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Audi Green Police Ads Downright Offensive – Dakota Voice

Posted By Jacob Laksin On February 8, 2010 @ 11:56 am In Uncategorized | 13 Comments

I’m sure some idiot at Audi thought these “Green Police” commercials for the Super Bowl would be funny. I found them downright offensive and not the least bit funny.

In the collection of ads below, you see a guy at the store pick “plastic” when the checkout gal asks “paper or plastic” and the Green Police immediately arrest the earth-destroyer for his intended assault on Mother Gaia. (Didn’t these enviro-idiots come up with the plastic bags some 20 years ago to save the earth from all the trees being killed for paper bags?) You also have Green Police digging through people’s trash for batteries, and shining a searchlight into a guy’s kitchen for putting (or not putting–not being a green wacko, I’m not sure which is “proper”) something down his drain. And (oh my) we have evil maniacs being busted for using incandescent light bulbs, plastic water bottles, and having the water too warm in the hot tub. Of course at the end of the commercial, you have the greenie driving an eco-friendly car who is blessed by the Green Police High Priests.

If Audi really meant to point out the idiocy of the “green” movement and its very real threats to freedom…they failed to deliver anything which clues the viewer in to a message that “We think this is nuts.” The commercial is presented with too much seriousness to be taken any other way than as approval of such Gestapo tactics. But if Audi wants to appeal to the real environmental wacko out there, they definitely hit the mark with these commercials. The ending tag line is “Green has never felt so right.”

Perhaps even more offensive is the next commercial where you have real police sitting in their patrol car drinking coffee as the limp-wristed, shorts-wearing Green Police rides up on his little green thingy to harass the police for drinking from styrofoam cups.

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