Liveblogging The Obamatrina Address Starting At 8 PM

7:46: Obama speaks to the nation in 14 minutes. Grab the popcorn, tune up your BS meters, and hold your wallets tight.

8:00: I am watching MSNBC for the liveblog so I can learn how this is what Lincoln would have said about a massive oil spill in the gulf.

8:01: Key words to remember as you watch this: “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

8:03: In the coming weeks and days, we should capture 90% of the oil.

8:03: This is like an epidemic we will be fighting for months and years. Guess the 9/11 trial balloon didn’t poll well.

8:04: The Federal Government has been in charge right from the beginning. That explains a lot.

8:06: We’ve approved barrier islands, laid boom, we’re bringing in the Guard. We’ll do anything and everything.

8:07: Earlier it was “Assault.” Now it’s “siege.” The must think the “language of war” will help them after all.

8:07: I will inform BP that they will give as much money up as like to an independent third party.

8:08: I have asked for a long term gulf restoration plan as soon as possible and BP will pay for it. He sure is making a lot of promises about how much a private company he doesn’t control is going to have to pay.

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