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Declaring that “the buck stops with me,” President Obama on Thursday released the results of an internal investigation into the Christmas Day airline bombing attempt and ordered a series of incremental measures meant to close gaps in the U.S. intelligence system that failed to detect it in advance.The president avoided blaming any particular agency or official for the breakdowns that allegedly allowed a Nigerian extremist to board a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit armed with explosives, leaving a series of warning signs along the way.”As president, I have a solemn responsibility to protect our nation and our people. And when the system fails, it is my responsibility,” Obama said.The remedies he ordered in a memo to Cabinet officials and security chiefs mostly were modest steps. And the report, conducted by Obama’s counter-terrorism advisor, John Brennan, concluded that another round of sweeping intelligence reorganization “is not required.””Before 9/11, there was often a reluctance or refusal to share information between departments and agencies,” Brennan said. “That is not what happened here.”

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