Stephanie Gutmann: Doing Security the Israeli Way – The American Spectator

“Let’s do things the way the Israelis do.” That’s the latest buzzword in airline security. It’s nice to hear the Israelis being praised for something, but if we don’t understand what the Israelis do, we’re just going to be adding another layer of bureaucracy to an already overloaded system

CNN spent an hour interviewing Isaac Yeffet, former head of El Al security, for example, and all it came away with is that the Israelis interview everyone on line while they’re waiting to go through security, that the security personnel speak at least two languages, and that the system costs a lot of money. (Hey, let’s order up a lot of Rosetta Stones!) According to the Wall Street Journal, “the secret to [the Israelis’] successful airport security is not labor-intensive checkpoints, but a screening system that is frowned upon in many other countries: ethnic profiling.”

via The American Spectator : Doing Security the Israeli Way.

  • William Smart

    Telling us that the Israelis have always been racist and we should be the same is not a good way of winning friends or influencing people.

    • Mike Cary

      Israelis are not racist. Most terrorists are muslim males between the ages of 18-50. So you put your assets where they will do the most good.

    • Uncle Sam

      It would be bad if the goal was to win friends and influence people, but its not. The goal is to keep people alive.