Thomas Joscelyn: Amnesty International Stands by Jihadist – The Weekly Standard

Amnesty International is at a crossroads. One path leads to a continued relationship with an admitted jihadist. The other is guided by an Amnesty official who has been outspoken in her criticism of Amnesty’s relationship with the jihadist.

Thus far, Amnesty has chosen to stand by the jihadist – and chastise the whistleblower.

In recent weeks, the human rights organization has been criticized by one of its own officials for its relationship with Moazzam Begg – a former Gitmo detainee who has openly espoused jihadist views – as well as Begg’s organization, Cage Prisoners.

Begg has taken part in Amnesty’s campaign to close Gitmo, including trying to convince some European nations to take in more Gitmo detainees. But earlier this month, the Sunday Times (UK) reported that Gita Sahgal, the head of Amnesty’s gender unit, had complained about the relationship with Begg for two years to no avail.

So, Sahgal went public with her criticisms after penning an email to other Amnesty officials on January 30. “I believe the campaign fundamentally damages Amnesty International’s integrity and, more importantly, constitutes a threat to human rights,” Sahgal wrote, according to the Times.

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