Candace de Russy: Hate-America Sociology – Minding The Campus

Recently, a colleague forwarded to me a copy of an exam from an introductory sociology class found lying in a room at a public college in the east. It was graded 100%. The exam deserves to be quoted at length, as parts of it are virtually indistinguishable from the old Soviet agitprop of the Fifties:

Question: How does the United States “steal” the resources of other (third world) [sic] countries?

Answer: We steal through exploitation. Our multinationals are aware that indigenous people in developing nations have been coaxed off their plots and forced into slums. Because it is lucrative, our multinationals offer them extremely low wage labor (sic) that cannot be turned down.

Question: Why is the U.S. on shaky moral ground when it comes to preventing illegal immigration?

Answer: Some say that it is wrong of the United States to prevent illegal immigration because the same people we are denying entry to, (sic) we have exploited for the purpose of keeping the American wheel spinning.

Question: Why is it necessary to examine the theory of cumulative advantage when it comes to affirmative action?

Answer: Because it is unfair to discredit the many members of minority groups that have (sic) been offered more life chances through the program.

Question: What is the interactionist approach to gender?

Answer: The majority of multi-gender encounters are male-dominated. for (sic) example, while involved in conversation, the male is much more likely to interrupt. Most likely because the male believes the female’s expressed thoughts are inferior to his own.

Question: Please briefly explain the matrix of domination.

Answer: the (sic) belief that domination has more than one dimension. For example, Males (sic) are dominant over females, whites over blacks, and affluent over impoverished.

via Hate-America Sociology.

  • Robert Bernier

    Check your knoledge as to the popularity of the U.S.A. : Americans WAKE-UP

    Envy and hate to the US is part of a deep and sincere ideology.

    Be correctly informed :

  • Larry Hoffarth

    Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.

  • jezraelbeaty

    I am wont to wonder what these foolish people would do if their little ideologue of self-hatred would do it all went the way they purort it should. Who or what would protect their little bubble of unreality and prevent it from crashing down around their fat faces? I wonder whom they would call upon to preserve their ivory tower fantsy realms and put gas in their oh so trendy cars?
    Who would labor to ensure that they are fed enough to survive?