Audi Green Police Ads Downright Offensive – Dakota Voice

I’m sure some idiot at Audi thought these “Green Police” commercials for the Super Bowl would be funny. I found them downright offensive and not the least bit funny.

In the collection of ads below, you see a guy at the store pick “plastic” when the checkout gal asks “paper or plastic” and the Green Police immediately arrest the earth-destroyer for his intended assault on Mother Gaia. (Didn’t these enviro-idiots come up with the plastic bags some 20 years ago to save the earth from all the trees being killed for paper bags?) You also have Green Police digging through people’s trash for batteries, and shining a searchlight into a guy’s kitchen for putting (or not putting–not being a green wacko, I’m not sure which is “proper”) something down his drain. And (oh my) we have evil maniacs being busted for using incandescent light bulbs, plastic water bottles, and having the water too warm in the hot tub. Of course at the end of the commercial, you have the greenie driving an eco-friendly car who is blessed by the Green Police High Priests.

If Audi really meant to point out the idiocy of the “green” movement and its very real threats to freedom…they failed to deliver anything which clues the viewer in to a message that “We think this is nuts.” The commercial is presented with too much seriousness to be taken any other way than as approval of such Gestapo tactics. But if Audi wants to appeal to the real environmental wacko out there, they definitely hit the mark with these commercials. The ending tag line is “Green has never felt so right.”

Perhaps even more offensive is the next commercial where you have real police sitting in their patrol car drinking coffee as the limp-wristed, shorts-wearing Green Police rides up on his little green thingy to harass the police for drinking from styrofoam cups.


  • Craig

    Are you kidding me? The ad was to show America that the TDI engine is the best clean burning engine you can get. America is slow to warming up to diesel and this is a great step by Audi to try to convince them that it is better for the environment than any regular gas burning engine. You missed the point!

  • Alex

    Offensive??? the ad is extremely sarcastic… its funny… it makes the point of the green idiocy and then… in the midst of all the caos… the clean diesel audi… BRILLIANT!
    It is FUNNY

  • Ster

    Just look at the author's picture. Bow tie and all… I am sure he finds almost nothing funny. He looks like the typical leftie who considers himself an intellectual and above the little people. How could they find this funny?

    Here's a tip… because it was. The only reason you find it offensive is because you see YOURSELF as one of the Green Police… and you were personally (in your opinion) mocked.

    Think about it… there's nothing I said that isn't true… right, Mr. Laksin?
    You cannot be mocked, because you are morally superior… right?

    Sorry for that LOL… I was just mocking your picture.

  • Ster

    Sorry, Mr. L.
    You may not be a leftie… but you are acting like one.
    See my sarcasm? Hmm? See it now?

    Thought not.

  • katie

    I think his response to the ad could be the funniest thing to come out of the Superbowl Ads!

  • Chris

    I found it not offensive, but scary. I do not know what point they were trying to make. From a marketing point of view, it was great. It was the best superbowl ad since Apples 1984. Showing us a glimpse of a facsist future (Hitler had "green police" as well), it shocks me that some WANT this future.

  • Al Gore

    Welcome to Al Gore's world.

  • Philip

    I think Jacob Laksin has completely missed the point and is taking the advert way too seriously.

  • Seek

    Is this the ad that copped that great Cheap Trick single from 1979, "Dream Police?" I can't get that song out of my head.

  • John

    Clean Diesel,YEH!!!! Love it. Should have showed more of the car. The Q3, A3 diesels are not even here yet. I waited for almost 2 yrs to get a clean diesel. G was to tall, Q waited too long, X was a perfect fit and timing.

  • VN Vet

    I don’t see how this AD can be taken any other way, but with the parody it was intended for, while at the same time hawking their vehicle as being in compliance notwithstanding the insanity of manmade GW.

  • Gwilwil

    I agree, it was scary but seems like most just want to be led to slaughter like sheep…."oh it was funny"…think again

  • Guy DeWhitney

    That ad is beyond offensive, right over into downrigth scary!!
    It reminds me of how the show Cops constantly portrays violations of the law by cops as a tactic to normalize civil rights violations. This ad just wants to make us all accept the new facist state. My answer? Hell No!