If it is to recover, Haiti must make some profound cultural and political changes. – By Anne Applebaum – Slate Magazine

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For the past several days, I have found myself unable to look at the photographs from Haiti. I have also found that when I start reading an article datelined Port-au-Prince, I have to force myself to read to the end of it. I have donated money to Doctors Without Borders, on the grounds that it has been in Haiti a long time and will be able to use the cash quickly. However, I have no illusions about my tiny donation, or about the organization’s ability to help. I have no illusions about anyone’s ability to help, for this is not just a natural disaster: It is a man-made disaster first and foremost, and so it will remain.

via If it is to recover, Haiti must make some profound cultural and political changes. – By Anne Applebaum – Slate Magazine.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    The question we should be asking ourselves is not why the good Lord let this natural catastrophe ravage and ruin poor Haiti? But what good could come out of this evil for its suffering, backward, dysfunctional people? If national sin was the reason for the earthquake, as Rev. Robertson says, then let's pray that Haitians find righteousness and a new way of life to renew and rebuild their land. America who is coming to Haiti's rescue like some great big brother or guardian angel should be the ideal that its people aspire to. People of Haiti look to America for what it is: the Mecca of Liberty and civilization. The shinning city on a hill to emulate. The model nation for your political and social salvation.

    • BMR

      Yea, "national sin" is what caused this. Because God sends earthquakes to punish sinners. Except for Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and Pol Pot and Mao's murderous regimes. But yea, Haiti, with it's terrible crimes against humanity, it deserved God's wrath to straighten it out, put some hurt on those sinners, courtesy of God.

      What's a "shinning" city anyways?

  • http://www.sonicarebrushheads.org Arturo Slankard

    Besides donating my own money to Haiti, I will continue to pray for them. Lifting everything up to Heaven for them.