Report: E-Verify misses half of illegal workers – AP

The system Congress and the Obama administration want employers to use to help curb illegal immigration is failing to catch more than half the number of unauthorized workers it checks, a research company has found.

The online tool E-Verify, now used voluntarily by employers, wrongly clears illegal workers about 54 percent of the time, according to Westat, a research company that evaluated the system for the Homeland Security Department. E-Verify missed so many illegal workers mainly because it can't detect identity fraud, Westat said.

“Clearly it means it's not doing its No. 1 job well enough,” said Mark Rosenblum, a researcher at the Migration Policy Institute, a nonpartisan Washington think tank.

via Report: E-Verify misses half of illegal workers – Yahoo! News.

  • Guest

    IT SEEMS that this story is leaving out about half of the facts-

    E-VERIFY is working when Illegals totally fabricate a FALSE… repeat *FALSE* ID.. to illegally gain employment..

    When the Illegal Alien STEALS the ID of a actual AMERICAN CITIZEN who IS in fact authorized to work in the USA.. E-VERIFY has a harder time distinguishing if this is the REAL 'John Smith' or a illegal alien using the identifiers of 'John Smith'-

    so.. the real lesson is quite different that the one being offered in the media, which follows the chamber of commerce/open borders claim that there is nothing that can be done to stop illegals…
    the real lesson is that a LOT of illegal aliens are using the identities of real american citizens to wrongly gain employment and THAT is the focus of E-VERIFY that needs to be fixed. We can and DO stop almost all the illegals who make up a totally false identity.. for these cases E-VERIFY works almost perfectly.

    its the illegal alien use of identity theft that is the problem…

  • Brittanicus

    Of course there is going to be avenue's that illegal workers can use, to circumvent E-Verify. We–ALL–know, that E-Verify is not the perfect tool and foreign workers will slip through the net. That is why we need a thorough mandate, so that there is universal coverage, full funding to build on a 100 percent fool proof method of identifying unauthorized workers who are stealing jobs of Americans. As I have said before every immigration enforcement tool has been compromised, because the open border culprits have the money to buy our politicians. Don't matter what the THE PEOPLE think or their interests, they are intentionally overlooked by those who legislate in Washington. From its inception E-Verify has been bombarded with negative publicity, just has Health Care reform. Just as the police apprehension program 287(g) trained by ICE has been ordered to a lower level of immigration raids? Just as the No-match-letter has been rescinded, because its not in the interest of parasite businesses.

    According to Westat, a research company that evaluated the system for the Homeland Security Department. E-Verify missed so many illegal workers mainly because it can't detect identity fraud. So What! It is not perfect, So illegal immigrants can escape detection? But Homeland Security has undertaken new innovations to the system, with photo recognition and the amalgamation of other tools that will minimize errors like this. Unless bloggers and others bring this too the attention of the American people, these new E-Verify tools will stay hidden from review. Americans have been programmed so long about illegal immigration, the majority tend to believe in the lies rather than the truth. Just like Washington when it talks about "uncompensated care", which in truth is citizens and legal residents are having money extorted from them to pay for anybody who walks into the emergency room without papers. The rest of us have to show our drivers license and social security card, so debt collectors can track us down?

    Most states are broke from uncompensated mandates. When you are taxed to pay for the illegal immigrant invasion. Sen.Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi nearly robbed the American people of E-Verify funding, but I swore it would remain on the bloggers website. 15 million Americans and climbing have lost their jobs, but politicians like Sen.Harry Reid is still in collusion to the open border zealots We must pummel those in Washington, to let them know whose paying their salaries and exorbitant pensions. Call this number today 202-224-3121 and tell them as a voter you want a permanent E-Verify.

  • Estoban

    The insignificant flaws in E-Verify are brought to America by our elected leaders that refuse to make the SS Dept. and the FBI share data with each other. Why do you suppose that is?

  • Julie B

    54% will still put 15 million Americans back to work. Increase the penalties to businesses hiring illegals. Pull a credit report ands see how long the person has been in the US. If we WANT to catch them we can!