The 20 Most Notorious Campaign Ads Of The 2010 Cycle

Pamela Gorman, 2010 congressional candidate and a great shot.

20) Sharron Angle (Lost): The Wave (Controversial illegal immigration ad)

19) Joe Manchin (Won) Dead Aim: (Manchin literally shoots a hole in the Cap and Trade bill)

18) Sean Duffy (Won): Get America Rolling Again! (Yes, I’m a lumberjack — really!)

17) John Hickenloper (Won): Shower (I take showers with my clothes on because I’m so positive or something)

16) Pamela Gorman (Lost): Driving The Left Nuts! (Gorman firing off weaponry including a machine gun)

15) Linda McMahon (Lost): Cup Of Tea (Please don’t vote against me because I’m involved with pro-wrestling)

See the rest of the most notorious campaign ads of the 2010 cycle at Right Wing News.

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