Philadelphia’s Islamist Boy Scouts

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Most Muslim extremists first radicalize their youth via sermon and brainwashing. One group, however, is skipping those steps and is taking the youngest of children right to the paramilitary route. But this group is not in Afghanistan or Iraq. No, it’s in Philadelphia, the so-called ‘City of Brotherly Love.’

The United Muslim Movement (UMM) was incorporated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in June 1994, with the goal of creating a central mosque in the city along with an organization that would be able to “respond to the social, economical, political, educational, and religious needs facing our [UMM’s] communities.” Less than four months later, in October 1994, its first mosque, the United Muslim Masjid, was opened.

The owner of the mosque property and the face behind UMM is music and real estate magnate Kenneth Gamble, a.k.a. Luqman Abdul Haqq.

In the mid-1970s, following a nervous breakdown over personal and professional troubles, Gamble began to turn to the Islamic religion, getting involved with such groups as the Nation of Islam (NOI). At the time, NOI was moving towards the leadership of Louis Farrakhan, a combative personality most known for his anti-white and anti-Jewish statements.

Today, Gamble is a member of the Board of Directors (Majlis ash-Shura) of the Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA), a Muslim Brotherhood-related group headed by Siraj Wahhaj, an “unindicted co-conspirator” of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Gamble has been involved with MANA’s leadership since the group was initially established as a national organization in April 2001, at the UMM mosque.

UMM has interests beyond the building of mosques. One of them deals with children’s activities – violence-based children’s activities.

Jawala Scouts or the Jawala Scout Youth Leadership Program, an Islamic paramilitary boys group, was incorporated in Philadelphia in August 2005. It was founded a short time before that.

The children joining Jawala Scouts are as young as seven years of age. This is disconcerting, when considering some of the activities of the group, which include hand-to-hand combat, firearms training and survival tactics. Photographs from the group’s official website show the kids dressed in military fatigues, hiking through the woods, and engaged in wrestling.

What makes things worse are the type of individuals linked to Jawala Scouts. One is Carlin Saafir, the Legal Officer and 1st Lieutenant of the scouts. Saafir is also the President of UMM, a member of the UMM Masjid’s Board of Directors (General Council), and the Joint Community Outreach Chair of the Philadelphia office of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an entity affiliated with the terrorist organization Hamas.

The Registrant, Administrator and Technical Contact of Jawala’s site is Curtis De Veaux. In February 2005, De Veaux was suspended without pay from his job as a Philadelphia firefighter for refusing to shave his beard – deemed a security hazard – arguing that it was part of his being a devout Muslim.

The e-mail contact associated with the Jawala site,, appears to be that of Kenneth Gamble. That would make sense, as the group registered its corporation using the same physical address as UMM, 800 S. 15th Street.

Another organization associated with Jawala Scouts is the Sankore’ Institute of Islamic-African Studies International (SIIASI), an anti-Western preservation society for rare African Muslim manuscripts. According to the Pittsburgh City Paper, SIIASI “started” the scout program.

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  • Robert Bernier

    The Islamic world is playing a sophisticated game of media manipulation
    The world often views Islam as a seventh century anachronism. But the truth is the Islamic world is playing and winning a sophisticated game of media manipulation in which powerful and wealthy police states and anti-democratic political movements are more often portrayed and perceived – at least in the context of the Arab-Jewish conflict – as victims rather than threatening oppressors. The game is based on the Arab culture of exaggeration. More at :

  • suzanne

    Shut down this organization for crying out loud. Remember how everyone went crazy when a parent named their kid "Adolph Hitler" and wanted Walmart to write it on the kid's birthday cake? Everyone was shouting abuse then. Where is the outrage?

  • posse101

    gee… all those charming little drones in the cover picture are either black or brown. there's a big surprise. and their charming drone fathers are similarly all black or brown. another great surprise. well at least the million man march achieved one thing: it kept the deadbeat fathers at home long enough, or the ones in prison having enough conjugal visits, to produce the next generation of vermin. funny how that type of psychopathic gene pool which has the least to give society always seem to reproduce the most. life is funny that way. very funny.

  • posse101

    all the muslim scouts in the cover picture are all either black or brown. i'm sure that fact in no way indicates that most of these muslim scouts are either black or brown. they must have put the white muslim scouts in the back of the picture. probably just a coincidence. we wouldn't want to label any one or two groups.

  • posse101

    all the little white Muslim scouts are probably in the back of the line.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    The Gaza Youth Army comes to America. You know these kids are going to grow up with grenades in their hands and Infidel hatred in their hearts. This must be stopped immediately for our own preservation. Or this will be the future army of martyrs who surround and protect the neighborhood mosque and turn that area of Philadelphia into a N0-GO muslim zone. Where is Holder? Where is the DOJ? Oh, yeah, pushing to bust true Americans in Arizona!

  • posse101

    so many muslims… so little time… left.

  • posse101

    great article. really nailed the problem on the head.

  • BobM54

    Of course the President and the Democrats will see nothing wrong with this.. they are the party of Robert Byrd who ran a similar camp for rednecks!

  • Dan

    Just replacing one hate fille, racist gang with another. Sad and pathetic. Let them rule the cities for now and they will go for the rest later. That's OK, my rifle is scoped at 400 yards. My family can shoot as almost as good as I can. Or is that a racist or redneck thing? There is nothing wrong with branding my thoughts, but this racist group is off limits. Something is dreadfully wrong in this Country.

  • jerry

    I think associating this group with "scouts" is over the top as the reader thinks the reference is to the "Boy Scouts of America"

  • David @ israel

    Muslims are wise and get the things they may need ready in good time. But this may also be treated as a result of the so-called American democracy. It's definitely extremely democratic to have a chance to train young killer without any restrictions on the part of the government.

  • Stephen D.

    And we are suprised because??? Seems like the issue isn't what they are training the children for, we know that. Rather, the issue is why we, in a civilized society, tolerate such madness. Are we so hell bent on being Politically Correct that we are willing to forfeit these American Children to the ideology of hatred? Are we even willing to call them out on this ideology as being that of hatred? Are we willing, at the expense of these kids and whomever their future victims may be, to stay our hand of correction in order to avoid the uncomfortable confrontation that must take place? I would that there were figures amongst us that would step up, with authority, and take corrective action. There are certain things that are counterproductive to our American culture and society and they ought to not be tolerated. I say it is time for such leadership.

  • MissT5d

    Now Coming to a City Near You!

  • Cuban Refugee

    The earlier that brainwashing takes place in a person's development, the more committed to the cause they will be — the subject of indoctrination sees no separation between himself and his master, who supercedes his parents, and hatred is the primary form of nourishment passed through an ideological umbilical cord. The Jawala Scouts are reminiscent of the Hitler Youth, and Castro's Pioneers for the Revolution. Their brothers in the struggle in other areas of our nation are singing hymns to "Ummm, ummm, ummm, Barack Hussein Obama." They all will fit in very nicely in the coming Jihad, and will be the young adults who will assist in the subjugation of the American people as Sharia Law takes hold in our nation.

  • indccc

    How is this group in any way connected to the Boy Scouts of America? They have absolutely nothing in common with the BSA other than the fact that the members are boys so what is the point of the Headline??

  • Georgann Marks

    Jews are taught to revile gentiles — Read the Talmud

    • Dina

      Man I'm Jewish and Israeli, and no one in my family or in my school system ever taught me or any of my family to hate someone on religious grounds.

      Only if they merit it, for example, by suicide bombings 200 meters away from my high school, killing and maiming my friends and their families.

      I laugh at myself now, as I was there 200 meters away from a triple suicide bombing in Jerusalem, September 6th 1997, saved by the decision to run late for a math lesson – because had I left on time I would've been dead in the middle of the blast.
      Do you know what it feels to be hunted? I laugh at myself because even then I confronted those who chanted hate and said: "what good will it do?"

      Hatred does no good. Indeed. I still largely stand by this. However, western rationality simply does not cut it when dealing with Islam. I learned that the hard way.

  • Stephen_Brady

    Mix paramilitary training, racial hatred, and religious fanaticism, mix well, and what do you have? The potential for a race war in America.

    The Klan must feel vindicated, about now ..

    • Abu Nisaa

      This article is such a stretch. The Jawala's are merely a culturely specific scout program that is tailored to Muslim youth. Many of the programs that you find in the Jawala program is also in the cub and boy scouts. My son is in the Jawala, and the first time he fired a weapon was when he was a guest at a Boy Scout of America camp. This article is nothing but fear mongering.

    • Jerseyman

      Hey, these Islamist pawns are NOT Boy Scouts. People will be confused by your headline. Too bad these kids aren't Boy Scouts. Scouting would be great for them, and Scouting would never restrict membership for Muslim boys. There are Muslim troops all over the world and individual Muslim members in many troops all over the US.

      Ain't that great a founder of the sweet "Philadelphia Sound" teaching children to hate.

    • denotchka

      I hope parents realize what this is.If not, then they've just put their kids in a really precarious place.

    • trickyblain

      Yes, I'm sure the Klan felt vindicated after Willie Horton, O.J. etc, but were very proud to call Charles Manson, Ted Bundy and Jeff Dahlmer their own. Now there's these incipient seven-year-olds, who no doubt make up a whopping 0.0000021 percent of black youth in the U.S.

      Great point.

  • Cuban Refugee

    The earlier that brainwashing takes place in a person's development, the more committed to the cause they will be — the subject of indoctrination sees no separation between himself and his master, who supercedes his parents, and hatred is the primary form of nourishment passed through an ideological umbilical cord. The Jawala Scouts are reminiscent of the Hitler Youth, and Castro's Pioneers for the Revolution. Their brothers in the struggle in other areas of our nation are singing hymns to "Ummm, ummm, ummm, Barack Hussein Obama." They all will fit in very nicely in the coming Jihad, and will be the young adults who will assist in the subjugation of the American people as Sharia Law takes hold in our nation.

  • Moohammud

    Philadelphia is afraid to do anything about these Moolemz……….because……..if it tried to do anything about it………… would be………….R……….R………….R………..RA………….RA……….RA……………….RAAAAA…………RAAAAA………..RAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST. If the dreaded "R" word is screamed, then Obama enters the picture, just like with Arizona. Obama is not a Scottish name by any means, either. Then, after Obama, Jesse Jackson enters the picture. Then, after Jackson, Al Sharpton enters the picture. Then, after Sharpton, Bill and Hillary enter the picture as a dynamic duo. The end result is white people run away so far they can't be found. The End.

  • Marty

    Such cute little tykes. They can be homicide bombers by the time they are in their teens and arrive in paradise early. What we are observing here is the first generation of islamic bombers in America. There will be more to follow as long as we continue to excuse, rationalize, and apologize for islamic violence.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    This is the army! The army that will surround and protect the no-go areas of muslim enclaves in America. They are being trained to fight and die for allah.

  • Jerseyman


  • Rick

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, Obama and his administration will do nothing about this type of anti-American activity. In fact Obama night give them federal funding. I wouldn't doubt it for a moment.

  • winoceros

    Holy living Christmas. Where is that nice government group that went and "rescued" the non-Mormon polygamist children from that compound? I think you need to call your office and gas up your buses.

    They're just like Lutherans, doncha know.

    I want this stopped.

  • Rob

    Islam wants to rule the World and they have the blueprints to get it done. They have a long history of successful conquest. Islam is a gang-oriented religion. It is a religion because it has a liturgy and accepted practices; however, it is closer to a gang-cult since it uses violence and threats of violence to control people both inside and outside the organization.
    We in the West are soft both in body and in mind. We have come to long for ease and to be pampered in our personal indulgences. We have abandoned God and His word which used to be our guiding-light. We now are stumbling in the dark, bumping into each other over silly little things that paralyze us politically.
    An enemy is really only as strong as their opposition is weak. A bully is only strong as long as the intended victim chooses to be weak or pathetic. I'm not calling for us to dominate the World, but what I am saying is, if we can wake from the stupor that we have allowed ourselves to be lulled into, we can take back our country and push back the enemies of our Constitutional Republic, both foreign and domestic.
    My fellow citizens, our Founding Fathers knew without a doubt that God gave us our rights and our lives. Let's return to that truth and rebuild our country from the family up. Every cult, Nazi, Muslim, etc…. knows that the children have to be controlled. It's the same for us, we must teach our children with both strength and compassion. We must live the examples of love, self-discipline and forgiveness. The strongest warrior is the warrior who possess' mercy and forgiveness as well as discernment and a steadfast will.

  • One American

    Home grown terrorists begin here. The brainwashing of minors, into a radical mind set than as in the Congo cut them lose with weapons. FBI you better do your job before this gets totally out of hand, Philly police get on top of this. This nation America is being attacked from many sides right now, read you Constitution and Bill of Rights, work to bring all together in peace, no culture or religion is greater than another in this nation, all practice their religion as they wish -but- in public we speak english, and respect each other; something radical Islamist can't get their head around so they have to be reigned in.

  • spoolydognag

    seems to be a tactical error on their part. PA has among the most liberal gun laws in the country, so it is not only the criminals that carry. Moreover, the colored population of the state is mostly in Philadelphia. ,mostly North Philadelphia. They will be an easier target now to locate and neutralize.

  • tedh754

    Maybe they will get sued by an ACLU lawyer if they don't allow any gays into their group.

  • den

    Islam does not require a beard. He is gaming for free money. May be he should
    wear a Burqua instead

  • BravoBilly

    Change the name…Obama's boys….

  • BravoBilly


  • ObamaYoMoma

    Not only is the presence of Muslim enclaves that will later matriculate into no-go zones developing in America right on cue as they have everywhere else too where mass Muslim immigration occurred, but we now observe them indoctrinating their own youth as young as seven years old in paramilitary training. One can only imagine what else they are teaching them.

    I can’t repeat this enough, we didn’t let millions of Communists immigrate and infiltrate our countries during the Cold War because it would have been suicidal, we shouldn’t allow millions of Muslims to immigrate and infiltrate our countries because it is likewise suicidal.

    • trickyblain

      Immigrating from commust countries during the Cold War was illegal – they had to defect.

    • Dradlin Extori

      You are 100% correct. Every place on earth (put your finger on the map) where there are problems, Muslims are there (mainly as trouble makers). The time for Americans is to stop being naive. Recognize the problem at its birth. Do not accept any Muslim Immigrant, and those who act as those "Muslim Scouts" should be banned and entire families deported.

  • HenryCrux

    They are winning the hearts and minds of young Americans – how can this be? The answer is financing by Arab Oil Money – organizations like this certainly could not get off the ground without this great starting help. We Americans do not seem to have the money to do likewise in the name of free secularism, or free religious youth organizations. What to do about it? Well, if it is true that money makes the world go around, and nothing else is even a close second, then we are just plain doomed. Next thing we will see is No Go Zones in American cities.

    • gk68

      Exactly, Henry!

  • Vic

    where the bleeping hell is the DCS? Is brainwashing children into suicidal warriors not a cause for them to jump into. Seems like they butt into every thing else

  • Rob

    A look at tomorrow's Fifth Column. I'll bet their parents are proud.

  • Lou

    Just to be clear, the headline reads Boy Scouts, but these folks are not affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America as one might initially think with that headline.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    There already exists no go zones in America and if you go in you will not come out.
    Our cities are battlefields of evil vs. good and they grow worse daily. The
    culmination of years and years of societal destruction by leftist activists has
    created the no go zones where Jihadist colonists take root and grow. There
    is a plan to spread their sharia law by their ever increasing presence and
    expanding populations. Unless they are deported they will overshadow our
    National identity and that is their plan, hence subjugation or and ugly end for
    resisters. It would seem now is the time to act, later on will be much worse…..William

  • garyfouse

    During one of his appearances at UC-Irvine (a couple of years back), Amir Abdel Malik Ali (who was originally from Philadelphia-now based in Oakland) described Philadelphia as the center of black Muslim activity.

  • Mike

    What makes some blacks in the West think that their salvation lies in an alien religion(Islam).
    A religion that still sanctions the practise of slavery in the Sudan and a few other African states.

  • Your Mom

    You people are fuck'in bat shit. You're scared to death of colored people and everyone can tell. This is just a sad, sad little web page and I wish I did not find it.

  • sam

    Not only do Islamists want to censor the handling of Islamic topics at U.S. universities, as [Daniel Pipes] noted in "Islamists Police the Classroom [at the University of South Florida]," but they also wish to do the same at grammar schools. More ominously yet, they wish to transform public schools at all levels into venues for spreading Islam.
    Read More at :

  • Greg S.

    Nice, really nice! This city tries to kick the Boy Scouts out of their meeting space and allows Jihadists to be trained in their own city! What in the Hell are you people thinking? Can you not discern the difference between a peaceful youth organization and a terrorist training camp? I am glad to hear the FBI is investigating this group.

  • Mike Murdock

    What I want to know is this: Why do we have our best fighting and dying in Afghanistan against the Taliban, if all we're doing is allowing another version of this dispicable organization to grow on the streets of one of our largest cities? This is just another tentacle of Islamic fundalmentalism encroaching in our way of life-there is no moderate Islam-such a thing does not exist, and the stated goal of this religion is nothing less than world domination, with it's roots amongst our youth. If we do not stop this, if we do not act NOW, all the sacrifices by our forces in Iraq and Afghanistan will have been for nought, and we as Americans will lose it all!

  • Marty

    Aren't African-Americans aware that arab muslims were (and many remain) slave traders for hundreds of years and that slave and black are the same word in Arabic?

  • Phineas

    Hey Philthadelphia:

    You bombed the MOVE group out of existence, you can do the same with these prissy black racists.

  • Caped Crusader

    This must be the 'civilian force' Obama said he wanted…

    I recently saw an article which claimed Obama's church published the Hamas manifesto. Hmm…

  • Truth Detector

    Islam is a Crime Syndicate: Islam is the only religion….
    …that breeds Suicide Bombers.
    …stones women to death.
    …that legalizes hypocrisy. Let me explain: Muslim males may "marry" several playmates thereby committing adultery. If women did this, they would be stoned to death for commiting adultery.
    …that hangs homosexuals by the neck until dead.
    …that lashes little girls who attempt to run away from uncontrolled, depraved Muslim male sex perverts who want to legally rape them after a forced marriage.
    …that forces little girls to "marry" against their will to uncontrolled, depraved Muslim male sex perverts.
    …that legally rapes little girls after they are forced to "marry" uncontrolled, depraved Muslim male sex perverts.
    …that legally mutilates little girls as in Female Genital Mutilation.
    …that legally lashes 75 year old women for insignificant reasons.
    …that legally murders daughters as in Honor Killings.
    …that legally chops of hands, feet, and gouges out eyes of petty thieves.

    • Borg

      Reference me the verses in Quran please?

  • jcp370

    And to think I was always so proud of living in the hometown of the Sound of Philadelphia, Gamble's brainchild along with Leon Huff that included such artists as Teddy Pendergass, Barry White, The OJays, The Spinners, etc. Seems like Gamble has another less-publicized legacy, thanks for shining the light on it.
    In other news yesterday, a man pleaded guilty to setting fire to Gamble & Huff's headquarters, Philadelphia International Records on South Broad Street, Philadelphia in February of this year. Christopher Cimini was found in the building at the time of the fire. His lawyer stated he that he so drunk that his client has no memory of setting the fire.

  • stang289

    obamas army

  • HenryCrux

    Our government is weak and effete – we murder our boy babies with abortion/murder and call it "abortion", a good medical procedure that saves many lives. So we sit here and wait to be eaten by low savages who keep their babies – helpless, begging to be 'understood'. Oh if only those Catholic Crusaders who many times in history have saved us from the Muslims would return and take the matter of survival of civilization in hand again!

    • dina

      Henry, I for one, as a woman and a non-Christian, do not wish for crusaders or any religious army to take arms.
      I wish for an army based on judeo-christian values to unite. Not religious, as I envision it is open to members of all religions, to unite and take arms against this death cult named Islam.

  • a concerned teacher

    It's scary to think we could lose our freedom. It's even scarier to think of what this Muslim indoctrination is doing to the minds of young children, especially young American children. God help us to help ourselves and our children.

  • Ohms

    Sounds a lot like the boy scouts if you ask me.

    • dina

      Add this "boy scout" training to a hateful ideology, and voila! you have something entirely different.

    • Borg

      It's extremely similar. The claims of teaching "hate" and "racism" and "anti-americanism" are all propaganda.

  • B.T. Jones

    Who's afraid of the Boogaloo Scouts?

  • B.T. Jones

    Are these kids supposed to run the Jews out of America? Ha, ha. Good LUCK.

    • Borg


  • HenryCrux

    Look what I posted up there! why the hell doen't anyone comment on it? Do you like blabbering about almost nothing? Read it again and say some damn thing! Our government is weak and effete – we murder our boy babies with abortion/murder and call it "abortion", a good medical procedure that saves many lives. So we sit here and wait to be eaten by low savages who keep their babies – helpless, begging to be 'understood'. Oh if only those Catholic Crusaders who many times in history have saved us from the Muslims would return and take the matter of survival of civilization in hand again!

  • Borg

    I've worked with the Jawala scouts and it's leaders and have been in the community with them for years now. They aren't commiting terrorist acts of any kinds(and have not, ever), and they are teaching the children combat for self defense and discipline. The organization is also completely against terrorist acts. One thing I find interesting is the fact that when the american has a gun, he's ready to defend his country, "freedom", and "democracy". But when a muslim has a gun, he's automatically a terrorist. This article is a result of pure propaganda.


    You are the same people who killed off thousands of Indians calling them savages, bombed Japan,recognized the kkk as a legitimate social group, make movies to glorify Al Capone and Billy the Kid. Look at the social and ecconomic condition of the USA WE HAVE FALLEN FROM GRACE NOT FROM THE HANDS OF ANYONE ELSE, WE ARE CAUSING OUR OWN DISTRUCTION BECAUSE WE COMPRIMISE VALUES FOR WEALTH.

  • Abu Zaahid

    You white people are crazy.

  • w. bentinck

    No one knows how many muslims are in the US but estimates from credible sources range from 2 to 7 million and over 1800 mosques many supposedly financed by Saudi Arabia. America is already over-populated and we surely don't need any more muslims. I agree fully with Ann Coulter that muslim immigrants do not assimilate into our culture but are attempting, with some success, inflicting their culture and sharia law upon America.

  • Ronald Byrns

    Muslim's are like a Cancer. The only reason they are here is to try & bring down Our Great Country. Everyone needs to flood their Gov. representative's in box asking them to do their job. Round up all Muslims & deport them. They are every ones enemy & as long as they are here they will be a threat.

  • sagebrush6

    Killadelphia – It figures.

  • PJ

    This article is the most racist, xenophobic piece of trash I had ever read. The group does everything regular boy scouts, camping, learning about nature, teaching the boys to be respectful and most of all the love of Allah. Living here and knowing the good that these groups do, keeping the boys out trouble, teaching them something better than streets. But…”If it ain’t white and christian, it ain’t right” You people have this idea of “if it has anything to do with Muslims, it has to represent some form of terrorism” I don’t understand how the creators of such terror, mass destruction, death, war and atrocity on a massive scaled could possibly believe that anyone could be as diabolical, hateful and racist as themselves. You keep up this hateful diatribe because the people that read this garbage don’t know any better and they couldn’t possibly as a Muslim or learn the truth from a Muslim, because it is easier to hate, it is easier to spread this non-sense because people are too dumb and brainwashed in hate as their people were, the people before them and their racist attitudes and beliefs that they don’t know any other way to live or be. But….It does no good trying to talk or even attempt to start a rational dialogue, because you have to have some form of intelligence to do that and from this article it seems that the people that believe and spew this racist garbage are the ones who have nothing better to say than more hateful non-sense. “violence based activities” my son was in the jawalas and he was in the boy scouts before I was a Muslim and they did basically the same thing. You people have nothing better to do than slander, promote lies and hatred and it takes a really sorry human being to savagely attack a children’s group. You people definitely mimic the savagery of your ancestors in what you don’t understand. The barbaric attitude that represents “if its not like us white and christian its not right” Still after 100’s of years you are still the same people minus the sheets (well, some of you still wear your sheets” most of you run around disguised as writers, or other members of society with some type of a platform to vomit up your ideals, opinions and non-truths. How truly sad and pathetic you people are….My suggestion, read a book, talk to a Muslim, ask them about questions you may have instead of being led by the evil people that promote hatred. This type of excrement gives me a headache, I have wasted enough of my time replying to ignorance.

    • Sunny

      Islam is not a religion of peace nor has it ever been. Go back to the days of Jefferson and the Barberry War!!!

      Facts are facts. Where are the scouts on Sharia Law and following the Quran?