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As the administration fiddles and fumbles with its soft- on-terror policies at home, one Obama-blessed campaign abroad is hitting al Qaeda and its franchises hard: the drone war.

Drones work. They kill terrorists. Important terrorists. And we don't have to squabble about where to put their shredded bodies on trial.

For all the billions poured into Afghan pockets, the continuing giveaways to well-connected contractors, the abuse of our military as glorified aid workers and terrorist targets, and the general strategic incoherence in Washington, we're getting this one thing right.

On Tuesday, an up-the-ante wave of attacks fired 18 missiles from Unmanned Aerial Systems. (UAS is our term of the week for drones.) The strike hit a terrorist stronghold, killing another dozen or more militants.

It’s an expensive way to kill raggedy-butt bad guys — but a great deal cheaper than farcical terrorist trials or the occupation of countries that haven’t reached the outhouse level of technology.a

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  • KST

    I agree, drones work. And in a Billy Ray Cyrus song "I like it, I love it, I want some more of it". It appears drones work quite well for us and bad for terrorists. As President GW Bush constantly reminded us – "we want to fight them over there and not over here" or something like that. I am not a military person but it sounded plausible to me. However, President Obama doesn't seem to too worried about suicide bomber jihadi's that are flying over here with their enhanced crotches full of chemicals to blow us up. And now we have to be concerned with chic jihadi's getting their breast enlarged with chemicals to blow us up. What do we call them – boobie bombers. That is a killer of a boobie trap. How can we protect our nation from these sickos or can we? And what is the latest with the Fort Hood terrorist. Haven't heard about him for awhile.