The Real Danger of the Ground Zero Mosque

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The main argument against building the Park51 mosque adjacent to Ground Zero has been that its placement would be a lasting affront to the memory of the Americans who died at the hands of Muslim terrorists. And that argument is certainly sufficient by itself. But it is not the most important argument against a mosque in that location. To understand what is, we must remember what happened the last time we fought against suicide bombers, who, like their contemporary Muslim counterparts, were inspired by what they felt to be a divine mission.

In the Second World War, Japanese suicide bombers posed a huge threat to allied ships. One pilot could take out a heavily fortified ship by crashing a plane stuffed with explosives into its deck, a result that would have taken a huge investment of lives and material to achieve by conventional means. The individual pilot faced certain death, but he accepted that fate because he believed that the Gods were with him and with Japan.  The word used to describe this tactic (“kamikaze”) refers to an event in Japanese history where the country was saved from invasion and conquest by Kubla Khan. A sudden typhoon scattered the Khan’s fleet. The Japanese saw the wind as an intervention by their Gods, and so in WWII they called their suicide pilots another divine wind, that is, the kamikaze.

The sense that the Gods are with you must be kept strong enough in the minds of suicide pilots to override the normal instinct for self-preservation, but that means that defeats and victories alike are leveraged. A great victory is not just something that advances your cause—equally important to the suicide bomber is that it strongly reinforces his sense that the Gods are with him; for did not the victory show that the Gods were smiling on Japan? This was also the basis of the Japanese soldier’s fanatical zeal toward fighting to the death, with surrender not being an honorable option.

The enormously destructive bombing of Britain and Germany only brought out the stubbornness of the population, yet the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagakasi quickly broke the Japanese will to fight, even though their fighting spirit had been unmatched throughout the war. Why? Something is certainly due to the scope of the weapon used, but more important was the leveraging effect that defeats and victories have on people with a sense of divine mission. Catastrophes on the scale of Hiroshima could not be reconciled with the notion that the Gods were with Japan. The sense of a divine mission simply vanished. Japan not only surrendered (hitherto unthinkable for any Japanese soldier), but actually changed direction so completely that it soon became a peaceful democratic nation. By contrast, Germany only surrendered when virtually the entire nation had been destroyed.

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  • Alexander Gofen

    "It as Allah crowning their victory of 9/11" indeed. And it is a grotesque dhimmitude of the losing their dignity Americans. It is a sure sign that the America is ripe and asks for being conquered:

    • Gunner57

      You are very good.

  • jacob

    When the Jewish mayor of NYC and the commission members to whom this affront to the memory of the 9/11 horror victims meant nothing, which I fully expected from OBAMA knowing his origin plus the $65,000 HILLARY gave to the promoter of the monstrosity to
    travel collecting "donations" for its building and the fact that nobody so far questioned this blatant and shameless waste of taxpayers money, most probably ordered and/or sanctioned by the White House tenant, then I fully agree with Mr. ALEXANDER GOFEN above :

    The country is ready for Muslim takeover

    • EdwinS

      "When the Jewish mayor of NYC…"
      Bloomberg is descended from Jews. He himself is about as Jewish as Porky the Pig.

      • Morrismajor

        He's more Jewish than some 2 bit critic like you.

    • bubba4

      We aren't going to be taken over by Muslims….relax.

      I don't know what some of you read…but I love the little unsubstaniated tidbits that just pop up like it's common knowledge…like that Hillary gave money for the mosque…

      Sure, why not…doesn't it SOUND RIGHT….I mean you hate Hillary and you hate mosques or muslims or something, so naturally they are in kahoots.

  • tim heekin

    another factor not yet recognized with muslim suicide bombers is the factor of excessive inbreeding within the muslim world. this 50 generation perversion has succeeded in the decline of innate intelligence within islam. it is easier to convince stupid people to blow themselves up.

    • Spider

      I have heard that in Iraq 55% of the population is married to a second cousin or CLOSER relative. Other Muslim nations have similar statistics. Hey if you are in
      a Muslim country and you divorce your wfie, does that mean she is still your sister?
      I think we are fimally seeing the effect of fourteen centuries of inbreeding.

    • RiverFred

      I have alway said that radical Muslims have a defective gene from years of inbreeding.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    Professor Ellis makes a good point, though a bit awkwardly and laboriously, but I don't share his concerns. I welcome the rascal Rauf and his plan for the mosque because it has become a national issue, in the process awakening a largely somnambulist America to the facts of Stealth Jihad and vast numbers have begun to shout, "Enough is enough." The mosque won't be built because the vast number of Americans won't allow it. But in the event that somehow the project does get started or even completed, it will be blown up.

  • Vera

    Cowards cover their faces with masks & rags.
    Zombie-like followers erupt in vicious acts when faced with cartoons.
    These same zombies kill, maim & destroy in their country, when we in our country object to mosques built on our sacred ground.
    This is a civilization? No, it is a nightmare of, & by, tantrum-throwing 2 year olds.
    Finally, Bloomberg is a large fool. Or perhaps he believes he must be their tool.
    What would Giuliani have done? Think about it.

  • John Beatty

    Poor to noexistant analogy. The kamikazies were only the last and most effective weapons in the samurai arsenel. They were part and parcel of the samurai desire to wipe out all Japanese if they had to lose power and influence. Regrettably most history books do not make the connection between the 99% Japanese combat death toll in the Pacific war before late 1944 (when the first organized "tokko" or special missions began) and the 85% afterwards; when it was clear the samurai would lose, the Japanese stopped fighting in large numbers.

    The Islamic suicide bombers destroy themselves for an entirely different reason than the Japanese: to assure their eternal life and to get compensation for their families. The Japanese didn't feel they had a choice; the Islamofacists always know they do.

    • stephencuz

      "The Islamic suicide bombers destroy themselves … to assure their eternal life and to get compensation for their families."
      Good point! Now lets cut out the option of compensation. When all they have left is their "faith" which is really baseless, they should not stand for long. As it is, they fight one another. If we are able to remove "compensation" ( world courts, etc.) ~ any homicide bombers' family cannot receive any assistance from any Government or Mosque or Church, etc. to compensate for the loss of income or as tribute of the moron that blew him/herself up.

    • guest

      The analogy is not perfect, but analogies never are–or they'd be identities, not analogies. Beatty is wrong on the facts, so cannot reach the conclusion he aims at.

      There were no "samurai" in the fight. Period. In any case, the claim "wipe out all Japanese if they had to lose power and influence" is not compatible with any but an American cartoon version of the samurai code. Moreover, kamikaze attacks were not particularly effective. To say "most effective" is to overlook the ferocious (and more "effective?") fighting faced by the Allies elsewhere.

      Try spell-check and better history books, dude.

      • Morrismajor

        The kamikazes were effective as a fear weapon that caused a massive amount of resources to be spent countering it. At that poin,t their inferior planes, pilots and our vastly improved US air defenses made conventional dive & torpedo attacks useless. The kamikazes were the swan song of Japanese military aviation and racked up an impressive count given that they were using inferior pilots & aircraft.

        • Rifleman

          The Navy casualties off Okinawa support your post. They couldn't turn the tide with them, but they could and did inflict record casualties on invasion fleets.

  • claspur

    Currently halfway through, The Grand Jihad-What Islam and The Left do to Sabotage America. _Andrew C. McCarthy. (it's a must read)
    Ordering a Kindle reader today, and this book will be the first bought, for $9.99. ;o)

  • rbla

    Fifty years ago we did not have skyscrapers reduced to rubble, cartoonists forced to go into hiding, an obscure citizen having his first amendment rights threatened by the president and high officials, an army major massacring a dozen of his fellow soldiers on a military base and so on. What has happened? Forty five years of an insane immigration policy which, among other things, has allowed a menacing Muslim fifth column to become entrenched. Until we are willing to face that squarely it will only get worse.

    • akgrama

      Spot on!!

  • sflbib

    Sounds like it will be a good recruiting tool.

  • Gil Solnin

    What is most disturbing about this affair is the fact that the mainstream media have completely ignored that statements made by Imam Rauf concerning his blame of the U.S. for September 11th as well as his political intent with this mosque as a base of power. These are alarming admissions that are on record and lead to only one conclusion. This mosque is not about bridging anything. It is intended to be a base of growing power for radical Islam and sharia law in this country.

  • tagalog

    In the Second World War, when Allied ships and forces were threatened by people flying airplanes into them, they responded by having more and more guns. Although it didn't eliminate the threat, it helped. Today, we think developing more and more of the weapons we need to fight the current crop of fanatics is somehow a bad thing. So Americans and our allies die and suffer various injuries in greater numbers than they would have to if we were acting rationally.

  • al-Kidya

    I express kamikaze when walking through a mall and I see a group of Islamists. I catch up to them, pass them, and walk in front of them a few paces then let the best sneaking deadly beer fart I can, let it drift for a bit and then turn and walk the other way, catching the looks on their faces as they inhale the divine wind.

  • trickyblain

    Poor history. The Germans and British never had the atomic bomb dropped on them. The only reason Hiroshima and Nagasaki were selected is that they were the only major cites not already devastated by conventional bombing or firebombing. They were relatively pristine targets — we wanted to see what our new toy could do. Using "bombing" as a blanket term covering atomic and conventional weapons is dubious at best. The Japanese fighting spirit remained strong through the firebombing of 67 cities. Toyama was 99 percent destroyed. Tokyo (size of New York) was 50 percent destroyed. The firebombing of Japan was every bit as savage as it was in Dresden. And the fighting spirit remained. If London were obliterated by an Atomic device in the Battle of Britain (before US engagement), it's a safe bet the Brits would have surrendered.

    • Rifleman

      You're right, I've never known anybody that fought the Japanese that thought they would have surrendered had they not been shown we could wipe them out without ever setting foot on the home islands. I think his point about breaking the jihadi faith and how the Ground Zero victory mosque will be seen by jihadis and potential jihas is valid.

      • bubba4

        I think his point about breaking the jihadi faith and how the Ground Zero victory mosque will be seen by jihadis and potential jihas is valid.

        Well…you can think that…but you don't really have reason to sans this cultic bizarro world.

        • Rifleman

          Most of us call it the real world, no doubt it's bizarre to you. That's why you should stay out of conversations between grownups.

          The landing gear makes it ground zero, and if its' stated purpose of outreach was genuine, they would have abandoned it because most Americans object. Where is my reasoning wrong?

          • bubba4

            The landing gear?

            Your reasoning is that if they build a community center with a mosque several blocks from the World Trade Center site…the terrorists will…um…I don't know have some kind of victory? And they will all think America is weak and now they can take over or something?

            This was a created issue…created by people that started calling it the Ground Zero mosque in the first place. You want someone to oppose it…ask the question like this. "Do you support the Islamofascist victory mosque being built on the sacred earth of ground zero that is a symbol that America is weak and which proves you yourself are an unAmerican p*ssy?"

            Most people will say no…I don't support that.

          • Rifleman

            No, my reasoning is that the landing gear from Flight 175, the American passenger plane hijacked and used as a weapon by Islamic terrorists to bring down the North Tower, went completely through the North Tower, damaged the building on that lot, and came to rest inside it. It’s not near ground zero, it’s part of it.

            You talk about reason then go wondering off into imaginary polls with imaginary questions creating imaginary issues. Thanks for the laugh.

  • Nick Shaw

    One minor point Mr. Ellis. The mosque was not going to be in the shadow of the new tower at the 9/11 site. No, the hole was going to be in the shadow of the mosque. One just has to see the proposed construction schedule. It was to be up and running long before significant progress was made on, even, the memorial. This is what Islamists would crow about and darn tootin' a new crop of terrorists would be unleashed. The imam's major mistake? Calling it Cordoba, thinking we are just stupid infidels who would never get the connection. His next blunder? Threatening violence if it doesn't get built. The unmitigated gall of these barbarians is what will be their downfall. To comments above, let the mocking begin in earnest and al-Kidya, I like your style.

  • Gary McAleer

    Franklin Graham said it very well, "If I were paid with American tax dollars to go to other lands as an emissary for peace there would have been an uprising here" (paraphrase). That is so true! The insanity of the left against the True God while they embrace a false god shows the lack of discernment of even the rudiments of our mutual safety. We paid for a hypocrite to intercede for America's objective of bringing peace between America and Islam. The Bible says it best: "They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying Peace, peace; when there was no peace." Jer.6:14.

    • bubba4

      If you think you know the "true god" and you are chosen…then you are part of the problem.

  • Bonnie

    Imbecile! Are yu suggesting that if we bomb the moslems they will give in?

    The islamics are NOT one country, they're scattered all over the place. They're a hydra. There is No way it can be done without destroying all of us.

    And you better study history, do your homework.

    Anyway, we've been usgin all kinds of weapons with "depleted uranium" in Iraq and Aghansitsn for 6 years now, as well as small bombs that have mushroom clouds.

    2- It's been documented that Japan was ready to surrender before the bomb. The Japanese had sent messages of Capitulation several times to to D.C., but were ignored.

    We, the People don't want islamic immigartion, but the governments over the doors wide to them. As long as the govs of the West, give in to islamic demands, and bend over to comply with them, like ANgela "Deal with It" Merkel, we will never win.

    It's time to take the reins of contgrol of our governemnt back, and show these people, just WHO'S boss.

  • juice

    I heard that 78% of Muslims vote Democratic. I think that explains a lot of the gibberish we're hearing from "some" politicians. We can't let principals stand in the way of getting those votes, now, can we?

    • kathy

      The Democrat party is the one that is right now desperately looking for a new voter base, which is why we see all this sanctimonious bowing and scraping for approval, from Muslims as well as illegal immigrants from the south border.

  • BS1977

    The greatest danger of this fifteen story mega mosque is in the pathetic submission to it……as evidenced by the oh so tolerant liberals like Mayor Bloomberg, who see nothing wrong with it. That is scary.

    • bubba4

      I don't see why you need to submit to anything. It's really none of your business just like christians, mormons, jews, hindus, and every other faith building temples and churches, etc all over the country.

      Tell me, how would you stop the mosque?

  • GrungyOldVan

    end mecca and the pillar of the Hajj

    prove islam is not perfect demonstratively

    All current muslims will be forced to choose a faulty path or give the evil up forever…

    mo/allah never imagined that mecca could ever be erased… Only islam has an earthly weak point.. it's really that simple…

  • Nick Shaw

    Here's a suggestion for you GrungyOldVan, how 'bout someone fire off a dirty bomb, a little one that makes a "poof" not a bang, somewhere in the vicinity of the magic rock in Mecca. On a day when no one is there, wouldn't want to actually kill anyone. Leave a note or better still, go on line and have a Shia Muslim take responsibility then sit back and watch hilarity ensue. It would be great if radioactive dust from Iran was used (they can trace that stuff you know) Mohammad wouldn't be that powerful then would he? Who would pray facing a failure? As a bonus, Muslims would be killing Muslims! Oh wait, they do that already don't they? One is allowed to dream. They do. Now I just feel bad. Well I'll just post this anyway.

  • Cyborg

    The radical portion of Islam and those Mosques that are teaching radical Wahabism need to be treated differently. Reason – At that point they are both a religion and a fanatical cultic political movement. When or if acting as a political movement advocating the takeover of a nation by subversion or other means or expressing an intent to use threats, intimidation, violence preaching those tenets they should be subject to prosecution the same as any non religious movement would be! Muslim immigration needs to be stopped immediately.Ten years ago there were 1.9 million Muslims – today there are over 9 million. In the year 2050 there will be over 120 million in the US just by their birth rate.

    • Guest

      Not to worry Cy. The Muzzies living here in 2050 will have been seduced by our free market system and become raving Capitalists. It will be Algiers, the Casbah, open-air markets, frenetic bartering on steroids – oh, and don't forget the belly dancing!

  • Wesley69

    After 9/11, Bush took the war to al-Qaeda and its allies. The Taliban were defeated quickly Problem – we should have installed a popular government and federalized the country. Bush stated that the axis of evil – Iraq, Iran and North Korea were dangers to peace. The world had the same intelligence on Iraq that Bush had when he went to war. Once again, mistakes were made which the surge solved. He tried to use the carrot and stick approach with North Korea, but it didn't work. Getting bogged down in Iraq, did not help Bush with Iran & the Dems, who thought he stole the 2000 election, worked against him.

    • ziontruth

      "After 9/11, Bush took the war to al-Qaeda and its allies. The Taliban were defeated quickly Problem – we should have installed a popular government and federalized the country."

      It was a great mistake to go on the offensive in other countries. Unlike Nazism, Islam isn't tied to a geographic base–it has its base in every Muslim colonist-invader (I'm reminded of Terminator 3: "There was no Skynet core. Skynet was software.") The way to fend off such a threat is first and foremost by mass deportation. Only after that could the option of invading Muslim-majority countries be considered, and even then, it is the height of delusion to believe democratization can wean the Muslims from their imperialist ideology.

      It's time to stop repeating the same mistaken experiments already tried by the Progressive-Utopian Woodrow Wilson and his left-leaning contemporaries. It's time for a little reality to dictate one's moves.

      • Wesley69

        Ziontruth, let me explain a popular government and federalization. I meant a government which the people would accept. Democracy wouldn't work, I know that, but the severity of the laws and brutality toward women could be limited, I am probably talking pie in the sky. Federalization in terms of a weak central government, where the provience leaders or headmen run the show. I believe, like in Iraq, we should have allowed Taliban that would work with us to be welcomed back into society. Once again, those that brutalized the people would be punished by the central government.

        • ziontruth

          "I believe, like in Iraq, we should have allowed Taliban that would work with us to be welcomed back into society."

          Have you ever heard of Islamic dissimulation and recidivism? I mean no offense, but your idea sounds like taken from the playbook of the dhimmi idiots at State Department.

          Islam is the problem, and its solution should begin at home rather than abroad. The solution is not some kind of bargaining that would, at the very best, win some kind of truce (always temporary, even if that means centuries), but the total expunging of this imperialist ideology from within every freedom-loving non-Muslim state.

          All those "pragmatic" maneuvers by all those brilliant "strategists" have run their course.

  • Wesley69

    Bush was pursuing the best course with regard to Islamic terrorist. At least, he had the courage to call it what it is. Obama, due to his weak responses, his apologies, his no-win strategy, his withdrawal timeline to save his political base. This only strengthening the resolve of would-be terrorists, because it encourages the belief that they will succeed because the guard is down. Obama, either doesn't have the political courage, or his sympatric to the Muslim cause. I believe he truly looks at the US as the successor of the imperialist nations, and that it needs to be cleansed of its sins. The mosque at ground zero would be part of our contrition.
    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson

  • crypticguise

    The key to defeating islam is INFORMATION and knowledge of Islam by non-Muslims. Once kafirs (non-Muslims) become educated in Islam by reading and/or understanding the teachings of the Koran, Sira and Hadith then IslamoFascism can be CRUSHED and eliminated from the earth.

    Islam teaches sociopathic and psychopathic treatment of non-Muslims by Muslims.

  • kathy

    …And then they will take over the streets of Manhattan for daily prayers like they do in Paris…and no one stops them there although it is illegal.

  • Cowboy

    Naming the mosque project 'Cordoba' said it all…

  • Hannah

    You miss spelled Nagasaki, and I won't say anything about the rest of this ignorant article other than you should do more scientific research before you make such a generalized statement. Every person that replied about the Muslims that are going to "take over" need to look more closely at Sufi Muslims.
    I am sad that I had to read this because of an assignment I have for school, it really makes me lose faith in America.

  • Tamanman

    Has anyone asked if the center will broadcast the call to prayer 5 times over their loudspeakers?
    During the month of fasting with they wake up the neighborhood faithful at 2:30 a.m. with loudspeaker annoucements to get up and cook breakfast before the sun comes up?
    This is atuomatic in islamic countries…….
    Will it be that way at the WTC area???
    How much annoyance will that be to down town NY'ers reminding them of Islams traditions and the attack of 9/11??