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Hindu Boy Drinks from Mohammedans-Only Water Fountain… Riots Follow

Posted By Joe Blough On July 13, 2010 @ 9:00 am In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Maybe someday the cowards of the general press and media will call Mohammedan apartheid and religious segregation by their proper names. But that day isn’t today. And it probably won’t be tomorrow.

This comes to us from Asian News International by way of Jihad Watch.

Apparently a Hindu boy in Memon Goth in Karachi (a city of about 500,000), drank from a Mohammedans-Only water “cooler” outside of a mosque. Upon observing him, Mohammedans attacked not only him but also a few dozen other Hindus in the area.

“All hell broke loose when my son, Dinesh, who looked after chickens in a farm, drank water from a cooler outside a mosque. Upon seeing him do that, the people of the area started beating him up,” said Meerumal, a resident of the area. “Later, around 150 tribesmen attacked us, injuring seven of our people, who were taken to the Jinnah Hospital,” he added.

To the credit of Asian News International, this story was reported as “an incident which showcases the brutal hatred with which Hindus are seen in Pakistan”. A refreshing change of pace from the normal press tapioca.

Asia News further tells us that:

Police officials are aware about the incident, but they have failed to take any steps to stop the atrocities being meted out to the minority community”

This is something widely observed in many predominantly Mohammedan countries. Riots and pogroms against whoever the local religious minority happens to be are frequent, and generally winked at by the police. Stories about this happening to the Copts of Egypts are … dare I say it, even leaking out into the press. Mirabile Dictu!

“A trivial incident led to riots between the people of the area. Since both the communities happened to be illiterate, the matter just flared up,” said Memon Goth Station House Officer.

Hmmm… Illiteracy huh?

Yup. We are told (but probably not expected to believe) that when people are illiterate these situations “just flare up”, all by themselves. A sort of cultural spontaneous combustion. No victims, no perpetrators, no oppressed minority, and presumably no little boy trying to get a drink of water.

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