Andy McCarthy: Binyam Mohammed: Is That All There Is? – National Review Online

Binyam Mohammed is an al Qaeda terrorist who planned, with his would-be partner Jose Padilla the “Dirty Bomber” to carry out mass-murder attacks in U.S. cities as part of a 9/11 “second wave.” More here. Unlike Padilla, who was prosecuted on tangentially related terrorism charges and is now serving a lengthy albeit not lengthy enough sentence, Mohammed was released by the Obama administration, under great pressure from British authorities.Mohammed is a cause celebre in the U.K. — where he is living free and clear — because he made “torture” allegations against the CIA. Our military prosecutors wanted to try him for war crimes, but the Brits did not want a public trial — and neither, I imagine, did parts of our intelligence community — for fear that they'd be branded “torturers” in the press which, naturally, happened anyway. So we released him, and of course he has had the vigorous support of the ususal suspects in pursuing civil suits demanding that details of his “torture” be revealed.

via Binyam Mohammed: Is That All There Is? – Andy McCarthy – The Corner on National Review Online.

  • Proud Kufr

    When you say that it was pressure from the Brits on Obama that got him released I think it would be better to stress which particular Brits. We’re not all dhimmis you know.

    Personally I would have had you hand him over to the mafia to fit him for a rather heavy set of non floating footwear.

  • badaboo

    not to worry , after languishing on welfare , and "fattening up " as it were , and inspiring some more jihadis , little Binyam will no doubt , soon be off for "holiday " in sunny Afghanistan .

    ..but ya know , I hear it's "tricky journey " frought with " unseen dangers "…