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One of the unwritten laws of opinion journalism is to never kick a man when he’s dead, at least, not until an appreciable amount of time has passed. The question is whether this can or should hold true for those who make their living by doing precisely that. The death at the age of 87 of pseudo-historian Howard Zinn raises this issue all over again, since very few academics have made a better living defaming the dead, with everyone from Columbus to Ronald Reagan, and thousands in between, being accused by the jocular old harpy of any number of hideous crimes, not one of whom, needless to say, being alive to answer the charges. It is, of course, the job of the historian to examine the acts of the deceased; and some consider it an equal part of their profession to pass judgement upon them. In the case of Zinn, however, he passed judgment with such slothful ease, and such obvious sadistic pleasure in issuing his condemnations, that one cannot muster up much sympathy at the prospect of the man’s memory dying by his own sword.

There seems to be some awareness of this fact even among his many admirers in the media. The major outlets have proven surprisingly tardy to mark the man’s passing, as if they were at a loss to find a way to describe him and his work without arousing the ire of their readership. This shouldn’t come as much a surprise, since the entire industry of Zinn (and it is an industry) tends to do everything within its power to cover up the man’s anti-Americanism, authoritarianism, and his flagrant abuses of his ostensible profession. Any display of the deceased’s actual beliefs and accomplishments, they seem to fear, might expose the fact that the emperor wore no clothes.

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  • Philip Feeley

    I can safely ignore this site. Nothing but fawning to political conservative nutters.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Tar_n_Feathers Tar_n_Feathers

      Apparently not. I''ve become intrigued by the Zinn acolytes. I wasn't aware of the depth of worship this man created among the Left. But it's revealing and instructive to know it now.

    • glpage

      … or, you could come back, pay attention, and learn something.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/Tar_n_Feathers Tar_n_Feathers

        Angst AND condescension. Like I said, revealing and instructive.

  • VN Vet

    I would say that the boni fide nutters are those who can look at nearly 100 years of empirical history, where marxism was pitted against capitalism, that history without ambiguity demonstrating the abject failure of the marxist model practiced a hundred places around the globe, and still advocate that absymal system. One has to wonder if they enjoy seeing the suffering of human beings. They hate the United States simply because it's the most capitalist country in the world, the most powerful, the most wealthy (while also being the most benevolent), and the country that most serves to demonstrate the evil and vacuousness of marxism. It truly demonstrates the truth in that marxism is a nihilist religion to these miscreants. It must absolutely kill these people to know that America's poor are better off than many of the rest of the world's rich. It must kill them to know that millions of people the world over look to the United States for their hope.

  • VN Vet

    Because of the defect in their brains, they can never ever understand that the most important thing that can be bestowed on humans by government is liberty. Not taxes, not regulation, not welfare, not a right to an artificial outcome, but rather freedom of opportunity, LIBERTY. Marxism, because of it's intrinsic defects, kills incentive, creativity and hope. The only way marxism can "help" people is to confiscate the earnings of productive people and redistribute it to unproductive people. And as has been proven out over the last century, that in short time destroys the system and everyone ends up sharing equally in the misery. Except that is, for the elite in the pulitburo. In the last year two psychoanalysts have said that the left is insane, yes, we know who the nutters are.

    • we the people

      "Because of the defect in their brains, they can never ever understand that the most important thing that can be bestowed on humans by government is liberty."

      Sorry VN Vet, you have mis-understood both Locke and Jefferson (and in two days no one caught your oversight because they were too busy cheering you on). If you are counting on government to bestow Liberty on you, then you have become a statist yourself.

      Liberty is one of your UNALIENABLE rights, not something bestowed by a government , benevolent or otherwise. Look it up, second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence.

      If you do not understand the difference between a "bestowed" right and an "unalienable" right, you have no justification for accusing anyone else of having a "defect in their brains".

  • http://www.whodatsaint.com/ Who Dat Video Devotee

    Is it next Sunday yet? I’m ready to see my beloved Saints in the Superbowl.

  • marc

    As a former history teacher, I am ashamed that any legitimate historian gave credence to this man. I suggest we coin a new word for someone who accepts bizzare views of America. They are Zinnys.

  • marc