Tony Blair Under Heavy Fire For Standing By The United States

Information given to the police can be flawed, even from eye-witnesses. One night I went on a call to a domestic disturbance.  My dispatcher asked the caller if there were any firearms in the home. The hysterical woman said there were none.  At the door, an intoxicated male allowed me to come in, turned from me and quickly ran up the entry stairway.  Halfway up the stairs, with no place of cover, I found myself staring down the muzzle of a double-barreled shotgun.  As I drew my weapon to fire, he yelled at me to stop, lowered his weapon, broke open the breach and showed me two empty chambers.

Military intelligence also may not be accurate.  UK former Prime Minister Tony Blair, accused by protesters — such as the photo above depicts of having the blood of British soldiers on his hands — was on the Chilcot Inquiry hot seat today, questioned regarding his reading or misreading of intelligence that led to the 2003 Iraq invasion.   Also at issue is whether or not he deliberately misled Parliament. Outside the room, MP George Galloway demanded that Blair should commit suicide by hara-kiri.  Blair did not waver on his decision that attacking Saddam Hussein’s regime was the correct course of action.  Say what you will about Tony Blair’s abject misunderstanding of the connection between Muslim doctrine and terrorist acts of violent jihad, or about his misjudging pre-invasion intelligence, the man deserves enormous respect for being a staunch friend to The United States.

Here is a blow by blow blog account from the Times UK on Blair’s questioning:

“…10.37am The former PM is repeating that he was very open about his support for America – there was no secret deal.

10.36am Mr Blair says: “I never regarded September 11th as an attack on America, I saw it as an attack on us.”

10.34am “It’s not a contract,” Mr Blair says when asked what he pledged to President Bush. “It’s an alliance. . . .and it’s an alliance, I say this openly, that I believe in passionately.” …

War is a terrible thing.  Sometimes it is necessary, especially in defense of freedom.  Blood is shed and lives are lost.  Thank you, Tony Blair, for standing by The United States of America.  Our hats should be off to him.

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