Rick Warren: A Shill for Terror

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However, all one has to do is look at the other individuals exhibited within the ISNA “Speakers Corner” to understand that there is nothing legitimate about the group. They include Nihad Awad and Ibrahim Hooper, respectively the National Executive Director and National Communications Director of the Council on America-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group, like ISNA, that has been named by the U.S. government as an accomplice to the financing of Hamas.

They include Hezbollah supporter Maher Hathout, violent jihad advocate Esam Omeish, terrorist defender Mahdi Bray, anti-woman author/lecturer Jamal Badawi, and so many other extremist members of the American Muslim community.

Chrzan went on, “While I do not wish to offer an apologia for ISNA, I would refer you to multiple articles that describe the organization’s goals in reaching out to other faiths, including Judaism, and denouncing terrorism[.]”

These goals of outreach must have been overlooked, when ISNA was considering posting to its official website an English language version of the Quran which labels Jews “strongest among men in enmity” and “men who will listen to any lie” and claims that there is a “heavy punishment” for Jews in the “Hereafter” — a version of the Quran which states that “Allah’s curse” is upon Jews and Christians and calls on Muslims not to take Jews or Christians for their “friends and protectors.”

As well, the ISNA Quran advocates beating women who are suspected of “disloyalty” to their husbands.

This Quran has been up on ISNA’s site for years, as it presently is today.

During Warren’s speech to ISNA, he told ISNA’s conference attendees that he loved them, and he stated to them, “[W]e need to work together.” But how do you work together with an organization that believes in and preaches hatred and violence towards others?

You cannot. That is, unless you are willing to become a party to the group’s actions.

By speaking at ISNA’s functions and by giving his consent to having his likeness and biography placed on ISNA’s website, Pastor Rick Warren has indeed become a party to ISNA’s actions. He has become a pastor of terror.

You can tell a lot about a person by the friends that he keeps, and Pastor Warren keeps the wrong kind of friends.

Joe Kaufman is the Chairman of Americans Against Hate and the founder of CAIR Watch. He has been responsible for the closure of at least one terror-related charity and has convinced a number of government officials to shun the Hamas front group, CAIR. In June 2009, he won a lawsuit brought against him by seven Dallas-area radical Muslim organizations.

Beila Rabinowitz, Director of Militant Islam Monitor assisted with this report.

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  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    The author focuses mostly on particular viciousness of this particular Islamic gathering attended by that evangelical pastor (as though there exist plenty of less vicious Islamic venues!)

    Yet which sense does it make for a Christian pastor in a Christian nation to welcome adherents of a competing foreign religion whose numbers in the world exceed America's entire population many times? I mean ANY foreign religion, even the most peaceful one completely antithetic to Islam…

    How in the world can growing numbers of ANY foreign religion X benefit to Christianity in the host country so much, that a Christian pastor salivates of enthusiasm?! And yes, we are speaking not about say Buddhism or Hinduism, but about Islam, whose co-religionist just recently slashed throats to 9 Christian doctors volunteering in Afghanistan. About Islam, which is in existential war against Christendom in general and America in particular.

    The pastor commits a betrayal on par with that of Jens Orback in Sweden who said: "We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us." (!!!)

    • RonC

      A "Christian nation" and a "foreign religion"? It's bad enough to listen to those who try to characterize America as a Christian country despite the fact that many of its founders, like Jefferson and Madison, were not Christians, but Deists. Even worse is anyone whose understandting of this country's First Amendment is so non-existent as to characterize the reilgions of millions of Americans as "foreign." You give opposition to Islamic terrorism a bad name.

      • aspacia

        Most of the Founders were indeed Christian. Jefferson signed many of his letters "In Christ." Yes, he did, and I do have his revamped Bible.

      • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

        RonC's statement exemplifies the progressive/atheistic/(Christophobic) wish to strip America from its title faith, i.e. the Judeo-Christian national identity. If it is bad enough for you that America had always been (until the 1960s) the exclusively Judeo-Christian nation, think about the place better fitting your wishes. The 1st Amendment does not state as though any religion of the world is allowed to proselytize here and change our national identity
        http://www.resonoelusono.com/Platform.htm (items 2-7)

        Moslems have no business even being here – unless they fled from their Crapistans with intention to leave Islam for good and integrate into a Judeo-Christian society. What else should a person wish moving into a predominantly Christian nation?!

        And finally, we are in opposition (actually in a war) against Islam, rather than against Islamic terrorism.

      • sebyandrew

        A "Christian nation" and a "foreign religion"? It's bad enough to listen to those who try to characterize America as a Christian country despite the fact that many of its founders, like Jefferson and Madison, were not Christians, but Deists. Even worse is anyone whose understandting of this country's First Amendment is so non-existent as to characterize the reilgions of millions of Americans as "foreign." You give opposition to Islamic terrorism a bad name.

        You deny the obvious and mention a religion that is inimical to our Constitution AND the First Amendment as if a correct understanding must straitjacket common sense against seeing things as they are. It IS foreign and cannot be allowed to gain political or cultural ascendency just so things are" fair." Your head is in the sand.

      • jen

        You are fretting over a phrase used by a Christian, when islamists want to behead the infidels? Don't be foolish. Join the fight against islam instead of getting all flustered at a Christian posting about the nature of our country (which has been and is largely Christian, but that's not the point. ) Quit swatting at gnats when there are dragons flying around our heads!

  • Hamza Jennings

    Peace be upon those who follow truth

    Statement of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), July 14, 2008

    “…As an ally and friend of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)…the label of ‘co-conspirator’ is damaging to the excellent reputation of ISNA and those who collaborate with them to build a better America…In my experience working with ISNA, their leaders have offered the United States a strong and consistent Muslim voice of peace…”

    Furthermore, any suggestion that Islamic Relief is a front for Hamas is not only ignorant but it's a lie. Islamic Relief does not involve itself in matters of politics as its aim is humanitarian only. Islamic Relief does work in Gaza and assists those who are in need.

    Islamic Relief is independent of any government yet have been found to be the most transparent of NGO's by the US and UK Governments.

    Your accusations against ISNA and Islamic Relief are entirely without basis

    • davarino

      Okie Dokie, If you say so hammie.

      • Nick Shaw

        LOL! I do like you davarino!

    • bdouglasaf1980

      I see you are being a good Muslim and practicing your Taqiyya. That deception might work on many sites, unfortunately including Christian sites that really want to believe in a common goodness between the religions, but it will not work with an educated audience such as this.

    • aspacia

      Most Muslims agree with the Hamas, Hizzi and other Muslim group statement that they want all Jews to return to Israel to more easily destroy them.

    • derrickras

      We are not so stupid as you think, muzztard. "Islamic Relief does not involve itself in matters of politics." Islam is politics, we are not that stupid. Islam is a total belief system–I'll believe that islam does not involve itself in politics when I stop seeing muslim men with their heads nearly up each other's asses praying to their satanic god while they whiff each others' asses, sir. Is that brimstone you are smelling, or just non ghusl'd waste? you dumbasses, satan is laughing his ass off when you sniff each others' asses.

    • 911Infidel

      Wrong. ISNA is on the list of unindicted co-conspirators that the FBI uncovered in the HolyLand Foundation investigation. ISNA is a part of the Muslim Brotherhood in America, And you can lie all you want to about that there sparky. But the evidence is against you.

    • trodaball

      Hahaha, Is this the schtick your practicing for a comedy club gig ? Good stuff..Haha, I love the part about the Islamic relief being a legit org, Haha, ouch it hurts, you're killing me..and that one where ISNA is not involved with terror. That's a gem !

  • jacob

    This minister is either plain stupid, which is a mental condition psychiatrists have been unable to cure or has gotten his palm greased or someone has something VERY DEMEANING on him and that is why he is playing this game, as PERHAPS when he is told to squat, he says HOW LOW ?
    Ever heard of blackmail, just to give him the benefit of the doubt ??
    On the other hand, didn't GWB state publicly the very night of the 9/11 horror, that
    Did he have in mind the 'PEACE" of the graveyards ???

    • johnnywood

      Warren is a total "boob" having absolutely no discernment and seems not to be able to distinguish between Islam and Christianity.

    • jen

      We should never forget W starting the whole ROP sh**. But BO is much worse, flying aroung the world preaching islam and appointing terrorist lawyers to the DOJ (and his newest – an ambassador to Syria.) He is the worst traitor our country has ever seen.

  • Jeff

    I tend to spend my energies looking at how I best live MY life rather than spend my energies and postings on judging others. I will say this much. If Jesus had not shown up at Damascus Road, Saul of Tarsus (a murderer and jailer who targeted Christians), would never have become Paul the Apostle.

    • jbtrevor

      I tend to agree. Islamists have a clouded view of who we are…unless we tell them otherwise by showing up at their (ISNA) meetings or wherever…why should they think otherwise. Not that I think Rev. Warren will have much influence on the fundamental jihad nuts, but if he can reach just one person in attendance – that's one less jihad nut we have to worry about….

      • bdouglasaf1980

        There is a big difference between showing up and kissing up. Jesus was very plain on that. Tell them what He offers. If they do not accept, leave and shake even the dust off your feet. If he is proclaiming the message boldly, then yes, more power to him. It's a thin line though, because he has a huge following that may easily be mislead.

        • jbtrevor


      • Spirit_Of_1683

        The Islamists view of who we are could hardly be clearer. They look at us and what do they see? They see people who are ashamed of their own existence and are full of self-hate. No wonder they think we're a soft touch. And people like yourself are part of that problem.

        • jbtrevor

          @Spirit of 1683 – care to elaborate? or do you simply assume things about people, smear them in public forum by suggesting they are part of the problem… Exactly what is the 'problem' you have with me?
          If you believe what you said 'Islamist see people who are ashamed of their own existence & are full of self-hate' – who better to preach to them a different message than Rick Warren?
          And I'd be interested in how you came to this conclusion of Muslim clarity in their view of us because I fully disagree with you. To Islamists, we are infidels to be converted, enslaved or killed, that's clouded..

    • PrRoberto

      Sir, PAstor Warrenis not a a murderer nor a jailer. He is supposed to be like Paul as youplainly put it. He is already on the other side of the coin. LEt me quote scripture for you since you like to quote the Bible,
      2nd Cor 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? We have to be light in the world not grow dim becauwe of others
      nor lose our light because of the darkness. No one here is judging they are simply
      stating facts about was has transpired and I believe our job here is to pray for
      Rick Warren.

    • Ron

      For some reason, well-intentioned evangelicals today have absorbed the contemporary culture's notion of "nonjudgmentalism" as opposed to the biblical (and even classical philosophical) one. As opposed to the pop culture, Oprah-esque notion of "nonjudgmentalism," Jesus has no problem calling those who oppose God's Kingdom a "brood of vipers," who are twice as "fit for hell" than those they influence. Jesus didn't hesitate to use "uncivil discourse" when truth is at stake. Neither did Paul. He referred to those who opposed the truth as "dogs," etc. Against the legalistic zealots, who insisted new believers be circumcised, he expressed his wish that "they go all the way and castrate themselves." The mantra, "worry about your own sin," may mask a type of narcissism. Failing to speak against falsehood can be a sin of omission. Some of us need to turn off the pop-psychology based theology so rampant in what Mark Noll has described as "the scandal of the evangelical mind."

      • Judges

        Amen Ron. Christians are called to be Judges. We will judge the very Angels themselves. We are to avoid hypocritical judging, but we are certainly taught to judge. The Bible has much to teach about judging. Thou shalt not judge is the way to shut us down.

    • LAURA


  • Alberto Zegada

    How can a christian pastor turn down an opportunity to talk to leaders of an opposing faith? It is every christian's duty to do what this pastor did. I would like to have read the message/speach that Pastor Warran spoke in front of this audience to truly gauge whether it was a good idea to attend or not. Remember, even Jesus sat and ate with the vilest of people of his generation. I wouldn't make the leap in reasoning that this author makes that by having this Islamic institution on the website, Pastor Warren is giving them credibility.

    • Nick Shaw

      I agree with Alberto to a point. However, I might be loathe to link to INSA's website on mine. Isn't it the point of Christianity to spread the word, even in the face of daunting odds such as those posed by Islam? Pastor Warren may be well aware of INSA's activities and backgrounds of the speakers. He may be just trying to give it a shot. No? Or should I just go stand in the corner?

    • johnnywood

      If warren did not present the Gospel to them then he need n`t have bothered. Just conversing with somebody of a different faith without telling them about JESUS is just so much "hot air".

    • scum

      It's so much fun watching FPM attack people of their own ilk. Keep up the good work.

    • Lori

      Do Not Include me In on This One! Jesus went out from Among Them and was Separate, He did not let the Leaders of the Law Use Him! and He did not side in any way!,Remember He was Slaughtered By those enemies and was wounded for all man kinds transgressions. I am A True Follow of Christ And I am not Siding with This Rick Warren! God Will Not Be Mocked! Face It Folks People who use the Lord God In Vain will be Judged! Hopefully This Man can get Real with God and Others about participating With Sin! Regardless we cannot condone sin and hide behind A title God sees and knows all things. Live The Word! And Let your yes be yes and your no no! If warren really was doing What Jesus did with the Elite I can tell you he would not be posted on this INSA Site! They would already be plotting his death!

    • Ingrid Schlueter

      Rick Warren told the assembled followers of Mohammed that quote, "God loves variety." His implication was clear. He wasn't there to share the Christian faith. He was there to celebrate their Islamic religion. There was no Gospel. There never is any Gospel where Rick Warren goes. He is a useful idiot, or a very cunning tool of those who seek to advance Islam in America, because where Rick Warren goes, millions of his followers go as well. This is a dangerous and outrageous trend for American evangelicals.

    • pj

      go to youtube and watch his speech. It will make you want to puke.

  • Kenneth Hovey

    The Muslims marry small children and also have sex with older women. The have their wife's
    children go on welfare. With their big families they will take over the country in years ahead.

    • Mandy

      Spot on, this is EXACTLY what is happening in Australia! Not to mention muslim men preying on and marrying white Australian women to get a foothold in the country to begin with. You all might want to do a little research on the good "minister" Rick Warren. LOTS and LOTS of info about him on the Christian sites, i.e., Lighthouse Trails research project, Berit Kjos Ministries and Olive Tree Ministries with Jan Markell, to name a few. There are also a sizable number of books critical of the good preacher on amazon.com. As a new world order, one-world government globalist conman, promoting a one-world religion tolerant of everything and everyone but believers in CHRIST JESUS he is someone to be watched. CAREFULLY.

  • Jay McMahon-Cape Cod

    I generally agree with Joe Kaufman's work. Politically, he is right in this article. However, although Rick Warren calls himself a Pastor, (head of a church), his really is an Evangelist. An Evangelist's job is to "seek and save" the Lost, using any open "doors of venue" or forums. Most Christians would agree that Muslims are "Lost" in the Biblical sense. And so it follows that an Evangelist would accept this invitation and address this multitude of the Lost at one event. His job is to bring them to the saving knowledge and Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and not enter into political dialogue with them. Rick Warren represents Jesus, and not the USA, when he speaks with Muslims. You will notice that Warren does not excuse the "sins" of Muslims, however one defines "sin". Warren did not, and should not, have consider "politics" as he went about his calling as an Evangelist. His job is to deliver the Message that brings these people to Christianity. Whether he succeeds or not is irrelevant. His job is to deliver the Gospel, which is the Message of an Evangelist.

    • Dinosaur

      It didn't sound as if he was evangelizing, rather, kissing up. He didn't preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them. He didn't give an alter call, or invite them to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. He is a new world order guy who sees good in one world governance. I read his book and threw it out when I got to the middle. It was so off-base and did not line up with what I believe the Bible teaches. He is dangerous.

      • S. Hauptman

        You are sooo right! If he was "evangelizing" he would have done something akin to what Billy Graham did whenever speaking to any group which was to say "all have sinned" and that Jesus is the ONLY way to salvation from that sin. Rick Warren didn't do that which nullifies any attempt to refer to him as an evangelist.

    • Mike ~

      I am an Evangelical Christian, and have been for thirty years. Warren is a modern day Lot "sitting in the gates of the city" of the new Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19) Not even Lot's own family respected him because his life was so compromised. True, the evangelist is not to be "entangled with the affairs of this life" and exploit every opportunity to preach the Gospel, but Warren is enagaging in warm, fuzzy, "dialogue" with killers, and not calling them to repentence. Kaufman is right on the mark in this case.

    • Jill Snell

      One of Warren's opening statements was "God likes variety" which sounds like an endorsement of Islam to me. He never mentioned the Gospel of Christ. If he's an evangelist, he's a pretty lousy one. He is being used by Islamic leaders and he seems to enjoy the publicity.

    • MarkR

      Warren is from the Schuler (Robert) of Crystal Cathedral fame- "I bring em in and you evangelize em"- school of Christian evangelism which if focused on the idea of truly bringing them in can be somewhat effective. Where he has gone so wrong is getting into the political arena and focusing away from his calling. As Jay says here – its not about success or failure in numbers- its about spreading the truth. One plants, one waters and God causes the growth.

    • kim segar

      The L-rd reached out as we are to tell unsaved three times. if they do not except the gospel, we are to turn away. we are not to become part of the world, too many have love and justice mixed up..the L-rd called phoney's like Rick warren, snakes and vipers. G-d hates paganism and traditions of men and told us not to learn the way of the heathen. He is leading many into apostasy. there is only one way to heaven, thru Jesus. not to become part of the world..for those who love the world are not worthy of the kingdom

  • EdwinS

    Warren suffers from 'JimmyCarterSyndrome' – his lust for publicity is so intense that he will place himself in ANY venue that offers opportunites for
    him to put himself forward…moral or ethical issues are not important as long as he can be front and center…
    He has a modesty problem….

  • bdouglasaf1980

    Does anyone have the text of the message he delivered? It's hard to make a judgement on his actions without knowing what was said. If he was boldly proclaiming his Christian faith, then he is well within the doctrine of Christianity.

    • Ingrid Schlueter

      I aired his speech on our talk show. It was devoid of Gospel. Had he preached that Jesus Christ was the only way of salvation, he would have risked life and limb. He serves a greater purpose: the advancement of Islam while posing as an evangelical pastor. Those biblically illiterate evangelical Christians who created Warren's celebrity in the first place whine that he was only there to share Christ. One video clip of the event shows a Muslim saying how glad he was that Rick Warren didn't talk about Jesus. It's on YouTube under ISNA Rick Warren. Outrage.

    • jen

      Read up on islam. If he had started preaching Christian gospel, they would have physically thrown him out. They are treachorous — not to be treated as honest people Jesus did not have dinner with the pharisees; he called them out.

  • Lightning Jack

    Rick Warren and his "group-think" movement have taken the Christian Gospel and turned it into a progressive marketing enterprise which has made him millions from the gullible fools who support his self aggrandizing agenda.

    After reading his book "The Purpose Driven Life" it became quite obvious that Warren's irresponsible personal decisions to meet with terrorist sponsoring states (Syria) and jihadist groups says more about his phony persona and group-think marketing schemes of Christianity than anything he says.

  • Consular Officer

    The test is here: http://blog.beliefnet.com/cityofbrass/2009/07/tra

    It is disappointing, to say the least. When I read it, the words of our dear, departed Vladimir Ilyich kept popping into my head… something about "useful idiots" and "кто кого". YMMV

  • Mary

    I found excellent online audios for learning the truth about Islam and how it operates. http://www.actmiddletennessee.com/ACT!_MidTN/Isla

    • Nick Shaw

      And of course you know about Jihad Watch right here Mary?

  • cynthia curran

    Well, RIck Warren lives in a county with a lot of Iranians and some arabs like La, Orange County has a lot of foreign born, so Warren tries to be extra freindly with Muslims. Warren try to get the left to like him more when he had Obama at his church and did the inaugial prayer for President Obama. This backfire since Warren supported prop 8, however with Muslims this isn't a problem. I don't think Warren is a leftist his problem is he tries to bend over bakwards for other groups that are not evangelical christians to show he is tolerant but this doesn't always succed for him.

    • jen

      His inaugural prayer show he is not a clear-thinking Christian, but a publicity hound.

  • Beverley

    He is trying to build a'Tower of Babel' in regard to religion. All roads lead to the same god type of thing.

  • blotto

    Someone must have pictures of him in his Winny the Pooh underwear waiting to be spanked by a man dressed as a french maid. Otherwise he is an idiot.

  • waltjr

    Rick Warren is the typical Mega Church preacher. It is all about the dollar sign and power, and to hell with anyone else. There are many wolves in sheep clothing and Rick Warren is just one of many.

  • M. E. Assiedu

    Pastor Warren in his responsibility as a gifted guide of human flock might just be doing what he thinks is just but another way of reaching out to human beings. With the simple goal to go close to them and from there, when they themselves are close enough, will tell them one two good messages of Christ.

    But like Obama, the President, who spent the most important part of his youth-life in Muslim country, I am highly shocked and disappointed that both have not – throughout their all-life dealings with Islam and Muslims- been able to know that in Islam, it is forbidden to accept or respond with "As-salamu Alaykum" peace be with you – when a non-Muslim says it.

    This is to say that in Islam, if a non-Muslim, tells a Muslim "As-salamu Alaykum", the response should not be “Alaykum salamu” (peace be with you). Rather the response is "Alaykum salal" which means, may your peace remain with you.

    My question, therefore, is: “why do Pastor Warren and so-many like him chose to make jest of themselves before the Muslims".

    They should, none the less be informed that their ignorance of facts about Islam is and will not be accepted by the God – for whom they think they are working.

  • Diane

    As a supporter of Discover the Networks and a fan of David Horowitz, I have to tell you that you are barking up the wrong tree with your accusations of Rick Warren. You have a major blind spot here with a lack of understanding of the basic tenants of the Gospel which compels believers to "go into ALL the world and share the good news…" It's evident that Rick will go to ANY people group to build a bridge to share his faith.

    • http://www.americansagainsthate.org cairwatch

      Diane, I appreciate the comment. Me? I'm waiting to give the "good news" that Warren has done the right thing and has told ISNA that he no longer wishes for the group to have his photo and bio on its website. If he does, I'll be praising him soon. If he doesn't, I'm going to continue to call him out on it. Rick Warren, evangelical minister or not, is not above anyone else. What he has done is wrong, and he should rectify it.


      • Diane

        Joe, I reviewed an article by the Christian Post on what Rick said to the ISNA in 2009 –and again–you are putting your finger on the wrong issue….see http://www.christianpost.com/article/20090705/ric… Calling him out because he spoke to that group doesn't make him their mouthpiece–it was and will always be about "outreach" for Rick. I don't expect you to understand, but I can tell you that Rick Warren is not your enemy…There are far more pressing issues to bring to the light. Examine Jos, Nigeria where there is a mass grave of 500 that were slaughtered…hint: skip CNN.

    • pjh

      he did not share the gospel.

    • PatriotSara

      Diane, you sound and appear to be a DUPE. (You have fallen under the influence of those who deceive you.

  • derrickras

    The moderator here is a tool. Check out "Orgy of the Blind Dead III" on youtube, this post will be deleted soon–the mod is convinced that free speech mocking Islam is pornography. Moderator–what, specifically, is pornographic about this video? Check it out while you can–no nudity, only language that James Joyce would not have blushed at.
    Derrick Rasmussen

  • derrickras

    Of course, sir, you have never read James Joyce, I'm sure. Nor Faulkner, nor Burroughs, nor Hunter S. Thompson. I am certain of that.

  • 911Infidel

    Rick Warren has become a wolf in sheep's clothing. A discerning believer is well-aware of the difference between Warren's constant eisegesis vs a correct exegesis when it comes to interpetation of Scripture and its daily application. You'd think that with a thorough knowledge of Christianity even Rick Warren could tell that Islam is the opposite of Christianity. But when one allows what passes for PC into a church, that church has had its lampstand removed. Discernment is the mark of a true believer. It is a chacteristic that Mr Warren does not posses IMO.

  • amanavoice

    Joe Kaufman is a Jewish extremist anti Islam and Muslims. We should not be worried about him due to the fact that he has a history of attacking every Muslim leader and organization in America. Also Joe Kaufman has been attacking many decent Rabbis and Jewish activist for working with Muslims. for more information on Joe Kaufman association with State Dept. list of terrorists. In an article written in January 2001 on a forum of the Jewish Defense League, activist Joe Kaufman praised the Kahane movement and its founder Meir Kahane. In that article Kaufman said of Kahane: “It was perfectly understandable, if he were to have hated Arabs. Just like, during the Holocaust, it was perfectly understandable for a Jew to hate Germans…If the Kahanes’ memory serves us any purpose, it’s to show that trust (and peace) is ultimately between only ourselves.”
    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meir_Kahane
    By Sofian Zakkout http://www.amanavoice.com

  • popseal

    Islam is a primitive and violent superstition, founded by a known killer. Warren is a promoter of "emergent church" concepts that have no moral plumb line or spiritual compass. His ilk is easily misled into DHIMMI status, in the name of 'getting along' ! I have been a Christian pastor for 20 years and have been a student of Islam for seven years.

  • dornski

    In the last days many will say, "Look, I am the Christ!" and they will decieve millions!

  • Lamar Carnes

    I am deeply troubled that people calling themselves Christians support such a man as Rick Warren when he blatently disobey's the Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostles writings concerning "giving an appearnance of evil" to the world and others because of his "endorsement" of the Islamic movement in general by being friendly to the movement – especially a "wing" of the movement which has so many individuals who have been either convicted or indicted of wrong doing in this nation and also, because the entire Muslim system is a rank promoter of abberant personal behavior of individuals toward other human beings, doesn't stand strongly at all against the jihadist movements around the world at all and certainly doesn't speak out about the killing of Christian men and women that is being done every day of our life! How can Rick Warren sleep at night having his name and his noteriety being used as a promotional matter with these type of people? Rick Warren is a "false prophet" as far as I am concerned and I am so troubled also that many "strong, orthodox, popular reformed Pastor's are having him on their platforms also."

  • MarkR

    Rick Warren is a NON THINKING Christian evangelist. I speak as a believing Christian. Mr. Warren is a man who emotes to many causes and seems enamored with himself and has become more and more a man who wanders outside his pastoral office to pursue other ends. While Mr. Warren is a kind hearted man from my meager interactions with him over the years one thing I knew early on was instead of concentrating first and foremost on the pastor's purpose of feeding his flock and also being an evangelist to those who do not believe was an excessive focus on numbers and church growth to the exclusion of truth.

  • MarkR

    CONTINUED: I say that because as a believing Christian he has toned down his first obligation and emphasized others in my opinion. Now what does it have to do with this article (as I know many non believers are here most likely)? Well it has to do with this- Rick Warren veers toward a less objective and more emotive view of Christian engagement. While ecumenical pursuits have there place a true Rabbi (Jesus is not God or Messiah) or true Pastor(Jesus is the Way) will usually still have a truth based view that is unique to his faith. Same with an Imam. Mr. Warren goes to these events attempting to "connect" and seemingly in my view he becomes more enamored with that than parsing who he is speaking to and being wise and loving (speaking the truth in love) and this has gotten more frequent in my observations. In Christian circles we call this the "Seeker sensitive movement" which is coming apart in my and many others view.

  • MarkR

    CONTINUED: This movement is petering out (I hope at least)as it has deemphasized the unique qualities (Christ as the only Way to God, man as a sinner in need of redemption-touchy subjects all but truth claims are all unique in this way) in favor of a kind of broad based feelings business which seeks to draw people in through their emotions. This is evident in his lack of response to the legitimate concerns of this author and others who rightly question whether this and other types of encounters are about being a light or being a tool. Truth claims are important and while a Jew may be offended that a Christian is exclusive in his or her presentation of their faith they may take great comfort in the fact Christians of this ilk are many times more likely to support Israel and and be anti terrorist in their views which many Jews acknowledge.

  • Al Gharib

    I will not be surprised if this "pastor" Rick Warren converts to Islam. We're living in the last days. We will see more and more apostasy coming and shaking the faith of many church goers. However, let us always remember that Christ is Lord and King and He is the one who choses, not us. I pray for God's mercy and grace to keep us strong and bold until the day of the return of His Son, Yeshua Ha-Meshiakh. Let's also keep reminding ourselves that the Lord has called to Himself a host of ex-muslims who are serving in the Kingdom. They are not visible to the popular media but they are doing His work under the radars and freeing the captives, including inside the belly of the great beast. Let's keep them in prayers. As Jesus recommanded, let's the dead burry their dead. Shalum.

  • Rollin Shultz

    He started by trting to bring the New Age rligion onto Christian Churches and he has driven that purpose fairly well, now he seeks to unite the Muslims with Newly Emergent New Age church to form the Church of Laodicea. He is my #1 pick for the end times False Prophet.

  • brenda


  • http://trunews.com cobber

    Pastor Danny Nahllia of Australia lived in Saudi Arabia a few years ago was nearly arrested for suspect that he had a bible in his house saw people jailed for their Christian faith with death to some. Author Joel Richardson spoke on Sid Roths ,"Its Supernatural this week about his studies on Islam.His DVd Islam and The End Times shows that Saudi Arabia has poured millions of dollars into US Presidents coffers for a rason we will not understand.He says that Saudis are behind a lot of things in USA that the anti christ mentioned in Revelations book of the Bible is not a man but the spirit of Islam that will try to rule the world with fear and terror to all the world as they take nation after nation in the west.

  • Joan

    OH Please WHEN OH WHEN are people going to get it?
    Anyone with 2 brain cells left in their head knows that Muslims, Men in caves with box cutters did NOT orchestrated 9-11..Its all ONE BIG SCAM just like RICK WARREN

    • jen

      This is a serious site about the muslim plan to establish a caliphate and whether or not they should be able to hide behind men like Rick Warren. Yes, muslims did 9-11. Those "caves" you're talking about ? Read up on it — latest technology and communications, lavish bedrooms, tunnels that go on for miles….do you really think Bin Laden lives in bare caves? Yeah, like hitler lived in a bunker.

  • Joan

    I dont get it? Jews who call Jesus Christ a bastard and Mother Mary a whore in their precious book called the TALMUD hate all Christians and are slaughtering Palestinians are the chosen ones? yet Muslims actually Honor Jesus and Hold him even above Mohammad are the Devils? Why don't you try educating yourselves on whats really going on in the world?
    I consider myself educated Christian I suggest you people investigate whose funding these charlatans calling themselves Christians and maybe you'll figure out why they keep regurgitating this same Vomit.

    • jen

      Muslims do not "honor" Jesus above Mo. They call Mo the perfect man and deny that Jesus is the Son of God.

  • gsb

    Who did Paul murder Jeff?

  • jOHN

    Pastor Warren also found "Celebrate Recovery for those with all types of additions and there are hundeds of those organizations throughout this country. Does the money collected each week when they "pass the plate" also go to Pastor Warren?

  • Marty

    http://blog.beliefnet.com/cityofbrass/2009/07/tra… –transcript of Rick Warren's speech.