our foremothers on the eve of the 90th anniversary of their victory. But, that aside, I’d love to know where you got those get-ups. Halloween is just around the corner, and Piper and Trig would look adorable as little grizzly bears.

Once again, Sarah Palin uses social media to refudiate the Left and influence the political landscape. What a fitting (and entertaining) way to celebrate the anniversary of women’s full participation in the electoral process.

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