Geert Wilders’ Witness List Cut Down To Three In Medieval Amsterdam Trial

The fix is in at the Amsterdam Criminal Court.  Today, the Judges hearing the Inciting to Hatred trial (read that: No more political free speech in the Netherlands – ever) of Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders slashed the number of witnesses he may call to testify in his defense from 18 to three.  It’s all right out of the Dark Ages.  It’s 632 A.D. again in the Netherlands.

No, I did not make a mistake there with the math.  It’s really three.  Wilders faces tens of thousands of dollars in fines and two years in prison if he is convicted – of insulting Islam.  His 15-minute movie “Fitna” demonstrates the connection between bellicose Koranic verse and acts of violence against Infidels by Muslims.  The Court has decided it does not need to hear from any experts on Islam, such as Robert Spencer.

There will be no fair trial in Amsterdam this week.

The darkness of the shadow of Sharia (Muslim law) is descending further over Europe with each passing day.  You can read the list of original and surviving witnesses at Gates of Vienna here:

“The Would-Be Witnesses

by Baron Bodissey

Below is the translated text of a slide show from De Volkskrant. Follow the link to view the images.

Each of the witnesses that Geert Wilders planned to call in his trial is briefly profiled here. Many thanks to our Flemish correspondent VH for the translation:

The 18 people Geert Wilders and Bram Moszkovicz wanted to call as witnesses

Dr. Wafa Sultan

Wafa Sultan became famous when she criticized Muslims in an interview on the Iranian channel Al Jazeera because they treat non-Muslims differently from Muslims. Her latest book is called “A God Who Hates: The Courageous Woman Who Inflamed the Muslim World Speaks Out Against the Evils of Radical Islam”. The court has approved the request by Wilders to call Wafa Sultan as witness…”

Even if you have never been involved in a criminal prosecution wherein your very freedom is at risk, I want you to now imagine that you and your attorney have prepared a defense that includes a list of witnesses that will provide a mountain of exculpatory evidence.  Then, imagine that the Court summarily and arbitrarily decides that it will not listen to nearly ninety percent of your case.

This will not even resemble a trial, ladies and gentlemen.  It does resemble something from the Middle Ages, a medieval persecution of one man who refuses to be silenced by the greatest threat to basic human freedoms faced by The Western World thus-far in history – Islam.

Geert Wilders’ fate, be it freedom or prison, will eventually be ours in this World War between radical Islam and the West.