Jim Geraghty: The Travails of Martha Coakley – National Review Online

Presumably Martha Coakley, the Massachusetts attorney general aiming to be that state’s next U.S. senator, has more political skill than she’s demonstrated in recent days. She must be on a spectacularly ill-timed run of bad luck and rookie mistakes.

As Republican Scott Brown has roared from unknown to potential upset winner, Coakley came under fire for having her campaign largely go dark for weeks after the primary, but there was a certain logic to keeping a low profile during the holiday season; voters’ minds are elsewhere. What’s worse is what happened once the holidays ended.

via The Travails of Martha Coakley by Jim Geraghty on National Review Online.

  • USMCSniper

    This woman is just another stupid Liberal. I’ve heard just about every argument that only a liberal can come up with on just about every issue. I disagree with Liberals on any number of different subjects, from my desire to not have my healthcare become a government entitlement, to whether or not they have a right to decide how american business is run even though they have no vested interest in business. I find silliness and subjectivity in nearly every one of their arguments, but I’ve really grown tired of this short sided and absolutely the abyss of their stupidity when they say for example “drilling for oil isn’t worth it because it will take ten years before…”. You’ve heard the argument, they seem to drown you out with it, it’s the only argument they seem to have against it. I suppose they read it in Nation Magazine, or maybe they saw it said on CNN. Doesn’t really matter, they heard it somewhere then they go to work and present it at the water color as if they thought of it all on their own. But did they really even think about it?____All the terrorist have gone to Yemen she blurts out. She is beyond Dumb and Dumber, and close to Dumbest.__

    • ontheright

      Although I agree with your post wholeheartedly, I have to disagree on a single point – Coakley, and most, if not all other radically liberal demonrats for that matter, are not stupid. They know exactly what they are doing. They are methodically dismantling our Constitution and whittling away at our rights; albeit chip by chip, – and mostly under the cover of darkness. Closed door "health care reform" meetings/negotiations is prime example.

      This is a well oiled machine and is rooted in the ideology of Obamalinsky, himself. Don't be fooled – Chicago thug politics have infiltrated the already diseased liberal elitists in DC – it's time to flush, and it may take a two-flusher…