Dumping on the Tea Parties

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Even discounting the transparent biases of the Times’ sources, all of the charges leveled against Angle – from her alleged shambles of a campaign to her tendency to make alienating comments – can be directed with equal or greater justice at Harry Reid. It was only last week, for instance, that Reid professed his astonishment that “anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican,” a more than slightly offensive statement that would have come as a surprise to Hispanic Republicans like Brian Sandoval, who just happens to lead Reid’s son Rory in Nevada’s gubernatorial race. Even that was mild in comparison with Reid’s dubious 2007 insight, later proven embarrassingly premature, that the Iraq war was “lost.”

Yet comparing campaign minutia misses the more significant context in which the Nevada race is taking place – and which the Times seems determined to ignore. Political innocence may explain some of the difficulties of the Angle campaign, but it is no excuse for the four-term incumbent Reid. The mere fact that a Democratic veteran like Reid is tied or even trailing a political newcomer like Angle is a devastating indictment of both Reid himself and the national Democratic leadership in Congress, which on everything from health care reform to the $862 billion economic stimulus package presided over one of the most unpopular legislative programs in recent history. By any reasonable standard, it is Reid, not Angle, that is facing the real political crisis.

What Reid has going for him, of course, is that he is a Democrat. And in a year in which Democratic incumbents are an endangered species, the Times is plainly its doing part to keep the current liberal majority in power. Compare the sorry treatment that the Times’ Magazine accorded Angle’s campaign with its preposterously puffed-up profile just a few days later of Democrat Joe Sestak, who not coincidentally is trailing another Tea Party-connected candidate, Pat Toomey, in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

A conventional left-liberal, Sestak curiously emerges from the Times profile as a study in political independence – an ideological non-conformist who finds himself at odds with the Democratic leadership. “Culturally, he remains an alien to the party,” reporter Michael Sokolove writes. In truth, Sestak has departed from the Democratic agenda in only one way: He thinks that the Democrats have not squandered enough taxpayer money in the last two years, and urges them to spend another $200 billion for a new round of economic “stimulus.” The idea that Sestak is in any way “alien” to his party is absurd. He wants the Democrats not only to press on with their radical legislative agenda, but to make it even more ambitious going forward.

With the Times busily gushing over Sestak’s manufactured maverick-streak, it has been left to conservative bloggers to uncover the kind of incriminating details that the paper works overtime to uncover about Tea Party candidates. That includes examining his connections to radical groups like Citizens for Global Solutions and the Council on American-Islamic Relations. As far as the Times is concerned, however, such news is not fit to print.

More than an abdication of responsible journalism, the Times’ slavishly pro-Democratic election coverage is also a disservice to its readers. Bolstered by a popular backlash against the Democrats’ legislative overreach, Republicans that once would have been mere sacrificial lambs are now formidable challengers to Democratic incumbents in heavily Democratic states. The political tectonic plates are shifting. But if change does come to Washington this November, the Times’ readers will never have seen it coming.

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  • Philosopherking

    I think it is going to be tough for tparty people to win. I would suggest watering down the other side's enthusiasm by pointing out the rightward shift Reid and others have made. Their base will lose support for them.

  • therealend

    Let Harry Reid do all the worrying.

  • guest

    Look at:


    Be sure to look at the Archives

    Is this what some of the Reid supporters are
    planning? Are some of his supporters
    putting in a powder they call "Jock Strap"?

    Is their budget about $25,000 to allow sending
    20,000 Puffies to you, your offices, and the
    homes of your supporters?

  • JBBooks

    All the news that's fit to spin.

  • Lary9

    ~quoted~ "Polls actually show Angle in a statistical dead heat with the embattled Reid – some surveys even show Angle up by a few percentage points – but one would scarcely guess it from the Times’ coverage…"
    A statistical dead heat in a closing race is sometimes as much as a couple of %pts. After having checked my polls survey [about 75 major polls], I find that Angle is ahead in The Rasmussen Poll and I believe one more but trailing in ALL the others—true some are only a couple of %pts. With an error of plus/minus 4%, I guess that's a statistical dead heat. Amazingly, I'm defending the NYT. An unfamiliar role. The NYTimes' editorial cant is shifting. They're gettin' old….can't trust the liberal home team anymore….they're going rogue!

  • nojihad

    Sharon's got MY vote! She's FAR better looking than Babe Reid. Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

  • nojihad

    They say it's de rodent! Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

  • 080

    In calling the NY Times a "shameless shill" you misspelled shill.

  • Reason_For_Life

    This is a very good article about the Times' inability to be objective about anything.

    However, Angle will lose to Reid no matter what the Times says or does.

    Nevada is suffering a world of hurt and despite the fact that Democrats and Reid are primarily responsible for it Nevadans know that a rookie Senator in a Senate dominated by liberals and progressives will absolutely impotent. Angle doesn't even get respect from her own party. That's not a knock on Angle, that's a knock on Republicans who are the only invertebrates capable of speech.

    Nevadans will ultimately support Reid because they will be told, in no uncertain terms, that if Reid is not elected Nevada will be starved to death by those doling out Federal largess.

    Maybe Nevada will have the courage to dump that pathetic excuse for a majority leader and risk a very painful two years in the hope that Obama and company will be sent packing in 2012, but don't bet on it.

  • ivanvivian

    I placed New York Times sheets at the bootom of my cockatiel's cage. The next day she was dead, with a note on her chest, "Did you have to place this propganda poison in my cage? Now look what you've done!"

  • jacob

    Regardless of what this cesspool of a NY TIMES which many N.Yorkers hold more sacred than the Bible, DEMOCRAPS have shown to be good for nothing and people, NEVADANS INCLUDED, must be sick and tired already of their President's "CHANGE" nothing more than a jump off the frying pan and into the fire…

    The damage done to this country by liberal politics such as that even whoever didn't have a pot to piss in and a window to throw it from was entitled to have his own house is what brought about this economic debacle and what this present administration is doing
    will saddle this country with a debt to the 7th generation Americans…

    We have to bring back the MADE IN USA tag as it was before and the hell with free trade
    Reduce the imports from CHINA and, if the competence is disloyal, jack up the import tariffs.
    It is ridiculous that even our babies do not come any longere from Paris as we were lead
    to belive as children but now from BEIJING….

  • kafirman

    Unlike the sophomoric and shill rag NYT, this is an article by an adult and for adults. Good job Mr. Laksin.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    NYT lost me as a reader years ago, leftist politics at the NYT
    doomed them as a viable magazine and discredited its
    writers and management beyond repair. What's left for
    them to do but spin for Democrats, degrade good
    candidates and be the useless rag they are………..William

  • Jim Johnson

    The biggest party in Nevada is not the tea party. It is the "Anybody But Harry" party.

    He has been throwing up cut and past out of context sound bites. She has been showing the economic record of Nevada since Harry was leader of the senate.

    She needs more such ads but with in the kitchen table setting. She needs the kind of ads Dick Morris excels at.

    She could also show that all the phony shovel ready jobs are nothing but red traffic cones put up for show but with no one working.