CAIR’s Fort Hood Hijacking

Army Specialist Zachari Klawonn is upset. He claims that there is a campaign of hate aimed at him coming from his fellow soldiers. He says that he is especially upset at them referring to him as “terrorist.” Yet, if this truly upsets him as much as he contends it does, how can he then reconcile his turning to groups associated with terrorism, specifically CAIR and its Florida political front, UVA?

Klawonn has a disturbing duality about him. While he dons Army green camos adorned by the Stars and Stripes, prior to relocating from his Fort Hood digs, in his barracks prominently hung a black and white checkered keffiyeh, a symbol of anti-Western violence.

It is this duality that currently rules his life.

Klawonn, a 20-year-old Muslim, is intensely proud of his heritage. He flaunts his Islamic roots to a point which some could consider provocative. On his wall, next to his keffiyeh, was placed a 5’ x 3’ Moroccan flag. As well, his room contained a Qur’an (draped by his ‘dog tags’) and prayer rug, visible to all.

For Klawonn, his strong attachment to his religion was both a blessing and a curse – a curse because, according to him, others target him for it, calling him horribly offensive names. This was especially the case, following the massacre that took place at Fort Hood perpetrated by fellow Muslim soldier Nidal Malik Hasan.

On November 5, 2009, Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, opened fire at a soldier processing center (Soldier Readiness Facility), murdering 13 and injuring over 30 others. The victims of the attack were getting ready to be deployed overseas. At the time, Hasan, himself, was soon to be deployed to Afghanistan.

Hasan was shot four times and apprehended. Two other suspects were taken into custody and later released.

According to the Washington Post, in an article about Klawonn’s alleged troubles, Klawonn was heading to the scene of the shooting, when the shooting commenced. It states, “Klawonn was there, too… His unit had just returned from Korea and was headed to the site of the shootings, a soldier processing center, when the killing began.”

According to the piece, Klawonn was “pressed” to explain the “brutal act and extremist philosophy” of Hasan. Klawonn said that, while he did not “sympathize” with Hassan, he “secretly felt an understanding of at least some of the pressures Hasan faced.” According to reports, Hasan faced a similar type of treatment Klawonn is alleging himself.

Klawonn stated, “[W]hen I read about the discrimination he experienced, I have to say, I can believe it. It doesn’t excuse what he did, but it explains maybe a tiny part of it. He was a high-ranking officer. A major. At that level, you demand respect…”

Since he enlisted, Klawonn has personally filed a number of complaints with his commanders about what he perceives as intolerant acts against him. He says that one of the toughest things he has had to endure is his fellow soldiers referring to him as “terrorist.” This is dubious, however, as Klawonn has begun to associate himself with groups connected to terrorism.

One of these groups is CAIR or the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

CAIR was founded by Hamas operatives in June 1994, and from 2007 through 2008, CAIR was named by the U.S. Justice Department a party to the financing of millions of dollars to Hamas.

Klawonn solicited CAIR to write a letter on his behalf to Defense Secretary Robert Gates, complaining of the Army’s treatment of him.

Another group Klawonn has gotten involved with is United Voices for America (UVA), an organization headed by the former Executive Director of CAIR-Tampa and former “unofficial spokesman” for convicted terrorist Sami al-Arian, Ahmed Bedier.

Klawonn, at the behest of his mother, Mina, attended one of UVA’s events this past March 11th. His mom had “collapsed in tears,” when she found out that he had joined the U.S. millitary, and his friends and mosque associates were more than concerned that he was “going to kill fellow Muslims,” so it was probably important to all of them for Klawonn to get involved in a radical Muslim group like UVA.

The event was titled Muslim Capitol Day, and it took place in Tallahassee, Florida. According to UVA, the purpose of it was to lobby the state legislature on such universal issues as education reform and stimulation of the economy, but overshadowing those alleged objectives were two separate assaults that were carried out during Muslim Capitol Day by one of UVA’s members, Bassem Alhalabi.

Alhalabi, who had previously been found guilty of shipping U.S. military equipment to Syria, was charged with one count of battery. A warrant was issued for Alhalabi’s arrest on March 19th, and on March 22nd, he was taken into custody by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Ironically, just as in the case of Klawonn being on his way to the soldier processing center when the Hasan massacre began, Klawonn was photographed next to Alhalabi at a UVA luncheon held shortly before Alhalabi’s attacks took place.

Of course, these things might be nothing more than mere coincidences – cases of being at the wrong place at the wrong time – but his recent experiences in high school were nothing of the sort.

In 2008, Klawonn wrote and performed rap songs with a group of teens from his hometown, Bradenton, Florida, which, according to a district spokesperson, “threatened bodily harm” and contained “mention of weapons.” One of the lyrics discussed “taking a knife” to a school administrator. Disciplinary action was taken against many of the participants.

Klawonn’s friends who were involved in making these songs were from Braden River High School, the school that Klawonn was expelled from one year earlier, after police discovered a gun in the car he was driving on campus.

All of this is a concern, as, according to the Washington Post, Klawonn is “at the top [of his unit] in weapons qualifications and is the only one in his battalion to be invited to try out for the Special Forces.” Furthermore, Klawonn suffers from bouts of depression and has had to see a psychiatrist at least six times since enlisting.

No doubt, all of this must give his superiors pause. Indeed, his Fort Hood commanders have stated that he fits a “similar mold” to terrorist Nidal Hasan.

Now, Klawonn says that he will devote the remaining two years he has committed to the Army to fight for the rights of Muslims in the military. That seems like a dangerous proposition, given his activity with pro-terror organizations. In the very least, CAIR and UVA will use him as a pawn to do lasting harm to the military.

Of course, no one wishes to discuss the worst case scenario…

Joe Kaufman is the Chairman of Americans Against Hate, the founder of CAIR Watch, and the spokesman for Young Zionists.

Beila Rabinowitz is the Director of Militant Islam Monitor.

  • Gary Rumain

    So how long before Klawonn turns jihadi and does a Hasan?

  • jef costello

    Clearly having moeslems in the modern military is tantamount to having Nazi’s in the military during WWII. All moeslems should be removed from the military.

    I hope the families of those killed at Ft. Hood sue the beJesues out of the Feds.

  • poptoy

    Discharge him or order a CODE RED.

  • Frank(ly) M'Dear

    Klawonn's armed forces colleagues have every reason to treat Klawonn with suspicion. Actions have consequences, and that extends to "personal habits". Nosepickers are routinely reamed out in armed forces units because – guess what? – watching someone pick his nose makes most people kinda queasy. Boys given to limp wrists, broadway musical numbers, makeup and dresses are treated as "different" by the other Boy Scouts, too.

    It ain't rocket science.

    His superiors should point out to Klawonn that behaviors seen by the majority as provocative inevitably elicit an equally provocative majority response.


    if you're the spokesman for the 'Young Zionists', are we to expect that you're somehow unbiased? It boggles the mind…

  • Stephen D.

    What prompts your concern that there be an "unbiased" expectation? Read the post. Is there something in it you don't understand? Are there facts being misrepresented? Is anything in the post not backed up with facts? From whence does this implied obligation to be unbiased come from? Is it from your moral standards that you think we should all adhere to? Do you scrutinize CAIR or UVA for their posts as vehmently? How about yourself? Do you have an obligation to be unbiased? You begin your rant with a protend to call out the "Young Zionists" which means to you…what? Nothing they say could be legitimate? What does this say about your biases? You're right…"it boggles the mind."

  • xavier

    This guys is either a total idiot or he is rebelling in a big time way. The army needs to discharge him . If a Christian lived in a Muslim country like Iraq or maybe Saudi Arabia
    want do think would happen to him if he had pictures hanging up of Jesus , a poster
    of a Knight Templar , books about the Knights of Malta and a bible on his bed.

  • maryann

    Robert Gates has stated that maintaining military diversity is the paramount concern of the military, so my guess is the rest of the military who view this guy with even a hint of suspicion will have to undergo more diversity and Islamic sensitivity training.

    • USMCSniper

      You aint seen nothing yet, Wait until the Obama Admin eliminates don't ask don't tell and really gives us a diverse military with open displays in the barracks from the tunafish breaths and the pirates cliques.

  • BS1977

    How can he display a foreign flag in his quarters? This guy should be discharged ASAP!
    This PC diversity mumbo jumbo is just that………nonsense. Our strength is NOT in diversity of this sort….our strength is in our Unity as a nation…our common goals and objectives, our respect for our Constitution and our precious rights, liberties and ability to exercise freedom of choice in an election. Patriots do not display the flags of foreign nations while in the service to the American citizenry. Get this guy out of the military now.

  • cheese_burger

    From the article: "Klawonn, a 20-year-old Muslim, is intensely proud of his heritage. He flaunts his Islamic roots to a point which some could consider provocative. On his wall, next to his keffiyeh, was placed a 5’ x 3’ Moroccan flag. As well, his room contained a Qur’an (draped by his ‘dog tags’) and prayer rug, visible to all."

    For what it's worth, I've been studying the Islamic Trilogy since 2001 (via Spencer's fine website since 2003), so with this kid being 20 years old, I have been studying Islam (as a dedicated adult) since he was eleven years old. I probably know more about the tenets of Islam than he does, as stated in Koran, Sira, Hadith and Sharia.

    As far as I'm concerned, this person is a 20 year old Jihadist… a Soldier of Islam.

    At the moment he is practicing 'stealth jihad' and 'legal jihad', both of which are just as lethal as jihad practiced with a gun or a bomb… but slower acting.

    This person is Muslim, and therefore, this person must be, by the very definition of Muslim… Ummah. His belief system demands (a religious commandment from God, as far as he is concerned) to wage war against the kaffir (all non-Muslims). He has no choice in the matter. If he does not wage war against the kaffir, then he commits blasphemy, and is subject to the death penalty, for literally spitting in the face of his God.

    Mohammad raped little prepubescent girls. I don't care how Muslims might wiggle and squirm to justify it. Mohammad is 'the perfect example for all times', and therefore, ALL Muslims (females are not Muslims… they are unhuman chattel… possessions), MUST follow Muhammad's example, and rape little girls. This is not me saying this, this is Islamic edict, and Sharia supports it in all Muslim-majority countries.

    For Muslims, Islam comes before country. The only possible legitimate reason I can see for this fellow (or any Muslim) joining the military, is so that he can infiltrate the military, and wage jihad against American soldiers. You might think that 'moderate Muslims' are a different matter, but in reality, there is no such thing as a 'moderate Muslim', as far as Islam is concerned… a "Moderate Muslim' is a kaffir, and deserves to be murdered, right along with the rest of us.

    The Human Race is wising up quick, what the real deal is, where Muslims and Islam are concerned. Muslims who actually practice their faith are monsters. There is no way around it. The Islamic Trilogy is pure, unfettered Evil. It is designed to turn little innocent human beings into into lying, murdering monsters.

    There will be… can be… no 'Islamic Reformation'… it was designed to make monsters, and no amount of reforming is going to permit it to make useful, productive, peaceful, honest human beings.

    But Islam is a 'concentrator'. Each iteration or its Evil Machinery eliminates more residual bits of 'goodness' that might have been missed in the last iteration, so there is a good possibility that there will be a Mass Exodus of 'Moderate Muslims', from the fold. The more extreme Sharia becomes, the more repulsive it is, even for Muslims.

    But I digress…

    This kid? He's nothing but a mook. We could use 1,000 more, just like him. He gets his 15 minutes of fame, and in those 15 minutes, he does more to make non-Muslims despise him, and by extension, to despise all Muslims, than any 'Hate Bulletin Board' erected by non-Muslims, could produce in 15 years.

    Eventually his Muslim Brotherhood Handlers at CAIR will have 'used him all up', and will discard him by telling him to go commit suicide in a jihad attack, and the dumbbell will probably do exactly that, without ever having even given any thought to why why it is, that his Islamofascist Handlers said 'let's YOU go blow YOURSELF up', instead of joining him on the suicide run.

  • No Dhimmi

    Oh puke.

    This boy needs to be deprogrammed – as do all those who are "proud" of the foul Arab cult of death.

    • R_not

      A massive reeducation program of ALL of them! And notice how all they know how to do is whine that they are the victims after JIhadist attacks instead of claiming outrage or how they do nothing to work to change sharia laws or reeducate their violent ones. Instead this incessent whining.

  • R_not

    I was in the USMC and got an honorable discharge when I was a Staff Sgt.

    EVERYONE gets picked on in the military. NO ONE escapes. And if this guy flaunts terrorist junk it will be expected that he will get picked on.

    This 'victim' crap that the Muslims are always whining about really is getting old.

    • USMCSniper

      Let's get out the towels and dial soap bars and give him the Leonard "Gomer Pyle" attitude adjustment so he will be reborn hard!

      • R_not

        I wasn't talking about that kind of stuff. It happens, but I remember that movie and it was probably a left wing idiot's interpretation of the military – I don't remember. I do remember a gal being pushed down the stairs for being a snitch. She could have been hurt worse, but she only broke her leg. She took the officers who told us to turn in gays seriously (this was back in the early 1980s). So, she did and the gays pushed her down the stairs for snitching on them. I say, if they ain't bugging me – so what? I am not a snitch, the officers know who are gay and who are not – in fact, I remember some women officers who were gay and no officer turned them in. That was an example, but junk happens in the military if one is an idiot.

        • Swemson

          My platoon pulled KP duty in the women marine's mess hall while I was in Parris Island, and I'll never forget the female drill instructors. They were scarier than my senior DI, and he was pretty freakin scary.

          Somehow the word "gay" doesn't seem appropriate to use when referring to them.


          • R_not

            OH gawd! I remember the men recruits there too. Us females would look at you guys and all you guys did was stare straight ahead. I sort of got used of those women drill instructors after a few weeks. In fact, one time when one got in my face and started yelling at me (and I have no memory of what it was all about), I went behind the bunks and started giggling (QUIETLY!!)! Another gal came up to me and asked me 'How could I laugh?'. She told me she would be crying. I said, 'How can you cry? This is exactly what I was hoping to see.' It was as if I was in a different world and reality didn't hit me yet. I was known to sit straight up in my bunk when I was supposedly sleeping and look around and mumble something, giggle, and then lay down and go back to sleep. I have no idea what I said, but I would scare whoever was on night watch. :-)

  • kafir4life

    I wonder what the military's reaction would be if there were dog tags hanging over a bible, a vatican flag (or any flag with a cross on it) in the room next to the terrorist supporting Klawonn. My guess is that it wouldn't be allowed as it may well hurt the sensibilities of the terrorist supporter.

    And isn't cair that terrorist supporting group that receives financing and support from terrorists inside and outside of the US? Why do they exist?

    • R_not

      When I was in, they wouldn't have minded at all. CAIR falls under an 'umbrella' of a bigger organization called the Muslim Brotherhood. They have the MSA/MSU (In our schools), MPAC (in our media and TV, etc), ISNA, ICNA, ITS, and too many to list. They made pacts with the likes of the Wahabbis who fund a lot of CAIR, the MSA/MSU (a Hamas front group), and other violent terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda, Abu Sayaff, Hamas, Hezbollah, Jamat al Fuqra, etc (too many to list).

      Muslim Mafia goes into CAIR and its smarminess. A man infiltrated it and it is well worth the money you spend to buy it and read it. CAIR keeps filing lawsuits against the authors which is a part of their stealth Jihad.

  • desertscout

    Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick ….. boom!!! Perhaps he is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. No lame PC excuses will suffice if this smoldering jihadist explodes.

  • Swemson

    What I remember best of course was the profanity that the female DI's used on the recruits. I was far worse than what our DI's said to us, and far too nasty to quote here, but it sure was colorful, and cracked us up. Our DI's also said derogatory things about them.. This was in 1968, and they referred to them as BAMS… Which I assume you're familiar with..

    Semper If!


  • R_not

    Oh yeah! In fact, during my time in I was far from being a BAM – now, well I can't say that anymore. It has been 25 yrs and a lot less exercise!

  • R_not

    There is some information out there about the Muslim Brotherhood and it takes awhile to research it. Al Bana was the founder and one of his notable followers was al-Husseini, a very good friend of Hitler. Al Husseini influenced Hitler's Final Solution and would egg Himmler and Eichmann on to carry it out faster. He got Bosnian Muslims to form two Mountain SS Divisions and they wiped out about 90% of the Jews in that area.

    The one thing that we did not clean up after WWII was the Muslim involvement in all of the war. We just totally ignored their complicency and they were left out of history. Arafat was al Husseini's nephew and carried on his work, as did so many others.

    The Muslim Student assoc was one of the first to start up in the 1960s in our lands and they certainly have been successful. Here is an unclassified doc of theirs outlining their plans: Ikhwan (military) in the USA

  • ThinkPositive

    Maybe you all are just feeding into your own fear, just because one man kills someone,doesn't mean another will. You are letting your own dumb fears and naiveness get in the way, I bet you also think that bush had nothing to do with 9/11 even though flipping architects and engineers say that there is no way that those towers could have "fallen" from planes crashing in them,but there had to be explosives inside the building as well. But hey GOD BLESS AMERICA and it's Nations for FREE SPEECH right? How about how the gov't has taken away most of rights and freedoms, they are the true terroists, or how about the christians who wanted rampage the gov't earlier this week, SO I guess Christians and Muslims can't be trusted anymore..hmmm…get your heads out of your butts and take a real good look!

  • sirdirkfan

    That is why it is so very important to listen to the campaigners to hear what they have to say about changing the military beurocracy. Gates said a couple or three weeks ago that it was time to do that. It was presumed he meant taking political correctness out of the US Armed Forces. He has said nothing further on it, so he must have been silenced by the Muslin in the oval office who also ordered Susan Rice not to be present for the vote on Israel, and, instead, prepared all that was necessary for the US Obama of America to join the Pro-Muslim group in the UN. November is so very, very important.

  • Sarge

    I dunno, I had 6 or 7 keffiyeh's hanging on my wall and nobody ever made fun of me. Maybe because their were bullet holes and blood stains on them, yes I have seen quite a few jihadists up close.

  • Alan Murphy

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