Accused Death Squad Leader Rears Ugly Face

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This past September, Ashrafuzzaman Khan, an accused former leader of a South Asian death squad, joined a controversial group of American Muslim community leaders to speak out against what has been said to be the hatred of those who practice the religion of Islam. Was this very public showing indeed a sign of strength in opposition to a form of bigotry, or could it have been meant as a brazen message targeted at those who are convinced that Khan should receive justice for past unthinkable acts?

In 1971, as many as three million citizens of Bangladesh were systematically slaughtered at the hands of the Pakistani army in collaboration with Islamist groups linked to the international Muslim Brotherhood. The perpetrators included the paramilitary wing of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), al-Badr.

At the time, al-Badr was led by Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojahid, the present Secretary General of JI Bangladesh. Mojahid, along with a number of other JI officials, was arrested this past June and is in prison facing charges stemming from his role in the 1971 massacres. According to the International Crimes Tribunal, the legal body that is handling the case, there is evidence which proves that Mojahid and his colleagues are guilty of “genocide and crimes against humanity.”

However, there are those beyond the arrestees that have been implicated in the same crimes. One of them currently resides in Queens, New York. His name: Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman Khan, a.k.a. Ashrafuz Zaman Khan, a.k.a. Ashraf-uz-Zaman Khan.

Khan is the President of the North American Imams Federation (NAIF), a group based in Arizona whose membership consists of the most radical Muslim religious leaders located throughout the United States. The alumni of the group include: Wagdi Ghoneim, a former representative of a Hamas charity who was arrested and deported from the U.S. in November 2004, and Mazen Mokhtar, an al-Qaeda web designer who has made clear statements in support of suicide bombings and Hamas.

Recently, Khan came out of his private dwellings to share the stage with some fellow Islamist leaders in speaking out against, of all things, “Islamophobia,” a term usually used by radical Muslims to squelch the speech of those who speak out against radical Muslims. They did so at the location of the newly planned Ground Zero Mosque, as the structure has encountered much opposition from the community as well as from segments of the media and government.

These leaders included: Nihad Awad, the National Executive Director of the Hamas-related Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR); Siraj Wahhaj, the National President of the Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA) and a U.S. government named “unindicted co-conspirator” of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing; and Muzammil Siddiqi, the Chairman of the Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA) and an individual who has, in the past, advocated the “killing, enslavement [and] ransoming” of non-Muslim males.

As well as: Mohamad Magid, the National President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a group co-founded by Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorist Sami al-Arian; Ahmed Elbendary and Mahdi Bray, the two national heads of the Muslim American Society (MAS), a group that has used the internet to spread violence against non-Muslims; and Zahid Bukhari, the National President of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), a group connected to the financing of Hamas; amongst others.

One would have to question the reason why Khan would wish to place himself in the spotlight alongside this seedy collection of reprobates, while discussions grow louder about his alleged disreputable history.

During the massacres of 1971, Khan was stationed in Bangladesh as a commander of al-Badr.

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  • Jaladhi

    Why are these murderers allowed to come to USA. Not only that they are given US citizenship when eligible for it. I assume he is a citizen of USA because every Muslim who comes to USA files for US citizenship as soon as he is eligible for it. In case of this Imam what kind of investigation our Immigration service did before even giving him a visa to enter USA. Stop Muslim immigration to USA. Period!!

    • Gary Rumain

      It's OK, O'Bummer will only pardon him if anyone starts asking questions.

    • david

      not only stop immigration, remove all muslims to their or their parents country of origin. call me any name you want, these deathcultists must be removed from civilized society.

      • Don Costello

        I agree, they don't want us in their country so should they be in ours?

    • Marty

      Not sure why these Muslim murderers are allowed in to the USA, who's running the USA anyway?

    • Paul L

      It is time to stop all muslims leaving any Islamic state, let them stew in their own countries – it is probably too late already to avoid the next global conflict which will be the rest against Islam. DO any foreign demovratic leaders bother to educate themselves by reading the Koran? Knowledge is a wonderful thing – read its evil and be prepared!

  • stephencuz

    In all seriousness, how is it he has been allowed to walk the streets a free man? Will this be another call Holder can make as to deciding to press charges or not (one thinks of the New Black Panther fiasco)? As in other posts where there is argument to Obama being a Muslim or not ~ IT DOESN"T MATTER if he is or isn't. EVERYTHING he (or his Administration under his orders) does is EXACTLY what a Muslim or Socialist would do.

  • Skandinav

    Can he not be tried in/handed over from the US? Has anyone tried reporting him to the police? Could a Bangladeshi living in the US not report him for crimes? Could this court not request to have him handed over? I hope everything is being tried.

  • 080

    Ashrafuzzamen should make it perfectly clear that he is not about to enter an Ashram.

  • Spider

    Great we have the Mu-slim equivelent of Clous Barbie living in our neighborhoods and he just gets protected by Eric Holder and company. What is in store for us next?

    • Shabti777

      I'm also shocked about this. Americans and Israelis that live here should start taking out the trash before the stench is to great that Mohamed himself will do flips in his grave.

  • USMCSniper

    The arab curse be upon him. May the beubonic plague infected fleas of a thousand camels find their home in his crotch, and may he die in slow agony.

  • turbantorpedo

    Hello America,

    Isn't it a little beyond strange that we are host to a rogues gallery of satanic inspired America hating radical Muslims, without a move to investigate for prosecution. This guy Kahn, along with a few of his very bad collegues that want us dead in the worst possible ways should be rounded up and be placed on maximum security pig farms tending these beasts that best describe what these foul characters are all about.

    The Turban Torpedo

  • Indioviejo

    The TEA Party should pressure Republicans for Immigration reform. Stop ALL immigration for ten years and close it to muslims forever. As proven in Europe, they won't assimilate, they can't become Americans, and they are a 5th column in our midst.

  • turbantorpedo


    Americans, with one voice should demand of our next president that his or her justice department, with the weight of the congressional majority begin taking care of the 'clear and present danger' of radical Muslims in this country. It shouldn't be so difficult since they are all out of the closet thanks to the current regime in Washington.

    Otherwise . . . I have a mission for you MarineSniper . . . bring lots of friends.

    The Turban Torpedo

    • Shabti777

      How do you feel about teaming up with a Israeli soldier? Get'r done.

  • tsusiat

    Immigration from Arab states must be frozen immediately. islam and the civilized western world have nothing in common, and there is no reason socially, culturally or economically to allow these people into our society. Sure, our principals are being put to the test, principles like tolerance, freedom of religion, speech, assembly and so on, but better we stretch these principals now than allow them to be eroded out from under us. Let Europe be our evidence as to what happens when these people take up residence here.

  • Nabil Ahmad

    To those of you screaming for moratoriums against Muslim immigration to the USA: Do your homework.

    I was born shortly after Bangladesh became a free country. My parents are Bangladeshis who are devout Muslims and who, at the same time, strongly opposed the actions of the likes of Khan and the Pakistani government. My father contributed to the Bangladeshi liberation movement from outside the country.

    Guess who was arming the Pakistani Armed Forces and their fanatical "Muslim" supporters? It was the USA and the ChiComs! Pres. Nixon was infatuated with the idea of an alliance with the ChiComs, and since the Pakistanis and ChiComs were in bed together, Nixon was trying to use the Pakistanis as a channel to the ChiComs. It worked…but the ultimate price was paid by both the people of Bangladesh and the USA.

  • Nabil Ahmad

    In spite of the US's role in the Pakistanis' role in the attempted genocide of my people (85-90% who are Muslims) people like me don't hold it against the USA. On the contrary, we've been trying to WARN America but none of you listened to us. Then 9/11 happened.

    Just remember how you choose your friends. All my people wanted was to live in freedom and dignity, but the USA sided with a bunch of fanatics against us. And in spite of the help that you provided the fanatics, they used all the wealth and weapons that you provided them with against you.

    My people suffered the equivalent of multiple 9/11s over a period of the last 40 years at the hands of fanatics that the USA armed and financed. In spite of this, we have continued to be patient and tried to convince you that these fanatics are NOT your friends, and that they will turn around and stab you in the back, and have continued to offer you our help in rooting these fanatics out. It is sad that it took an event like 9/11 to wake you up and pay heed to us.

    • Shabti777

      Bachat abuk. You know whats still funny you started this antifada. We came to Israel in 48 to our home and wanted to live in peace with you but you wanted to fight and kill us so we whooped your ass and took Our land back and thats the way it's going to be. You will never have Jerusalem, The golan hights or any other part of the land. Ben Gurion and Golda meyer had a chace to get rid of the whole lot of you but didn't do it so now it looks like we once again will have to do what we did in 48 only this time we will send you right up Mohamads ass. She tamute ya maniach shermuta as ze.. 30 years a building stands with a gold arch behind the great whaling wall in jerusalem and they think they own the place. Thats going to be the first thing we get rid of. Ala ekach et col ha sbala as ze.

  • Nabil Ahmad

    Putting a moratorium on Muslim immigration will do you no good. All it'll do is force out those of us who are your potential allies in the War on Terror. And those who seek to hurt and/or destry you will just find another way to get in. Do you think that it's just a bunch of Hispanics who are trying to sneak into the USA from the southern border? Ever think about the northern border? Hezbollah and, perhaps Hamas as well, probably are well established up in Canada, along with a swath of extremist groups from around the world, including the LTTE, which, by the way, was NOT a Muslim movement and was practically the inventor of suicide bombing. They may have lost the war in Sri Lanka. But they could regroup…and if they do, it'll start in our own backyards, right here in North America.

    • GCR

      As long as someone is a follower of Islam, they are to be considered a danger. So called ‘moderates’ are simply those who are enjoying the benefits of Judeo-Christian system, but when push comes to shove, they will do whatever mohammed says. Or be killed as apostates………

    • Shabti777

      whom are you talking about when you include LTTE?

  • Nabil Ahmad

    One other note…

    Guess who supported Bangladesh in 1971? Even though the US Govt. was against us, Israel sided with us. And I am grateful to Israel for this. Israel also sided with Bosnia and Kosovo against the Serbs in the 1990s. As a result, Israelis can walk freely in both places…more so in Kosovo than in Bosnia, where Arab Muslim fanatics have established a beachead, thanks to the blind eye of the US State Dept. It was Bosnian Intelligence that tipped off their US counterparts about shady "Muslim" charities that were actually fronts for terrorist groups.

  • Nabil Ahmad

    These guys have been protected from the top for decades here in the USA. Remember Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman? How the hell did he get in and get a Green Card of all things when:
    1) He was convicted in Egypt as the Imam who gave the blessings for the assassination of Anwar Sadaat because the latter made peace with Israel;
    2) He had 2 wives.
    And what does he do after getting here? Provide another blessing…this time for the 1993 bombing of the WTC. Folks like myself play by the rules all the way and have no intention of harming or woking against US interests in any way, but we got to stand in the back of the line. Sheesh…govt bureaucrats, they're the same everywhere. Crap for brains…

  • Ret. Marine

    Turbantorpedo, permission to tag along with one of my own? birds of the same feather don't cha knowed, I think he can use the extra eyes and ears?

  • pappy86us

    I still say we get a bunch rich conservatives, a few well backed Israelis, some Brits, and make a list of all the Islamic fundamentalist that are out in the UK, US, and else where that are trying to promote their Jihad. Then, this group goes out and one, by one, systematically kill each and everyone of these individuals! These people need to be stopped!

  • btilly

    ome,so-called educated elite in America are so dumb, greedy, and naive that they arenthe ones we need to send to Iraq aand afghanistan and let them see what life is really like in the Islamic world. Take the UN to Pakistan or Aghanistan where plenty of Isllamic land await them. OIC would love it and with modern day technology they could hook it up for the world to see. Muslim nations in Islam and the Communist in China and Capitalistic world in NYC. After living in freedom and return back home they will see a little light,

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Mullah Bloomberg Mayor of NYC will insure the safety of Kahn
    in his show of benificent tolerance for those complicit in the
    excavation of and enabling of the Twin Towers area mosque.
    When will Blooming idiot order American forces out of NYC
    and investigate any resident veterans for possible hate thinking?
    In the past NYC had a convicted felon for every eight citizens,
    trendy way for History to repeat itself vis Kahn………………William
    Oh yeah! isn't that Bloomberg in the picture on the left?

  • Fred Dawes

    Send the UN To Moscow, the government inside russia/ people know how to deal with Muslims. also send the Black panthers along to have some fun and games in old mother russia, after all that is the PLACE That it all started and all the idea came from like the black panthers and most of the other BS You now see in this world going back to the 1930's, the new government would know how to deal with all this old BS.