Yemen launches offensive against al Qaeda – AP

Yemen has launched an offensive against al Qaeda and the U.S. embassy in Sanaa reopened on Tuesday after security forces staged a raid just outside the capital that dealt with an imminent security threat.

Yemen has sent thousands of troops to take part in a campaign against al Qaeda in three provinces over the past three days, and they are hemming them in, security sources said. Five suspected fighters from the group were detained, they said.

via Yemen launches offensive against al Qaeda – Yahoo! News.

  • William deB. Mills

    Yemen, led by a man who has ruled for a generation and wants to found a dynasty, claims it has attacked al Qua'ida. Whether it has actually attacked anyone interested in global jihad remains unproven. The Yemeni dictator has lots of other enemies who feel quite rightly that they are being marginalized and mistreated and ignored by “their” government. U.S. security depends on finding out the facts, not swallowing whatever propaganda the Yemeni regime may care to feed us, now that it has discovered the magic of U.S. military aid.