Qaddafi Calls for Jihad on Swiss for Minaret Ban – AP

TRIPOLI, Libya — Liby’s leader called for a jihad, or holy war, against Switzerland on Thursday because of its ban on mosque minarets — escalating a long-running diplomatic feud between the two countries.

Muammar Qaddafi also urged Muslims everywhere to boycott Swiss products and to bar Swiss planes and ships from the airports or seaports of Muslim nations.

“Those who destroy God’s mosques deserve to be attacked through jihad, and if Switzerland was on our borders, we would fight it,” Qaddafi was quoted by Libya's official news agency JANA as saying. He spoke before a gathering marking the birthday of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad in the Libyan city of Benghazi.

Swiss Foreign Ministry spokesman Lars Knuchel declined to comment on Qaddafi's call for a holy war against the neutral Alpine republic.

In November, Swiss voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional ban on minarets, in a controversial decision that put Switzerland at the forefront of a European backlash against a growing Muslim population.

Muslim groups in Switzerland and abroad condemned the vote as biased and anti-Islamic and business groups warned that the decision could damage relations with Muslim nations and wealthy Islamic investors who bank, travel and shop there.

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  • Margot Hoffmann

    Kadafi is in the midst of long-standing feud with the Swiss. It started when his son had a run in with the law for abusing his Filippino housekeeper. The outraged father demanded a retraction and apology from the government for the stain on his son's honor, which the Swiss Parliament refused to do although the President did make some kind of pacifying gesture to their dismay. Kadafi never forgave the Swiss. There is nothing he would like more than to satiate his thirst for revenge. And he is one of the moderates….!!

  • Robbie Fitzpatrick

    The hyprocrisy of Libya and most other Muslim nations is that they insist that non-Islamic countries allow the establishment of mosques but they do not grant Christians the same freedom in their own countries.

  • Marty

    mohamad banned christians and Jews from the arabian peninsula. christians are actively persecuted in Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and Nigeria. The Israeli citizenry is 23% muslim, but the palestinian authority wants all Jews out of the west bank. It is time for reciprocity: disallow muslims from living and worshipping in the democracies until or unless protection is provided to non-muslims living in the wretched islamic societies.

  • Dan

    Minarets have no business in Switzerland,if Islamic investors do not like it…Do not travel and stop here,and bank somewhere else……………..