French report wants limits on Muslim face veil – AP

PARIS – A parliamentary panel that wants Muslim women to stop veiling their faces recommended Tuesday that France ban such garb in public facilities, including hospitals and mass transit, and a leading panel member said he foresees such an interdiction by the end of 2010.

The nearly 200-page report contains a panoply of measures intended to dissuade women from wearing all-enveloping veils in France. It also recommends refusing residence cards and citizenship to anyone with visible signs of a “radical religious practice.”

However, there is no call to outlaw such garments — worn by a tiny minority of Muslims — in private areas and in the street. A full ban was the major issue that divided the 32-member, multiparty panel which ultimately heeded warnings that a full ban risked being deemed unconstitutional and could even cause trouble in a country where Islam is the second-largest religion.

via French report wants limits on Muslim face veil – Yahoo! News.

  • Sharbat

    Sarkozy was right to push this into law. How can a muslim woman abide by the laws of her adopted western country if she refuses to be a model citizen? She’s hardly a model citizen if she’s covered from head to toe? There’s no identity there. I’d be suspicious going alone to a ladie’s room in a mall for example and finding someone covered up like that . Do I wait for her to move in a feminine way to prove to me that she’s actually a she and not a he? What if it’s actually a male pervert under all the full-body covering; waiting for a young girl to assault?
    It’s a reasonable law. No one is asking these women to show a leg or an arm or an ankle. There shouldn’t be any debate. Do these women prefer to go back to their own country where they’re not even allowed to go out unescorted by a male relative; where if they do go out alone, any man feels he has the right to beat a woman walking alone? Sarkozy has guts.