The man behind shakes up the Republican Party – St. Petersburg Times

MACON, Ga. — Between pecks at his laptop, Macon City Council member Erick Erickson ticked off some of his goals for the new year:

• Beating Gov. Charlie Crist and electing Marco Rubio as Florida’s junior senator.

• “Taking out” Republican Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah because he’s a centrist.

• Ensuring the Republican establishment receives no credit for whatever success the GOP has in November.

This die-hard Republican doesn’t even necessarily hope Republicans win congressional majorities.

“If they get back into power, who’s going to be in leadership again? The same guys that led them into the minority, and they’re going to think that nothing was wrong,” Erickson said. “The top priority has to be beating the Republican establishment.”

via The man behind shakes up the Republican Party – St. Petersburg Times.

  • TuMadre

    Finally–someopne who understands tha Republicans aren't really what we want or need either but, rahter, sane people, adults, etc.

  • Allison

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