Michele Bachmann’s Comments On Larry King Live Send Denver Columnist Into Near-Seizure

Congressional Representative Michele Bachmann’s appearance on CNN’s Larry King live a few days ago has sent the Denver Examiner’s Keith Vance, not to mention the Obama White House,  into a state close to hysteria.  Vance is calling Bachmann a liar and accusing her of being part of the conservative smear machine – because she matter-of-factly called for an investigation into President Obama’s attempt to persuade Representative Jim Matheson to change his vote on Obama-care from no to yes.  Bachmann’s point is well-taken, in that Obama just nominated Matheson’s brother for a seat on the federal bench.

Well, now.  Here is the entire tirade in the Examiner:

“Watching the conservative echo chamber in action is a frightening experience that most people don’t have to stomach on a daily basis.

The latest misinformation parroted by the rightwing machinery is that President Obama is buying votes on health care with judicial nominations…

… Now Fox News, Michele Bachmann and Glenn Beck are jumping all over this. Echo. Echo. Echo. Soon it will be fact.

On CNN’s Larry King Live, Bachmann said that Obama’s appointment of Matheson to the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit is corruption and must be investigated…

… Of course, there’s not a shred of actual evidence to support this scandalous corrupt bargain, but hey, who needs facts when the Weekly Standard can just make things up and Fox News repeats it until it becomes the Truth.

The White House calls the accusation “absurd.”…”

Of course it does.  Anything a conservative says, or any question posed, that presents an obstacle to blind obedience to Obama’s leftist agenda is silly or absurd.

I think Michele Bachmann gets under the Lefties’ skins – in a big way.  She rattled columnist Keith Vance in Denver.