Diana West Discusses Geert Wilders’ Victory, Women’s Rights, Islamic Oppression On Russia TV – Host Alyona Minkovsky Turns A Tin Ear

Last Friday Diana West (photo above) made an appearance on Russia TV’s Alyona Minkovsky Show.  Minkovsky interviewed West for an analysis of Geert Wilders’ recent Freedom Party (PVV) election successes in The Netherlands.  Minkovsky spent the interview trying to steer West into a corner by framing questions as though Wilders and his followers are the intolerant, and Muslims are the victims of Wilders’ “xenophobic” policies of hate.  It was the kind of interview that goes to make rational men and women feel as though they are losing their powers of reason and are ready to be put away somewhere.  You might want to send the kids to another room in case you start breaking things while you’re watching the video.

West handled the misdirection and distortions of truth masterfully – and patiently.  I was making fists by Minkovsky’s third framing of the same compound question, as though she was oblivious to West’s eloquent, rational refutations of the underhanded indictment of Wilders’ defense of Western freedoms.  Minkovsky was completely deaf to West’s elucidations of Islam’s relentless repression of women’s rights, and the threat that growing numbers of Muslim immigrants pose to Western Culture by demands for Sharia (Muslim Law). On the other hand, I have yet to see any American media coverage of Wilders’ victory following the Dutch elections – even on that stalwart Fox News.  Wonder if NewsCorp stock-holder Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has had a hand in that?  Now watch the video: