Top 10 Islamo-Fascist Apologists

Hezbolla Nazi Salute

Mohammedanism is referred to as a religion. “Religion” in the mind of most people denotes a private spiritual discipline, a morality shared with a surrounding community, and in the biblical cultures, a personal relation with God. And Islam certainly does include a religion among its doctrines.

However Islam (an arabic word meaning submission) is more than only a religion. As understood and practiced in Arabia, Iran, parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan and many other places, it is a total system of life, governing the details of domestic life, government, jurisprudence the lot — from the nation’s policies to the courts of law to what’s for lunch. And make no mistake, as practiced full out by the orthodox, it is a totalitarian, and grossly oppressive ideology.

It is an ideology that calls for the submission and obedience of the entire human race. Which places the orthodox under an obligation to, how shall I say … make the necessary arrangements. And those arrangements involve not only proselytization, but armed conflict, big money and power politics.

Needless to say, whether or not a purely religious, private, unaggressive Islam does or even can exist is one of the great debates of our time. And we will not consider that question here. Our focus is on efforts to spread the faith and enlarge its political influence.

And to be clear, when I refer to Islam, I am not referring to the private beliefs of private individuals, but to the official doctrines (plural) — as implemented by governments and courts of law — and as taught and preserved by major Islamic schools, prestigious mosques and influential authorities.

As it happens, with its two-tier system of justice (believers/unbelievers), its two tier notion of individual rights (male/female), and its plethora of restrictions on what one can eat, drink, buy, sell, read, say or even think — not to mention the stubborn poverty of the societies under its sway — this outlook is not what you would call irresistibly attractive to the outside observer. So spreading the word is hard work.

It is hard work that requires a good deal of outside support. It needs battallions of politicos, culturati, intellectuals, infidel preachers and even school-teachers to deny what the eye reveals to the mind. Prejudice is not prejudice. Apartheid is not apartheid. Censorship is not censorship. Brutality is not brutality. Sexual oppression is not sexual oppression. Submission is freedom, and freedom is submission. Pay no attention to that tyrant behind the curtain.

It is to that army of advance agents and cover-up artists, dupes, salary men, collaborators, true believers and plain cheats to which this post is dedicated.

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