Former Texas Rep. Charlie Wilson dies at 76 –

DALLAS — Charlie Wilson, the former congressman from Texas whose funding of Afghanistan's resistance to the Soviet Union was chronicled in the movie “Charlie Wilson's War,” died Wednesday. He was 76.Wilson died at Memorial Medical Center-Lufkin after he started having difficulty breathing while attending a meeting in the eastern Texas town where he lived, said hospital spokeswoman Yana Ogletree. Wilson was pronounced dead on arrival, and the preliminary cause of death was cardiopulmonary arrest, she said.Wilson represented the 2nd district in east Texas in the U.S. House from 1973 to 1996 and was known in Washington as “Good Time Charlie” for his reputation as a hard-drinking womanizer.Actor Tom Hanks portrayed Wilson in the 2007 movie about Wilson's efforts to arm Afghani mujahedeen during Afghanistan's war against the Soviet Union in the 1980s. Wilson, a member of the House Appropriations Committee, helped secure money for weapons.In 2007, Wilson had a heart transplant at a Houston hospital. Doctors had told Wilson, who suffered from cardiomyopathy, a disease that causes an enlarged and weakened heart, that he would likely die without a transplant.”Charlie was perfect as a congressman, perfect as a state representative, perfect as a state senator. He was a perfect reflection of the people he represented. If there was anything wrong with Charlie, I never did know what it was,” said Charles Schnabel Jr., who served for seven years as Wilson's chief of staff in Washington and worked with Wilson when he served in the Texas Senate.

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  • Adam C. Sieracki

    There was a direct line from U.S. support for the ISLAMIST (Mujaheddin) insurgency in Afghanistan and the mass murder of 3,000 people, mostly Americans, on 9/11. The Mujaheddin rebelled against the Soviet-backed secular government, because they were appalled at the notion of things like educated, unshrouded women, as well as the end of rich cultural traditions such as pederasty. There was no 'honor' in supporting the Mujaheddin. Along with Ronald Reagan, Wilson deserves to rot in Hell with the likes of Mullah Dadullah,

  • AntiFascist18

    For Adam C. Sieracki,

    Say boy, how's your Uncle Adolf these days? Care to join him?

    Better yet, move in with your Muslim roach fece friends. You'll be screaming how much you love Ronald Reagan within days.

  • Guest

    Supporting the Islamist rebellion in Afghanistan was no better – or worse – than supporting the Soviet Union during WWIIi. It's a matter of priorities

  • Mike Mannix

    What Adam C. Sieracki knows but does NOT mention is the choice was between the far lesser of two evils. The mega evil Soviet Union truly represented the worse threat in the history of mankind. Their Godless secular history is rich in violent oppression of religion, systematic starvation of their non Moscow citizens and the murder of tens of millions who oppose their central big ass government rule. Why the hell wouldnt we help any enemy of the Soviets in 1980, why wouldnt we supply the insurgents with stinger missles to to take down Soviet Mig Aircraft ? Don't you understand that everything we did was to weaken the militarily superior soviets (they had the bigger buildup of nukes when Reagan took office) so why wouldnt we build our nukes back up? The USA had a major role in ridding the world of the greatest threat to mankind. Checkmate.