Philadelphia’s Islamist Boy Scouts

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Most Muslim extremists first radicalize their youth via sermon and brainwashing. One group, however, is skipping those steps and is taking the youngest of children right to the paramilitary route. But this group is not in Afghanistan or Iraq. No, it’s in Philadelphia, the so-called ‘City of Brotherly Love.’

The United Muslim Movement (UMM) was incorporated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in June 1994, with the goal of creating a central mosque in the city along with an organization that would be able to “respond to the social, economical, political, educational, and religious needs facing our [UMM’s] communities.” Less than four months later, in October 1994, its first mosque, the United Muslim Masjid, was opened.

The owner of the mosque property and the face behind UMM is music and real estate magnate Kenneth Gamble, a.k.a. Luqman Abdul Haqq.

In the mid-1970s, following a nervous breakdown over personal and professional troubles, Gamble began to turn to the Islamic religion, getting involved with such groups as the Nation of Islam (NOI). At the time, NOI was moving towards the leadership of Louis Farrakhan, a combative personality most known for his anti-white and anti-Jewish statements.

Today, Gamble is a member of the Board of Directors (Majlis ash-Shura) of the Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA), a Muslim Brotherhood-related group headed by Siraj Wahhaj, an “unindicted co-conspirator” of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Gamble has been involved with MANA’s leadership since the group was initially established as a national organization in April 2001, at the UMM mosque.

UMM has interests beyond the building of mosques. One of them deals with children’s activities – violence-based children’s activities.

Jawala Scouts or the Jawala Scout Youth Leadership Program, an Islamic paramilitary boys group, was incorporated in Philadelphia in August 2005. It was founded a short time before that.

The children joining Jawala Scouts are as young as seven years of age. This is disconcerting, when considering some of the activities of the group, which include hand-to-hand combat, firearms training and survival tactics. Photographs from the group’s official website show the kids dressed in military fatigues, hiking through the woods, and engaged in wrestling.

What makes things worse are the type of individuals linked to Jawala Scouts. One is Carlin Saafir, the Legal Officer and 1st Lieutenant of the scouts. Saafir is also the President of UMM, a member of the UMM Masjid’s Board of Directors (General Council), and the Joint Community Outreach Chair of the Philadelphia office of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an entity affiliated with the terrorist organization Hamas.

The Registrant, Administrator and Technical Contact of Jawala’s site is Curtis De Veaux. In February 2005, De Veaux was suspended without pay from his job as a Philadelphia firefighter for refusing to shave his beard – deemed a security hazard – arguing that it was part of his being a devout Muslim.

The e-mail contact associated with the Jawala site,, appears to be that of Kenneth Gamble. That would make sense, as the group registered its corporation using the same physical address as UMM, 800 S. 15th Street.

Another organization associated with Jawala Scouts is the Sankore’ Institute of Islamic-African Studies International (SIIASI), an anti-Western preservation society for rare African Muslim manuscripts. According to the Pittsburgh City Paper, SIIASI “started” the scout program.

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  • HenryCrux

    Our government is weak and effete – we murder our boy babies with abortion/murder and call it "abortion", a good medical procedure that saves many lives. So we sit here and wait to be eaten by low savages who keep their babies – helpless, begging to be 'understood'. Oh if only those Catholic Crusaders who many times in history have saved us from the Muslims would return and take the matter of survival of civilization in hand again!

    • dina

      Henry, I for one, as a woman and a non-Christian, do not wish for crusaders or any religious army to take arms.
      I wish for an army based on judeo-christian values to unite. Not religious, as I envision it is open to members of all religions, to unite and take arms against this death cult named Islam.

  • a concerned teacher

    It's scary to think we could lose our freedom. It's even scarier to think of what this Muslim indoctrination is doing to the minds of young children, especially young American children. God help us to help ourselves and our children.

  • Ohms

    Sounds a lot like the boy scouts if you ask me.

    • dina

      Add this "boy scout" training to a hateful ideology, and voila! you have something entirely different.

    • Borg

      It's extremely similar. The claims of teaching "hate" and "racism" and "anti-americanism" are all propaganda.

  • B.T. Jones

    Who's afraid of the Boogaloo Scouts?

  • B.T. Jones

    Are these kids supposed to run the Jews out of America? Ha, ha. Good LUCK.

    • Borg


  • HenryCrux

    Look what I posted up there! why the hell doen't anyone comment on it? Do you like blabbering about almost nothing? Read it again and say some damn thing! Our government is weak and effete – we murder our boy babies with abortion/murder and call it "abortion", a good medical procedure that saves many lives. So we sit here and wait to be eaten by low savages who keep their babies – helpless, begging to be 'understood'. Oh if only those Catholic Crusaders who many times in history have saved us from the Muslims would return and take the matter of survival of civilization in hand again!

  • Borg

    I've worked with the Jawala scouts and it's leaders and have been in the community with them for years now. They aren't commiting terrorist acts of any kinds(and have not, ever), and they are teaching the children combat for self defense and discipline. The organization is also completely against terrorist acts. One thing I find interesting is the fact that when the american has a gun, he's ready to defend his country, "freedom", and "democracy". But when a muslim has a gun, he's automatically a terrorist. This article is a result of pure propaganda.


    You are the same people who killed off thousands of Indians calling them savages, bombed Japan,recognized the kkk as a legitimate social group, make movies to glorify Al Capone and Billy the Kid. Look at the social and ecconomic condition of the USA WE HAVE FALLEN FROM GRACE NOT FROM THE HANDS OF ANYONE ELSE, WE ARE CAUSING OUR OWN DISTRUCTION BECAUSE WE COMPRIMISE VALUES FOR WEALTH.

  • Abu Zaahid

    You white people are crazy.

  • w. bentinck

    No one knows how many muslims are in the US but estimates from credible sources range from 2 to 7 million and over 1800 mosques many supposedly financed by Saudi Arabia. America is already over-populated and we surely don't need any more muslims. I agree fully with Ann Coulter that muslim immigrants do not assimilate into our culture but are attempting, with some success, inflicting their culture and sharia law upon America.

  • Ronald Byrns

    Muslim's are like a Cancer. The only reason they are here is to try & bring down Our Great Country. Everyone needs to flood their Gov. representative's in box asking them to do their job. Round up all Muslims & deport them. They are every ones enemy & as long as they are here they will be a threat.

  • sagebrush6

    Killadelphia – It figures.

  • PJ

    This article is the most racist, xenophobic piece of trash I had ever read. The group does everything regular boy scouts, camping, learning about nature, teaching the boys to be respectful and most of all the love of Allah. Living here and knowing the good that these groups do, keeping the boys out trouble, teaching them something better than streets. But…”If it ain’t white and christian, it ain’t right” You people have this idea of “if it has anything to do with Muslims, it has to represent some form of terrorism” I don’t understand how the creators of such terror, mass destruction, death, war and atrocity on a massive scaled could possibly believe that anyone could be as diabolical, hateful and racist as themselves. You keep up this hateful diatribe because the people that read this garbage don’t know any better and they couldn’t possibly as a Muslim or learn the truth from a Muslim, because it is easier to hate, it is easier to spread this non-sense because people are too dumb and brainwashed in hate as their people were, the people before them and their racist attitudes and beliefs that they don’t know any other way to live or be. But….It does no good trying to talk or even attempt to start a rational dialogue, because you have to have some form of intelligence to do that and from this article it seems that the people that believe and spew this racist garbage are the ones who have nothing better to say than more hateful non-sense. “violence based activities” my son was in the jawalas and he was in the boy scouts before I was a Muslim and they did basically the same thing. You people have nothing better to do than slander, promote lies and hatred and it takes a really sorry human being to savagely attack a children’s group. You people definitely mimic the savagery of your ancestors in what you don’t understand. The barbaric attitude that represents “if its not like us white and christian its not right” Still after 100’s of years you are still the same people minus the sheets (well, some of you still wear your sheets” most of you run around disguised as writers, or other members of society with some type of a platform to vomit up your ideals, opinions and non-truths. How truly sad and pathetic you people are….My suggestion, read a book, talk to a Muslim, ask them about questions you may have instead of being led by the evil people that promote hatred. This type of excrement gives me a headache, I have wasted enough of my time replying to ignorance.