An Extremist Sharia Makeover

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For the past month-and-a-half, the Islamic Society of Milwaukee (ISM) has been sponsoring a program attempting to whitewash the effect that Sharia law, if implemented, would have on American society. Teaching the courses was Zulfiqar Ali Shah, an individual tied to various radical Muslim groups, including a Hamas charity. Does the ISM really believe that a known extremist can put a good face on Sharia, and what does this say about those who advocate for Sharia?

Sharia or Islamic law is the legal code which determines how Muslims lead their lives – for many, every aspect of their lives. Like any judicial code, it is subject to interpretation. It could deal with simple matters, such as how one makes monetary investments, or it could be used towards the most horrific practices of barbarity, as seen in numerous areas throughout the Muslim world.

Zulfiqar Ali Shah is the Religious Director of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee (ISM), located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Born in Pakistan, he obtained his Masters degree in Sharia law from Islamic University in Islamabad. He is what is known as a “Sharia scholar.” In fact, he is the former President of the now-defunct Sharia Scholars Association of North America (SSANA).

As such, one would think that Shah would be the perfect person to discuss the benefits – if there are any – that Sharia law can bring to Americans.

From October through November, 2010, that was Shah’s goal, in a six-week course that he led held at the Men’s Masjid of ISM, entitled ‘Is Islamic Shari’ah a Threat to America?’ However, when one looks at Shah’s background, one might not only view Sharia law as a threat, but they may view Shah as a threat, as well.

Prior to his employment at ISM, Shah was involved with a variety of Muslim extremist groups. One of them was the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), the American arm of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), the Muslim Brotherhood of Pakistan.

Shortly before till shortly after the September 11th attacks, ICNA was using the web to urge its followers to give “material support” to groups connected to al-Qaeda. Attached to this call for material support was a link to the main website that was raising funds and recruiting fighters for al-Qaeda and the Taliban,, a.k.a. Jihad in Chechnya. Also, on this same web page were links to the official websites of Hamas, Hezbollah and the Taliban.

Shah was the National President (Ameer) of ICNA, while this was going on.

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    First it was Islam itself that Muslims were intent on explaining to us hapless infidels…trying to allay our growing and well-founded fears about their so-called "religion of peace." Now it is Sharia that is being re-packaged for our delicate Western sensibilities…the logical next step in the process of Islamization.

    One wonders what kind of spin is presented to rationalize stonings and the murder of apostates, integral to Sharia? It's not hard to imagine…neither of these are explicitly called for in the Quran…so it's all a misunderstanding fostered by the Islamophobes. And of course the Ahadith, which actually comprises the bulk of Islamic law even though it is a secondary source, will scarcely be mentioned, because it is THERE – in the sayings of the Prophet – that we find the explicit calls to murder the apostate and stone the adulteress.

    I was just imagining the not-so-dim future when the first stoning death occurs on Western land (probably Britain). The most hard-core, rabid, Western feminists will look the other way, insisting that such a barbarism falls under the rubric of "religious freedom".

    You don't believe me? We already have the precursor: Google Norwegian sociologist Uni Wikan and witness her maxim that Western women must acknowledge the new realities of multiculturalism by donning the head scarf in order to avoid sexual harassment and potential rape from Muslim immigrants.

    Should one laugh or cry?

    • Fred Dawes

      you got it, can we all say 1984 the game is over, over here with our monkey government which will someday soon just get in line with the muslims and start to behead Americans for the ideals of god.

    • chiquelets I googled Unni Wikan and found this article…what r the Norweigans thinking??? This piece boggles the mind.

    • Jesse Collins

      You're wasting your writing talents in these comments sections, Chezwick_Mac. Whoever you are, start your own blog or site. I'll be your first visitor and even put you on my Firefox toolbar. You are better at analysis, and particularly attended by logical writing skills, than most the oped and other electronic or even regular journalists who publish on these subjects, especially those related to Islam. You get to the heart of the matter fast. You take no prisoners intellectually speaking. This is my third time to give you this feedback. And, Spencer needs some serious help. You could be it.

      Jesse Collins

      • Chezwick_Mac

        I don't know what to say Jesse….except a sincere thank you. I think you're being overly generous, but your comments have certainly made my day.

        My real aspirations are musical. I wrote and recorded the following songs…tributes to two people whom I have the greatest admiration for. …and there are more songs on the way.

        • Chezwick_Mac
        • Jesse Collins

          Oriana was wrong on Vietnam. Had she lived in the villages where I did in I Corps, she'd have gone the other way. Killing people who think differently is just killing anyway you do it, whether Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism or Islamism. But she did a find job on the latter. Hence, she was my hero, too. Plus, she was pretty.

          Another Italian hero of mine is their journalist who told his Islamists killers as they were getting ready to shoot him "Let me show you how an ITALIAN dies!" Now I'm reading the Italian author of The New Shoah." Don't like his style, but do his capacity to care and courage to tell the story. He's a good man and his work deserving. It also is a good research piece. I've also been a fan of Verdi for some years. Love opera and tried, but alas failed, to sing it once.

          Having identified my epistemology, I like your song and courage. Keep at it and I'll put you up there on my playlist with Worley for world patriotic music creators.

          Haven't played your second yet. Will later. Take care. My comments regarding your writing and oped skills are warranted.

          Jesse Collins

  • Fred Dawes

    CAN WE SAY 1984 Its all in the game.

  • stephencuz

    Chez is right again. I am not a very religious man but I do recall that in the book of Revelation it saying something along the lines of those under the alter that WERE BEHEADED for the faith. Where will such Christian Martyrs come from? Who beheads people for their beliefs in this modern world? Now we’re talking about Sharia…..I may believe in many things but I don’t believe in coincidence. Our fight is with ISLAM plain and simple.

    • HOOAH

      Excellent point steph, I also recall that Revelations said something about the Beast refusing to take the council of women. Early Christians took this to mean that the Beast was gay, but as world events unfold and more about islam is learned and uncovered it seems that the Beast and Islam have much in common…ie contempt for women and chopping off heads.
      Jesus also warned about FALSE PROPHETS deceaving the multitudes. Not sure if anyone has read the Christians series called "Left Behind" but in the book they say that the Beast uses the U.N. to gain control. Now I wonder if the Beast is islam's Umma.

  • jacob

    The braying of this Norwegian moron embodies the prevalent thinking of most of the western world abject and rotten "intelligentsia" , digging our graves with bulldozers instead of picks and shovels…

    And in the meantime, to BUSH in the evening of the 9/11 horror, Islam is a "Religion of Peace" and to the White House Muslim wolf posing as "Christian" lamb, Mad Dog Farrakhan is is "GREAT MAN" , as he even confessed assisting to the MILLION MEN March

    But who pulled no punches, was the Rep. of Minnessota who was sworn in on JEFFERSON's Koran copy, containing all the deceit formulas as preached by Mohammed to the faithful.
    And I say plled no pnches, because he can screw royally all those who sent him to Congress, Jews who voted for him included and be safe from prosecution, as what he
    did was allowed in the book upon which he swore…

    OR NOT ???

  • USMCSniper

    Obce Sharia law is established in financial instutions it is established. All over Europe Islamic banks are establishing branches, Western banks are offering Sharia-compliant financial services, and European governments are trying to outcompete each other in welcoming them. Proponents of banking along the lines of Sharia (Islamic law) claim that the Islamic banking system is “more ethical” than the West’s capitalist system. This is not true. Unfortunately, however, in our age of crashing financial markets, many Westerners – not just the traditional anti-capitalist European left – seem very eager to buy that argument. Early this month, even the Vatican newspaper Osservatore Romano voiced its approval of Sharia banking. “The ethical principles on which Islamic finance is based may bring banks closer to their clients and to the true spirit which should mark every financial service,”

  • Mike in VA

    Does anyone really believe that Islamic Shari'a is consistent with the United States Constitution? It's one thing to peddle that lie but quite another to actually believe it.

  • Jaladhi

    When it comes to discussion of their ROP, not a single Muslim can be trusted and Shah is no exception!!! We will not get any Muslim to denounce the sharia law when it is well known how it is for enslaved status of Muslim women and of course of non-Muslims. Therefore, sharia is not good for any body and is definitely a threat to USA as well as to the entire world. We should not allow the practice of sharia here in any form. Period!!! If Muslims do not like it , the gates open for to go to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Somalia, Pakistan, etc, all those Islamic paradises where sharia is practiced and glorified!!1

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Let's tell it like it is. Sharia is intrinsic to Islam. You can’t get one without the other. The only solution is to ban and reverse Muhammadan immigration.

    The fact of the matter is wherever mass Muhammadan immigration has taken place in the West the majority of the Muhammadan immigrants have refused to assimilate and integrate. Instead, they have formed Muhammadan no-go zones ruled by Sharia as parallel societies and in direct contravention to the laws of the states in which they reside. They will do the same thing here in America as well.

    It should be clear that Muhammadans don’t immigrate to assimilate and integrate. Instead, they immigrate to eventually subjugate and dominate. This process is demographic conquest or what the Muslim Brotherhood calls civilizational jihad.

    The reality is since 9/11 the US has doubled the size of the federal government and also the amount of taxpayer dollars it spends to protect the homeland from Islamic terrorism at the same time that it is has also imposed increasingly intrusive security measures, such full body scans and full body pat downs, which impinge on our 4th amendment rights as citizens all in the name of multiculturalism, diversity, and tolerance and in order to continue accommodating Muhammadan immigration and its excess baggage. This is ludicrous.

    We can no longer afford to continue accommodating multiculturalism, diversity, and tolerance or Muhammadan immigration because it is madness. Common sense dictates that if multiculturalism, diversity, and tolerance are allowed to run their courses that it will eventually result in the break up of the USA due to disunity. Common sense also dictates that zero Muhammadans living in America equals zero probability of Islamic terrorist attacks.

    Hence, the USA needs to dump multiculturalism, diversity, and tolerance and at the same time also ban and reverse Muhammadan immigration ASAP, as those things are imposing irreversible changes upon America that will make America into something else entirely different altogether. Not to mention that we simply can’t afford to continue this ludicrous and unhinged madness.

    Finally, if anyone wants to claim any of the above is an example of racism and xenophobia, then they ought to be prepared to explain why and how any of the above isn’t true, or otherwise is good for America.

  • Brett

    Considering what happened in Oklahoma where another extremist Liberal Judge pushes aside the will of the people to ban Sharia law I think we have alot to worry about if this is going to set a precedent. Gee I wonder how this same judge would rule if a stoning or wife beating case comes to her court? So this is what it is coming to in America now? These Liberal judges are either extremely totalitarian or they are insane. Unfortunatly the radical Islamists are fighting us on all fronts and that includes here at home in the courts where if they could, they would have our throats under the boot of Sharia. Americans need to wake up & smell the coffee here. Every state needs to have a anti-sharia law & if these Fascist Liberal judges try to get in outr way. We need to just ignore them or have them removed if we can.

  • Chezwick_Mac

    Thanks Jess…and yes, David was very gracious.

  • Indioviejo

    Sharia is derived from the Qur'an and the Hadith, which is the interpretation of the Muslim Deity's confused utterances to the Angel Gabriel, who in turn revealed them to Mohamed at his convenience and to his pace (23 years). It is the Legal,Moral and ethical authority for Islam. We must remember that all ethics and morals come from Mohamed, the most perfect man. Yes, the same one who married Aisha when she was six years old, and consummated the marriage when she was nine years old. He personally beheaded the jewish members of the Banu Qurayza, according to Ibn Ishaq(…and strike off their heads in those trenches as they were brought out to him in batches.), and raped the women and children, and kept them as slaves. If there is any doubt as to the veracity of this posting, as Glenn Beck says, do your homework. Everything is on the Web. But the point is Sharia cannot be more humane than it's Law giver, Mohammed. Solon he is not.

    • Rebas_Thgil

      Seems like you've got a good head on your shoulders, Indio. Here's hoping that you keep it that way and keep on putting the truth out there!

      • Indioviejo

        Thanks. Just calling it as I know it.

  • qawguni

    Western banks are offering Sharia-compliant monetary services, and European administration is demanding to outcompete each other in welcoming them.

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  • kafir4life

    Now suppose instead of allowing muslim immigrants to rape women who aren't covered, wouldn't it be better to just castrate them? Otherwise, the courts will treat them as they'd have been treated back home, which would be to blame / charge the woman. Remember the two saudi moon god worshippers that laughingly got on a school bus, and terrorized the children? They were let off because of their "culture". Anybody else would have been charged. The terrorist supporters at cair came to their rescue.

  • Truth Detector

    In reality, Islam is a Crime Syndicate that practices Criminal Activity whenever it can get away with it. Some of the crimes committed by Islam: Perpetually waging war against its neighbors; stoning women to death; relegating women to second class status; Honor Killings; forcing underage little girls to "marry" old, depraved Muslim male sex perverts, and consequently legally raping said little girls; lashing underage little girls who try to escape forced marriages to depraved Muslim male sex perverts; lashing old women who are caught with male strangers; hanging homosexuals and lesbians by the neck until dead; Sadistic Muslims chopping off clitorises of little girls; chopping off hands, feet, and gouging out eyes of petty thieves; and many more crimes. I REPEAT, ISLAM IS A CRIME SYNDICATE THAT CONSTANTLY PRACTICES CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.