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More Muslim Knuckleheads That Ditched Their Religion Of Peace Classes Arrested In UK Terror Plot

Posted By John L. Work On March 6, 2010 @ 6:04 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Hey, where in Hell did these numb-skulls learn their Islam lessons?  How’s come they missed the Islam is a religion of peace classes?  Some heavy-weight big-stick from the Official World of Islam needs to walk into the Madrassa these guys went to and crack that head Imam’s melon.  They gotta straighten out these isolated extremist knuckle-heads and get em to teach the real  peaceful Islam lessons, I says.  I just don’t get it with the Koran war-peace mix-up thing, the bomb all the planes business, and the bum-rush to kill all the Infidels.  And now they’re workin’ in the airports, ‘ey?

 I wanna see some world-wide condemnation of the jihad extreme-thing from the Umma-folk, and from my American politicians, so I can keep feelin’ good…. .. Meanwhile, yet another British Airways employee has been arrested and charged in connection with fund-raising for a terrorist plot, bringing to four the total charged by the British police authorities.  Two of the four are, or were, employed by British Airways.  Isn’t that special?  The London Daily Mail story is here:

“A Heathrow Airport worker is in police custody today after a series of raids into an alleged terrorist fund-raising plot.

The man is the second British Airways worker held after three men were arrested in dawn raids this morning, taking to four the number in custody.

It follows the arrest on Thursday of a 30-year-old British Airways employee in Newcastle.

The three men, aged 31, 32 and 43, were seized by police at 5am today in Slough…”

Hey, c’mon, everyone knows only a crackpot Islam pretender would do this kinda deal, you know what I’m sayin’ here?  Gimme a break.  Put these guys in rehab or maybe Dr. Phil can help get em straightened out from the extremist thing. 

“… The men are now being questioned about a plot to fund a terrorist attack.

Police refused to clarify what positions the two BA employees had within the airline. Sources said the latest arrests were ’significant’…”

It’s all gotta be  a misunderstanding or a big fat mistake, like Robert Spencer always says.  I mean, even George Bush and Tony Blair said Islam is a peaceful religion.  And if the big boss at some flat-bush Muslim High School hired a bunch a isolated extremists, like that Barack Obama calls ‘em, the ones that aren’t getting it taught right, then he oughtta tie the can to em and get that genuine peaceful Islam stuff on the kids’ desks.  That way we’re sure our airports are safe, with all the peaceful Muslims that learned the peaceful Islam deal handling the baggage.


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