Conservative Cartoonist Skewers PC Liberals

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The ideas for the series come from current events and headlines but Rawsthorne has a larger goal in mind. “Humor is a great weapon and I want to get America laughing at the hard left.”

Rawsthrone says traffic to the Diversity Lane website continues to grow as does his free email list of subscribers. Right now, the cartoon is only available online but the author has hired a publicist and is talking with two major syndicators about distributing it nationally to newspapers and magazines. A Diversity Lane coffee table book coming out this month should add to the popularity of the series.

Reaction from conservatives has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s obvious that Rawsthorne puts a lot of thought into the left/right dialog, and the series has been praised by Laura Ingraham and Brent Bozell among others. Diversity Lane cartoons have recently appeared on conservative websites like American Thinker and WorldNetDaily.

Liberal reaction has been mixed. Some write in to say they read Diversity Lane for a laugh, though they disagree with the political slant of the series. Other lefties don’t see the humor.

“I receive lots of snarling, negative email from liberals who seem to feel that only the left should be able to combine politics with irony and satire,” said Rawsthorne. “But when I get reactions like that I know I’ve created an effective cartoon.”

If laughter is indeed the best medicine for political correctness, liberals should fear the spread of Diversity Lane.

Joe Hatton is a freelance writer and consultant who lives in Maryland.

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  • Chris

    I love it! Let's see more of this fresh air in political cartoons.

  • tanstaafl

    Wait! – cue riots and outrage! Oh, my bad. I thought that the cartoons had pictures of Mohammed in them.

  • InsomniacPrimus

    Good cartoon. We need more like this.

  • "gunner"

    i've been following zack rawsthorne's "diversity lane" for at least a year now, and read his archive, i heartily recommend him. his art is crisp and clean, and his humour sharp, pointed and precise. zack rawsthorne and chris muir are, i think, the leading conservative political cartoonists/ commentators of our day, and a strong counter to the spew of the leftist hate mongers. rawsthorne has a book coming out, look for it.

  • Mac

    I hope you folks start posting Zacks work ! His work is far better than most of the political cartoons I see each week !

    If folks would take a moment to read-up on the Diversity Lane characters (Alex, Allison, Sierra, Devon, Jason & Diversity), many could become addicted to these cartoons… waiting each day for their Diversity Lane 'fix'…~

  • aaron_truax

    It's nice to see someone skewing the Left, but I didn't like the music at the website – no off button either. Additionally when I clicked on links to view "samples" I got back 404 errors because the slashes / in the url were backward \ … if you do want to view the samples just go up to the address bar in your browser and change the \ to /

  • Patriotica

    It's good stuff! I like the weird boy/girl in the black outfit. I checked out the samples at that website and had no problems– maybe there's an issue with some viewers' servers? Music is kind of deranged-sounding, but being as it's about lefites that made all kinds of sense for me.

  • D4th

    Love to see this syndicated, but alas, who would dare.


  • Nancy

    Is it wrong of me to get most of my news from a cartoon? Mostly kidding, but Mr. Rawsthorne is always right on point. And so refreshing! I couldn't be prouder of Diversity if she sprang from my own loins. In a seemingly increasingly liberal world, it's nice to know I've still got a right-thinking pal in 8-year-old Diversity. BFFs! I hope this clever cartoon gets more widespread publicity so my little pal can gain a bigger voice. (FPM, you might as well lead the way…)

  • Fat Tony C.

    Love the retro artwork.

  • Craig

    Keep up the good work, Zack. We love your stuff.

  • Stafford

    I count myself fortunate to have gotten Zack's emails for a couple of years. I love every one of them. Diversity Lane always hits the nail on the head, and Diversity, herself, is a priceless character.

  • Jamie

    Zack Rawsthorne is topical and talented… Everytime I see one of his pieces, I can't help but tell him to "get out of my brain"…! He has the talent of expressing EXACTLY what you've been thinking… Great work – can't wait for the book.

  • Lynn

    Have been following Zack and the Diversity Lane crew for a while now. So glad more and more national attention is being paid. Maybe an animated series is in Diversity's future??

  • Keith D Sellars

    I've been following Zack's cartoons for about a year myself also. Zack's combination of talent and wit has been extremely lacking on the conservative side of the political landscape. His cartoons are refreshing during what can be otherwise hectic days. Kudos to FrontPageMagazine for covering him and his talent!

  • Wakefield Tolbert

    I’ve been to Zack Rawsthorne’s site numerous times, and will gladly attest my personal opinion that Zack’s parody of the Secular Progressive Multi-Cultural Left (or SecProgs, as Dennis Miller calls them) is hilarious.

    One can just imagine the high jinks and self-parody involved in growing up as the perky but hapless little girl named “Diversity” (of all names–considering the ideological purity enforced all around her by her “adult parental units”, and other alleged betters) amidst this cast of loopy characters and their unending supply of Mutli-Cultural pieties, delusional hang-ups, and other ideological donnybrooks with enemy notions–both real and perceived.

    In these dark times, Zack’s wry, witty, and snarky take on the Left’s flight from earthbound reality is a welcome comic relief (respite?) from the insufferably dry, bland, bureaucratic, Statist, humorless, milkwater blahs of Leftist fetishes, governances, and cultural attacks.

  • Larry

    I've been reading Diversity Lane" now for quite some time. Zack's cartoons should be read on as many pages as possible, where a maximum of Conservative readers can be entertained with his acerbic wit. I'm eagerly anticipating his soon-to-be published book!

  • Incognito736

    Have also been a Zack fan for many years now.. Glad to see he's getting the attention he deserves.!!

  • Jose Reyes

    I'm a regular at Zack's site. This here Cartoon is another great one but more of a straight- forward illustration. It doesn't show his true real talent. Its his detailed 3D ability of conveying current news on liberal topics, issues, flaws, all at the same time and in one cartoon. You need to take a good 15 minutes to realize all he is covering at once. There could be 5 things going on which all relate with each other and you can miss it. And of course, this is an ongoing "Liberal Saga" with its characters and their behavioral patterns. Very interesting approach, as "Diversity Lane" is outnumbered. She simply refuses to be a droid.

    Also, the wording accompanying each and every cartoon is carefully thought of and in an intellectual manner but remember, it only gives you a hint, so you can begin to understand what he is trying to express. It is not all about conservative thinking, its reality! Great Stuff!

  • Erica

    Thank you for pioneering the UN-p.c. frontier, Zack! Clever & bitterly humorous! Please keep them coming!

  • Karen

    Zack, you are right on target. Your observations have been sadly lacking in other widely published political cartoons. Please keep up the excellent work; these views deserve to be – need to be! – seen and heard.

  • Donna C.

    Count me as yet another of Zack's "Diversity Lane" regulars and honored to be so. I've been following Diversity Lane for almost as long as it has been online, and I find myself directing others to Zack's site on a frequent basis. Not only does Zack present the characters of "Diversity Lane" with whimsy and, to some extent, buffoonery, he does so in a manner that is refreshingly unprecedented. The content is deliciously brazen and impertinent, and more often than not, on the mark. Zack is a virtuoso when it comes to exasperating those on the left, while remaining diplomatic…even in the face of their too often rude commentary. What's not to love about "Diversity Lane"? Zack and his "Diversity Lane" earn five stars!

  • Zack Fan

    I've been following Zack's cartoon's for about 6 months now and he is consistently funny… and right on target.

    Add me to the list of commenters who think his cartoons should be a regular addition to Front Page.

  • Dave

    I am a reformed liberal who saw the error of my ways when Obama began steamrolling the legislative process for his healthcare (Yay, communist Utopia?). Of course, the cavalcade of czars (Hello, comrade?) didn't help things either. Finally, Obama saying that this nation wasn't a "Christian nation" pushed me over the edge. Who gave Obama that authority? Hopefully, Zack will help others like me to see the how self-destructive the left's worldview truly is.

  • Stilton

    I love Zack Rawsthorne's work and (as another conservative cartoonist, at readily admit to being jealous of both his artistic talent and razor-sharp writing. He also happens to be a really nice guy, who has put together an outstanding book.

    This isn't a "buy it because you ought to" book, it's a "buy it because you'll enjoy the heck out of it" book! Get at least one copy to put in each bathroom (as the ONLY reading material) when liberals come visiting!

  • Firebird

    Liberals have to be one of the uniserses stupidists lifeforms