John Fund: Who Rules the Tea Party Empire? –

The Tea Party convention held this past weekend in Nashville wasn’t the biggest such gathering (600 people) or the most representative (the ticket price was more than $500) but it did give the national media a pretty good angle on the views and direction of this disparate movement.

First, it's clear the group has no leader, although Sarah Palin is certainly the honorary Queen Bee in the eyes of many attendees. Her Saturday night speech was given rapturous applause. Second, the Tea Partiers are unlikely to succumb to the temptation to form a Third Party, especially this close to the mid-term elections. They will follow Ms. Palin’s suggestion that the group remain distinct from either party and work within both parties towards electing candidates closer to the movement’s views.

Ms. Palin provided some examples of how she follows her own advice. Last week, she endorsed Rand Paul, son of former GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul, for an open U.S. Senate seat in Kentucky. Mr. Paul's opponent in the GOP primary is Trey Grayson, the secretary of state and a protégé of Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell. Ms. Palin was criticized for endorsing someone holding the libertarian views that Rand Paul does, but she stood her ground: “He wants the states to have more say and [respects] the 10th amendment in our Constitution.”

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  • domesticgoddess

    In my mind, I have hit a pothole with Sarah Palin. As much as I like and admire her, I do not understand her support of candidates who have continuously stabbed the Republican party in the back with their willingness to cow-tow and side against their own party with the Democrats…ex: John McCane. I don't get it. McCane has been the worst and the most guilty.

  • steven

    I agree with you in the respect that Sarah Palin backs a progressive , anti constitution pollitition like John Mcain. But who's really doing the stabbing, I think its the Republican party stabbing the American people with it's big spending policies.As a whole their is no true Conservative party.